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  1. chubbygold: did your fish survive?
  2. hey guys, I have a lemonhead lionhead that has dropsy for about 3 weeks now. for two weeks i've notice some red sore by its mouth, almost like cold sore. i've already QT this lionhead to the 20gal tank and treated the water with salt the first week. there was no improvement, so i moved to Maracyn-Two powder. Treated the lionhead for another two weeks and i still dont see any improvements. what else can i use?? please help, sugguestions? filter with active carbon has been removed. http://home.rochester.rr.com/ducksauce/goldfish/DSC05609.JPG http://home.rochester.rr.com/ducksauce/goldfish/DSC05610.JPG http://home.rochester.rr.com/ducksauce/goldfish/DSC05612.JPG
  3. i got some bad news.. after work today i added the 2nd batch of salt. i have a 20gal tank and i broke the salt into 3 batches. .3% salt 1 TBSP=1 Gal 1st batch= 7 TBSP 2nd batch= 7 TBSP 3rd batch= 7 TBSP few hours after the 2nd batch, the hole-in-head oranda started lopsiding. i dont think he'll make it. warning youtube:
  4. I have a 6 month old Oranda with hole in head disease. I've been treated it with API General Cure powder and Seachem Metronidazole for three weeks without any success. I've also been feeding him Metro-med, but he stopped eating. Is there anything else I can do right now?? I've also attached pictures of the Oranda. Please help. Youtube video:
  5. thanks glitterfish. i'll have to try maracyn 1 and 2.
  6. i have another oranda that is experiencing hole in the head. i had another oranda in the past that i've treated with metro-med for 2 weeks and it healed. well, this current hole in head doesnt seem to be healing. i feed it metro-med twice a day and do water changes every 3 days. i've even purchased api general cure powder. treated it for a week and i do not see any changes. is there anything stronger??? http://www.bigalsonline.com/BigAlsUS/ctl36...urepowder10pack
  7. i am sadly to announce my oranda has passed away today when i came back from work. i salted the tank last night and he didnt make it.
  8. sorry to say, i dont believe your tank is cycled.
  9. why chinese filters and food? there are plenty of brands that are non-chinese companies.
  10. thanks guys. i purchased a new net bag and seachem matrixcarbon.
  11. hmm.. let me get this straight. has your tank been cycled yet??
  12. i used to full up 5gal buckets in my living room. i had about four of them. i used to age the water, but after reading up. i stopped aging the water, but most important is adding prime to the water.
  13. i've been feeding it medi-gold, but i hate it when it clouds the water up. are you having the same issue>? i decided to fast the fish for 7 days and salt the water. i have not gotten much answers.
  14. sounds like swim bladder to me. i have a oranda that does that. have you tried not feeding it for 3-4 days. see if theres any improvements. depending on the size of your oranda. feed it 1-2 peas each day.
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