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    A New Start

    Chris you have to buy it from PAKISTAN...al the tanks r really cheap for you guys in US......over here $1 = Rs.60..... so it is really very expensive for me!
  2. Fefe

    A New Start

    Thank you guys for Buckup...i m really looking forward to get this tank setup... i will ask more question... as this tank (equipment without fish ) will cost about $500.00
  3. Fefe

    A New Start

    Its Loooooooooooooooot of work? Ppl here say that you cant add salt (Normal) ?
  4. Fefe

    A New Start

    ok Guys, I am planing to buy a new Marine water fish tank of 100 gal i have few questions ( Its really expensive to setup): 1- How do you clean the sand on the bottom of tank how do you vacume the sand if the tank have lots of rocks and coral it must be be extremly difficult!. 2-how much water should be changed per week? 3-if i add external filter will the salt water damage the plastic parts inside the filter? 4-how do u masure that the salt in water is enough? 5-does marrine fish have samll life? Love Rafaqat
  5. i have seen many KOI's here and they are called Highfin koi
  6. Small Ranchu, your ranchus are cute! also liked the black background i also have black background but the problem with that is you dont get to see black fish with black background and i really hate background with pictures ...i liked your tank!
  7. Thanks for all the replies, my problem is i avoid take of the hood off the tank it is lot of extra work. even i got blood blister when i was buying it i was checking it and dint knwo it will be SOOO powerfull one of my finger got hurt LOL..anyways used it last night it worked great, it even took off spoted alge (YUCH) the most dificult to take off and i am only bothered about the front glass of the tank it should be crystal clear other walls i dont care that can be cleaned by my rubber nose...... one more thing the magnet can fall down during cleaning (MIGHT) so i bought fishing line and will tie both the magnets......
  8. Dear All, Have any one ever used magnet to clean the glass of the tank...hope its not harmfull in any sense even if you leave it stuck inside of tank. Love Rafaqat
  9. Thank you once again Trinket, it means the fish i have could be a rubbernose and it wont disturb my goldies . Thank you once again. Love Rafaqat
  10. thank you Tinker for the site....but it dosent show any comon pleco.. how do you diffrenciate this with female rubber nose?
  11. Sorry for my late reply...the bristol nose peleco have spikes like things on his head?.......as the fish that i bought dosent have any spikee things on his head.
  12. All the fish i boght have face like this
  13. Can some one please post pics so i can recognise...please please
  14. isnt good bacteria go away from gravel if you disturb it every week!
  15. i tried boiling it for hours but end result is always colored water
  16. and i try to put a slice of cucumber 1 it dint stayed on the btm of the tank 2 he dint even sucked on it once
  17. if i have drift wood my water get colored
  18. Sorry the dark brown was bothering and then i bought albino 1
  19. Can any one post pics of both to diffrenciate please., I use to have like this who was bothering my goldies Then i bought this one: Plese post clear pictures for me to understand Love Rafaqat
  20. Fefe


    Hey Sister, I see a lot of medals and glitry things under your name ...congrats... i have loooots of air in my tank and filtration is also very good... i am sure about that but the thing is i have seen lots of fish who have fat stomach gets SBD la8ter in life. gel food i can make no problem, but i think it is much easy by following the above sech. Love Rafaqat
  21. Dear All, Once again i bought the wrong fish who has big stomach ORANDA not pure egg shaped but very big stomach... he is showing early signs of SBD like gasping air from top of the tank...lots of air in his/her pooop...i gave all my fish peas the other day and fast them last night....now i am planing to give them white rice every day for a week or soo and make a routine of Monday-Peas Tuesday-Hikari pellets Wednesday-White Rice Thursday-Hikari pellets Friday- Fast Sat-Peas Sun-Hikari. to save her from later SBD. What do you guys think Love Rafaqat
  22. is it bristle nosed pleco or Brusle Nose Pleco?
  23. here is the picture of pelco that i was keeping with goldies eventhis one was disturbing goldies!. my question is if i buy a snail from pet shop will he clean the tank as Peleco was doing?
  24. I have lots of small snails in my outside ponds (whitout Fish only for Water Lillies). My peleco when she dosent have anything to eat she disturbs my goldies at night i mean sticking to their tails and body when they are still. so i have an idea to get rid of peleco and keep snails for gleaning the alge Brown and green is it Ok I mean can snails live with goldies and will they keep the tank clean of the Alge? Love Rafaqat
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