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    White Rice

    i fed them white rice... they eat it like anything..but afterwards its a real problem they make pooop & poop and poop yes it helps them with SBD. but in my openion this is not permenent solution of SBD. if one fish have SBD she will not be 100% aright whatever u do. Sorry if i am wrong
  2. Both are not available in Pakistan....
  3. i am affraid to give them worms (frezed dried) as my experiance is most of the time fish get persites and other problems.
  4. i am feeding them one of the best feed Hikari gold color enhance but the color is fading i have seen in Thailand they add color to water that gives goldfish very bright red color.......i might try it has any one ever tried it?
  5. Dear All, I wanted to check if I can use Artificial food Colors that are available in market for human consumption......the Idea is I can soak the Pellets in the food color instead of water and when the pellets soak all the liquid color (Red) I can feed these pellets to Goldies will it increase their coloration? Love Rafaqat
  6. No she is always at the top of the tank.... floating but somtimes swims upside down....all other fish siting at the bottom.......i have two filters....i might have broken the cycle by throughly cleaning the smaller 1. i have not cleaned the biger 1
  7. Hello all, One of my big red cap female which I was sure will have SBD later is now floating upside down, I have given all the guys peas, white boiled rice and fasting. Now the problem is she is the only one having problems. When I feed her peas and rice all of them eat. Afterward they create looooooots of Poop infect it looks like they are having loose motions and it makes water murky. I changed about 25% water now the other fish in tank are having Parliament meeting at the bottom of the tank. I also cleaned one overhead filter. Any bright idea what is going on? Love Rafaqat
  8. Hey why i have this hedious Warn level...non above has it
  9. And my friends are price less current setup costed about $350+
  10. Nothing since last month, last month invested about $13.00 for Over Head Filter.
  11. Are you from Malaysia KL ? if yes can you please add me on my MSN loveable_brute@hotmail.com
  12. Well i think Ryukin are nice looking but in my experiance they have more Floating problem then other goldies.
  13. I am from Pakistan..... Guys from Fish Shop said that they will alow one or tweo fish on board.....i will check with airline first then will buy from there. Daryl have you been to Malaysia can you Please guide me where to go shopping for GF in KL. i will b sooooooo thankful to you guys.
  14. Any Advise , i will be thankful
  15. Hello all, I am going to Malaysia for few days in November, and will be going to shop for my goldies too. i have planed to buy testing kits for water i need some suggestions what type of test kit i should buy is there any digital testing kit? or can any one suggest good brand name also will be buying fish food Hikari Gold i guess few bags...also maybe try to buy a very big Red Cap pair or A single Black Ranchu and try to bring in. any input on shoping list will help, thanks in advance. Love
  16. I voted for Female as mostly they have nice shape, but it dosent really matter to me . i like my fish to be very good in shape. also this poll should really have and option A PAIR
  17. Welcome to the forum,Loveley Fish.......a question if any1 can help me2.. i have afish same shape but mine has Two Tail Fins..what is he/she?
  18. Black Ranchu... i nver saw 1 here:(
  19. Good Idea But what if Tank Glass gets leak and all the pumps are also off poor fish will sufer i guess
  20. i am using 1200/LPH on my 89 (3X1.5X2.5 Feet) Gal tank is it not enough? + i added what is called overhead filter the box of that filter said 900 LPH but not sure at all is it enough? total now is 12+9=2100 LPH??
  21. Fefe

    Bio Wheal

    in Pakistan, its not an option!
  22. Fefe

    Bio Wheal

    We have most of the eqvipment available here in our country except for testing kits and BIO WHEAL,,, can any one guide me how can i make home made BIO WHEAL or something near to it i can cheak to buy. I hope toothless have an opinion. Thanks in Advance
  23. Standard or no standard , I love this Fish !!!!!!! And yes George Chen your red cap is so cute can i have your avtars pic i want to make it back ground of my PC
  24. no doubt you have cute fish but they are not @ all show quality
  25. Wooops...1.6K Was it goldfish, anyways welcome Back. i also have tried to change from goldies to other fish but always return to goldies . So best of luck. Love
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