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  1. thanx for bringing up a great topic and giving good advice on the subject matter.... great successful surgery...hope peepers recover well
  2. the owner told me they were 6 inch...I have not been over to see them yet
  3. what a shame...I wish the name, "goldfish bowl" would die
  4. wow....cutte ranchu.....sure he/she is worth the long deliberation
  5. cool pics....thanx for sharing your experience with us
  6. what are you doing to helthe goldfish of ich?
  7. thank you Graham and tinker...I am talking with him on yahoo messenger now... Graham- Hey buddy. Yes, 4 six inch koi...they are doing well and in good health. Thanx for contacting some peopel for him. tinker- Food is not the issue with him. He has enough to last for 2 month, he told me that he simple wants to get rid of them cause he wants to change his 60 gal tank into a tropical tank. Thanx for looking for a possible new home for the koi. I will post a link to a page where you can view pics of the koi.
  8. I dont know where to this should be posted, but a buddy of mines has four 6in koi that he desires to get rid. He is willing to give them away for free if you can come and get them out of his tank. He lives in PG County MD and only has 2 months before food runs out(in which he will euthenize them at the time). I told him I would put the word up here for him and see if anyone is interested cause I dont want to see the fish die...they are very healthy and lively. Help me help them and him..thanx
  9. wow...wonderful tank there...I'm glad that you got your dream tank..I'm still dreaming of mines....goldies look great and I know eask are happy with it
  10. when the fish get bigger..they can handle the tank being a little more filled...the remaining fry(that I have your to move into the 29 gallon & the fancy fry) are in a full filled 10 gal keep up the good work mommy
  11. my males have had their tubercules develop and they never go away
  12. she is beautiful, i say ranchu also
  13. glad that things worked out for you
  14. wow...thats excellent....keep up the good work..I hope I have the same success
  15. its always hard to lose a favorite or special goldie...God Bless you and your girlfriend
  16. I normally spend like 1-2 hours...on the weekends I have spend more than 3 at times
  17. sadden to hear your lost of goldfish...both red cap and bubble eye will be missed
  18. cool cool...thanx for sharing...I did';t know about plant quarantining...I feel bad about not knowing, but I do now...never again
  19. welcome back to koko. looking forward to getting to know you and seeing your artwork..glad you have a better life now
  20. thats a different looking oranda...nice though
  21. lol @ walkign away and starting again another day...fish have a way of reading your mind
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