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  1. Any suggestion about Filter media?
  2. sorry guys i think i posted this topic in the wrong corner
  3. I bought a new filter just to give my Loves (Goldies) more fresh water. I bought a overhead filter which I think is not that impressive to clean, the water only gets through small part of Filter media. Well it comes with power heard that is made in china and the box claims that it filters 900 Lts per hour which I really doubt. Anyways I have added polyester Staple Fiber as filter media any suggestion what filter media should I add more? Love Rafaqat
  4. Well my story is also a bit long when I was a little kid I was pet maniac I think I still am. About 23 years ago I am 32 now, what we had a road side fish sellers on carts like things they use to bring local fish from ponds and puddles they were all (Silver color) on their carts and we use to buy them and they obviously died because we use to keep the fish in Cold Drink 1 liter bottle??then I passed my 8th grade my mom promised me to buy me a real FISH TANK and it was only 1 Foot X0.5X.05 I kept about 5 Goldies and a beta and few other fish with only one filter?. They all died within a month or so I obviously bought some more and that keep on going for about 2 Years my mom again promised me to buy me a 3 Feet Tank when I passed my 9th or 10th Grade I decorated that tank with so many things and it really looked very beautiful with about Dozen goldies. I remember once I bout 2 X large Goldies the tank already had about 12 goldies these two jumped out of the Tank never heard of fancies jumping out of the Tank most probably the poor quality of water made them jump out there was a gap of keeping fish for about 2-3 years, the 3 feet tank got out of home and placed in our garden I planted water lilies in that tank and kept few mollies in the Tank they multiplied like anything. That tank got leak then I had a gap of about 2-3 years. After I got married one day a very close friend of mine since my collage days called and said that I should go to this Pet shop and see the how big goldfish they have, went there and booked My First XXL goldie her name was Fefe it was Oranda with huge wen growth and big fins white and Red she was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Now I laugh at my self I never had any Tank but I bought this big fish I requested the shop owner to just keep her with him for 2-3 days paid him full amount. One of my cousin had a Tank that was out of use went to him bought his tank at that time never knew about cycle or anything well the tank was big I guess about 60 Gallon got the tank running and put that big fish in it. She lived there only for about 10 days and that tank got leaked L I was really in love with that fish bought her a 7 Feet Tank she was happy in that tank I left for china (business trip) especially instructed my wife and brother to take extra specially care of Fefe. I called them every day to check if she (Fefe) was OK. But I don?t know why she died when I came back every one was felling guilty. Then bout about 2 dozen fish I forgot the name of that breed they were very colorful they were fed with colors so that is why they had these colors got fed up with those sold them. Then bought about 2 dozen Rukins and few other big goldies they got some problem 3 years ago search internet found KOKO?s after that kept lots of other fish always return 2 goldfish and yes that 7 feet tank got leaked twice and my wife got electric shock decided to sell everything including the tank. Once again bought 3 feet tank and am having big goldies in them. Now nothing gives me satisfaction 1 when I offer my prayers 2 when I clean or do something for my goldies. My son now loves fish so I think the legacy will continue. Sorry for very long Post.
  5. I paid about 85 cents for a pair which is 1.5" and all white one has wen growth and the other have perfect curve
  6. I have been to China and Hong Kong many times but could not go to any markets there. In thailand i went to Mochit (Sunday Market) and you can find tons of goldfish that are extreeeeeeeeeeemly cheap. i am planing to visit Malaysia in November i will try to visit some markets there
  7. I want to Know how do you size your goldfish With or without Fins Body size? XXL would be how many inches without fins
  8. Fefe


    i fear he is eating others slime coat, no tearing of fins observed but when he nib they get iriitated becaue they run very fast afterwards.
  9. Awwrieger you have such cute fish.....love them all
  10. Well, when i go home first thing i do is soak the pellets and offer my eve prayers it takes about 10 Min after that i get busy in other thing i soak food for about an hour. just before i have my dinner i give food to fish then after i come back from dinner i start air pump again. btw i shut off air pump before feeding (not filter)
  11. Fefe


    6 Fish in 90 Gallon Tank....3 Small, 3 Large............this is small fish who have tail fin like any fancy fish, but the shape of fish is long and cylinder
  12. Fefe


