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  1. Wow! Abrya-it is so fantastic I especially love the dark background. I switched my tanks to the black background and it's amazing how it brings out the goldies and the plants.
  2. wow! it looks great fondoo this is exactly what i have in mind when i upgrade the 30 to a 55. i keep putting it off because we are probably moving this year and i would rather wait until after that. we are downsizing from 3 stories to one main level and a basement. with the family grown and my ra progressing, i'm ready and i can't wait to get a 55gsetup! i'm glad i came across this thread and rekindled my idea. the light looks a lot better on your tank than i have seen on some other tanks. can you use these lights with the glass canopy top also? or will it produce too much heat on the glass? thx
  3. looks great so far! i really like the texture
  4. thanks i may check into that. you made a good decision. i have gotten used to the "no lite" issue and finally trust them. so far they are holding very steady temps. p.s.-ain't price checking great i saved about half on each one of the heaters and in the past have saved many$$$ on other items.
  5. Erin-your tank looks really fantastic! I especially love the cavy/swim through thing in the middle
  6. I finally got a digital thermometer and really like it. Just as I suspected, the old one was reading about 3 degrees high. The tank temp is actually about right and I thought that it was staying a bit too warm (We have a wood stove and sometimes it gets a little bit toasty in here.) Here is what I wound up getting: http://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp?idProduct=JB3131 I liked the fact that it is one piece and very discreet but very easy to read. I stiil have the other suggestions on the back burner in case this doesn't hold up though. I'll keep y'all posted and order another one for the betta tank
  7. I'm just going to jump in since I have been following this topic. I was inspired by Desiree's tank to try the black background as a change of pace and it really looks great! The goldies really stand out more along with the zebra danios and my plants! I just wish that I could figure out how to hide some of the gray colored nozzles and such. Some of the stuff like the uv intake/output and part of the filter intake is black, but the filter output and the power head fo my uv are gray! Any ideas? Some of my plants are fairly tall and hide parts, but some of the others have a couple of more inches of growth to help out. Thanks for the inspiration! I had thought of trying black b-4 but wasn't sure waht it would look like. I like to change things up sometimes
  8. hey graham! thanks. you are right they have a 2yr warranty. the contact in europe stayed in touch ok, but once they turned it over to the us-i heard nothing. i could badger some more. they never really came out and said that there was a problem, but when i read "between the lines" i had a feeling that they had i had some older heaters that got me through until i bought the stealths. And, yes the warranty with them was also a selling point. so far they seem to be doing a good job. yours should be fine. overall the theo has a good rep. take care!
  9. Last week I purchased two of the Visi therm Stealth heaters to replace my Theo Hydors and so far they work great at regulating a constant temp. And, they don't seem to get too hot. I've really watched them close and even touch them to double check since they are new. The only thing that I don't like is that you visually can't tell if they are on. But, I have gotten used to that and trust them now. I had the Hydors for about a year and they suddenly quit holding a steady temp and on one of them, the light started flickering really bad. I contacted the company and they acted like they would replace them and even got the lot #'s from me (i had a feeling that there had been some problems with some others-possibly same batch). The contact from Europe told me that the info would be relayed back to the US office, but I never heard from them. Up until then, I was happy with the Theo and I think that they are a good product. I just apparently got ahold of a faulty batch. Hope this helps. b.t.w-I purchesed the Stealths at vvvv and took a copy of their online price. They matched the prices and it cost me 1/2 of the store price on both I just love that price matching deal;-)
  10. Thanks Graham! I have looked at these and like you, the regular ones do fine, just harder to read. I like to see something exact! Our temps here in the house fluctuate in the winter because we run a wood stove alot. The heat that it puts out is better for my RA than the heatpump (brrr!) As for placement, I have always kept the therm on the opposite as the heater. Thanks again for the review. This seem to be the model that keeps popping up
  11. sounds good! good luck with it.
  12. Glad you got one! I think that you will be pleased with the results. Let me know. I have turned into a firm believer of theses things after being "skittish" of them for so long. Are you setting it up with it's own pump or plumbing into your unit? Mine has it's own small pump and does really good. I have been curious about how they work plumbed in though. I was fortunate and didn't have to do too much to set up. Rick at GC put it together for me and all I had to do was install the quartz tube and light, connect the pump and hook er' up. It was well worth the $120 and some change! I don't know if I could have managed anything too complicated!
  13. thanks guys! the ones i have seem ok and i have them hanging on the opposite ends from heaters. i had wondered if the digital ones (prob type) were more accurate and easier to read. this may be one of those cases of-"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"!? take care
  14. several weeks ago i purchased a "Gamma" brand from Rick at Goldfish Connection and absolutely love it. it was fairly easy to put together and my "green water" was gone within 12 hours and has not returned since. the model that i got is more of a clarifier, but he does have the bigger one if you are also wanting to control parasites and other trouble makers. here's the site: https://www.goldfishconnection.com/shop/lis...php?parentId=23
  15. goldies-Pro Gold & Spirulina discs. all others-Omega One types and of course peas, carrots, cukes, frozen brine and bloodworms for everyone. i have been using this "plan" for about two years now and it seems to be working great and i have healthy happy fish ( while crossing fingers )
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