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  1. daryl - thank you so very much for popping in. Funny, I have frequented the midwest exotic hospital on numerous occasions for my bird and my rabbit. Never did I think they would treat fish. I was also aware of your first suggestion, but it is quite far from me.

    I'm not sure what to do. It sucks looking at him upside down, floating around aimlessly. Unfortunately I am not in a position to spend a large amount of money (two kids, one job, house up for sale, school starting, etc etc.) Everyone has the same financial issues. My neighbor just confessed to me today that, after lengthy deliberation, put her son's fish to sleep after endlessly treating HITH. After I heard that, I felt I just couldn't really give up. But it seems the only thing I can do is try to make him as comfortable as possible.....

    With that being said, what is the standard protocol on how high to fill tank with an upside down fish? I had tried various heights, and it seems the happy medium is almost to the top. If it's too low, the fish just spins around with the flow of the current from the filter.

    Any thoughts or additional input? Thank-you all so much for taking time out to read.

  2. There is no improvement. I am at a loss as to what to do next, besides bringing him to a fish vet somewhere....it hurts me to watch him. He just floats upside down at all times. Once in a while he gets a red sore on his belly from being exposed to the air. He's eating, albeit by hand. Pooping normally. Just upside down.

  3. Thanks, Sue. I appreciate your kind words. It IS so sad to see him just sitting there, hopelessly, when at one time he was the king of the tank. His tankmate, Robby, passed away a couple years ago. That was a messy situation, and Johnny was not affected. Now to see him alone is just heartbreaking.


    Yes, I will try the MMs. I'll order that this weekend.

    Thanks, again, for all the advice.

  4. Please - I think you have the wrong impression. I am not giving up. I just cannot afford to take him to a vet. Regardless of what the causes of his sickness may be, yes I am still taking great care of him. He just looks so darn depressed hanging up in the corner all day long with no interaction. That's where the sadness is coming from.

  5. Update: after a few days of hand feeding peas exclusively, there is no change. He's floating around upside down. Once in a great while he swims around upside down, moving toward the bottom of the tank. But for the most part I find him floating in the upper corner of the tank.

    All params are pristine; no other external flaws. Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to take him to a vet so I guess we'll have to be this way.... :(

  6. I know... :) I heard you...just wanted to double check! ;)My apologies. It is not my intentions to sound rude.

    Water levels are obviously good! Very happy to hear about the wen!!!!!! Me, too.

    I think we should at least keep up the antibac for the full 14 days. Then I am thinking of a 3 day fast with 4 days of nothing but peas...to see if we can get him to flip back over!

    I know I should go back to the start of the thread...I am peeking in here at work though...can I get a little slack ;) What happened right before he flipped? I think the nitrates were high.....anything that you can think of would be helpful. Did he start by corkscrewing movements or just one day...flipped?

    Slack is permitted. ;) The nitrates were at 40 and were pretty much at that level for a bit. The day this started, I noticed him swimming around in circles...not side to side circles but rather nosing up in the air then flipping entirely backwards so nose is pointed to ground then to normal position. He did also, as you mention, perform a few corkscrew moves. Then shortly thereafter he was upside down. What do you think of this - anything in particular?

    In regards to a vet, I'm in the Chicagoland area - can we get Daryl to pop in and maybe she knows of someone? I thought she lived up north of Chicago....

  7. Yes, nitrates are low. This is a 10g qt tank (with established media) in which the water is changed out massively every other day. Wen is healing wonderfully. No red streaks evident. As I mentioned earlier, there are no external flaws evident.

    We are at day 12 on feeding the anti-bac pellets.

    He is simply upside down.

  8. I did about a 90% water change, so the epsom salt is nearly gone. Still feeding the anti-bac pellets. He's still just floating nearly at the top of the tank. I put some pellets in the tank to see if he would try to get them on his own, but he wouldn't. I still hand feed him.

    There are no external flaws. He's just upside down!!!

    I'm not sure what to do now...

  9. He's on his 10th day of being in 1/4 teaspoon per 10g of epsom salt. The past couple days I've noticed he's floating upside down almost exclusively at the top again. He's eating the anti-bac pellets (on day 9 via hand feed) and pooping fine.

    How long is it safe to keep him in the epsom? I realize it may be too soon to start this conversation, but when do I start thinking of another treatment? It seems as if he's pretty much resorted to this lifestyle....

  10. Water changes are every other day at about 75%. Nitrates are <5; ammonia and nitrites are 0. Wen is healing, although there are a couple dark spots on the wen which I attribute to the healing. He's still upside down, mid-level; mildly active. Eating healthy amts of the anti-bac pellet twice/day. Poops are normal and healthy. Tank still salted at 1/4 teaspoon / 10 g with epsom.

    I guess I'll just keep up what I'm doing and maybe they'll be more improvement next week.

  11. He wasn't interested in eating any pellets at lunch after the water change. I let him be. This evening he probably only ate two soaked pellets. He ended up spitting the rest out. Poops are great. Parameters are normal since did huge water change. The water temp is at about 68 F.

    Still floating upside down mid-level; lots of movement as if he's trying to right himself - but is unsuccessful.

    Let's hope he eats in the morning.

  12. Thanks, ladies.

    I was able to feed him 8 soaked pellets around 2pm central. That is great. Water params are holding. I will prob do a 50% change tomorrow since I'll be cleaning the other tank anyway. He's still floating mid-level. All is somewhat okay - somewhat.

    I'll post back tonight on the progress. Thanks so much for following this with me.... :)

  13. Sunday - May 24th Update

    His sore spot has greatly improved. He is no longer floating solely at the top of tank; he's floating more mid-level.

    He ate, again, around 5 of the anti-bac pellets this morning. After around the 4th or 5th one he starts spitting them out. So he's had probably a total of 10 of 'em in the past two days.

    Regarding the red streaks in fins: nothing unusual or remarkable.

    I totally understand folks need to go on vacation! Heck, I was pressuring my husband for us to get out of dodge this w/e, but here we sit. Good thing here we sit...

    If I go with the Maracyn 2, should I start with fresh water? I have 1/4 teaspoon of epsom salt in there at the moment.

    We're hanging in there - thanks to you for your support. I have faith....the children are a bit more concerned than I am at the moment. I have him qt'd in our 4th bedroom so just in case something bad were to happen, the children wouldn't immediately see it....

  14. Thanks for the reply! As I had mentioned earlier, there is no hood on the tank. The tank is not full.

    This morning when I initially tried to feed Johnny the anti-bac food, he wanted nothing of it. After a few tries, he ate a total of 5 pellets. After the 5th he started spitting them out again. I'll try again around lunch time.

    I found an article here on this website advising to use vaseline:


    The sore is not any worse this morning. Not sure what to do since there seems to be conflicting information floating around???

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