    I had a 7 Feet Tank it leaked twice and my living room was flooded with water.. it is a worst dream of mine 2
  13. on of my small common (Panda lifke color) not sure about his/her breed he has body like Silver Shark long selender body with two tail fins is nibbling all my small and large fish, i noticed that He/She go to thier fins or body and bite on it and then chew something. is it that i am fedding two little or what is the problem. i love its coloration and dont want to give him away to som1 and yeh hes is growing like anything i bought hi/ her about 1 week ago and he has doubled its size that is from 1" to 2" i will appreciate any advice. Love Rafaqat
  14. Thank you guys for the support.. but my problem is i dont have digicam only have Nokia 7610 to get pictures... and also my PC has some promle i cant transfer the pic through Blue Tooth. i will think of a way
  15. Hey Guys, I went to PET shop and to my surprise saw very small Ranchus about 1"-1.5 Inch could not resist buyin them... i dont know what to say YAY or ######.......i dont know if i can keep about 90 Gallon tank 6 Fish or not!
  16. i really dont belive you guys buy fish so expensive over here $20.00 Giant size (XXL) Goldie can easly be found. and the small 1.5-2" can be bough for US$2.5 a dozen
  17. just one fish every one nibble her fins she is big red cap. no damage to fins yet but she runs fast after som1 bug her....
  18. what is out and out nibbling... they pull the fins of each other and chew something after!
  19. another question, i dont wana use much space of the valued forum. Just wanted to know if the Fancy Fish eat each other? i mean they are nibing eachother is it normal?
  20. Thank you for the replies guys, I cant add another extrnal filter why? becuse of the sapace. the guy who had dropsy never survived so i bought these two big ones only to company my big red cap girl. they are all fancy goldfish with two tail fins. and yes the very small ryukin is i rescued , actually one of my neighbors bought two small ryukins in Glass bowl and one died due to i guess obvious reasons so they gave me the other one i couldnt say No to them becuse this small guy was in bad condition. now he is very happy health and geting biger every day infact he bullies the big fish a lot. No breeder in this country as the goldies are very cheep here every1 buys a new one no 1 cares for breeding. maybe 1 day i will be able to breed them. i am all set
  21. u know why i avoid coming to this forum now? When i c lots of Ranchu it makes me jelous and craving to buy some. but cant get them here
  22. Hi guys, Got two more big Goldies .... and they r seteled in my tank. now i have 3 Bigs and 1 very small. Just wanted to check if i can keer 4 goldies in 3X1.5X2.5 Tank, with 1500 Liters and hour filtration. Love Rafaqat
  23. not so good, they usualy stay @ one place all the day long at the time of feeding they eat like bulls
  24. i dont know if it helps any1 Question: Is Magnesium Sulfate the same as Epsom Salts ? What should I use for liver cleansing? Answer: For liver cleansing (Dr. Hulda Clark ), it is recommended to use Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate (Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate),(Magnesium Sulphate Hydrated), called Epsom Salts! Chemical name: Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate ( or Hydrated) Chemical Formula: MgSO4 + 7H2O , (Hydrated Magnesium Sulfate) Mineral Name: EPSOMITE (MgSO4 + 7H2O) Similar minerals: KIESERITE (MgSO4 + H2O, Hydrated Magnesium Sulfate) Hexahydrite (MgSO4 + 6H2O) MAGNESIUM SULFATE is found in 95% mineral waters! Up to 2% of ocean Sea Salt is MAGNESIUM SULFATE! Human body needs MAGNESIUM SULFATE! MAGNESIUM SULFATE Description http://eilat.sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu/newnyc/drugs/magnesiu.htm Magnesium sulfate reduces striated muscle contractions and blocks peripheral neuromuscular transmission by reducing acetylcholine release at the myoneural junction. In emergency care, magnesium sulfate is used to manage seizures associated with toxemia of pregnancy. Other uses include uterine relaxation (to inhibit contractions of premature labor), as a bronchodilator after beta-agonist and anticholinergic agents have been used, replacement therapy for magnesium deficiency, as a cathartic to reduce the absorption of poisons from the Gl tract, and in the initial therapy for convulsions. Magnesium sulfate is gaining popularity as an initial treatment in the management of various dysrhythmias, particularly torsades de pointes, and dysrhythmias secondary to a tricyclic antidepressant overdose or digitalis toxicity. The drug is also considered as a class Ila agent (probably helpful) for refractory ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia after administration of lidocaine or bretylium doses. ============================ Magnesium sulfate is effective for severe acute asthma treated in the emergency department http://www.acponline.org/journals/ebm/sepoct99/rowe.htm Intravenous magnesium sulfate reduces the rate of hospital admissions and improves pulmonary function in patients with severe acute asthma treated in the emergency department. Sources of funding: Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians and National Institutes of Health. ============================ Magnesium sulfate is used to treat pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and preterm labor. http://www.twinslist.org/magsulfate.html Pre-eclampsia (also known as toxemia and Pregnancy-Induced High Blood Pressure) consists of high blood pressure, protein in the urine and edema (swelling). It can rapidly become severe pre-eclampsia, with very high blood pressure, visual disturbances, failing kidneys and elevated liver enzymes. In rare cases, pre-eclampsia develops into eclampsia, where potentially fatal convulsions occur. It also can become HELLP Syndrome (hemolysis (H), which is the breaking down of red blood cells, elevated liver enzymes (EL), and low platelet count (LP)), which is potentially fatal to both the woman and her baby or babies.
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