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  1. but why do yoiu need to clean it?....i mean cleaning will break the cycle and also the healthy bectaria will die if you clean it...if you dotnt have any problem in Flow... i think 1 should avoid cleaning it.
  2. Dear All, Its been about 1 Year that i cleaned my external filter 900 Ltr per hour...its not giving any problem of flow....should i clean all the media or leave it like this? another question what are the symtoms of dropsy other then popeye and pine coning? Love Rafaqat
  3. Yes....it is in feet....i use to have a tank which was 7X1.5X2.5 feet still have pics in my profile.
  4. Dear All, I was thinking how many goldies we should keep in a tank? I know 10 Gallons per fish is OK. But i have 3x1.5X2.5 tank m ( i guess about 90 Gal) with good filtration and i have: 2 Big size Lionchus 2 Big size Orandas 2 Medium Size Orandas 1 Very small Ranchu Am i ok? Love Rafaqat
  5. Fefe


    it is now turning black..might be amonia burns?it is now turning black..might be amonia burns?
  6. Fefe


    Wens are mostly jelly type translution isnt it......it has turned solid
  7. Fefe


    wow, no reply @ all
  8. Fefe


    another question from KOKO, why i am not geting 4Th year award?
  9. Fefe


    Hello All, one of my lionchu wen color has changed from jelly type translution to solid rubber type do i have be concerned about it? Love Rafaqat
  10. Fefe

    Pop Eye

    No we dont have medicated food here.... now i am realizing how easy is to keep goldies and how dificukt to keep SW fish....
  11. Fefe

    Food Color

    any1???last night i soaked boiled rice in color water.....they eat it like anything.
  12. Fefe

    Food Color

    No I mean when I soak the pellets it will be in color water I am using raspberry red. Have you heard why flamingos goes pink because what they eat has pink coloration in it. I have seen in Thailand they even have colored water tank (white albino Oscars) so the fish turn that color. I bought few and kept them in normal water they turned white within months. Anyways have started the experiment I m adding very little amount of food color in water and then add hikari pellets in it. When the water is all soaked by the pellets I feed those to my fish. Hope to see the results soon.
  13. Fefe

    Food Color

    I have an idea if i add food color in fish pellets i mean soak them in food color RED, will my fish pick colors?
  14. Fefe

    Pop Eye

    in fresh water what caused pop eye...i am having same in my fresh water ....any suggestion why?
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