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  1. Hold on tight, up there! I bet you'll have power back, soon. At 60 degrees, the tank water if going to naturally hold more dissolved oxygen .... I think you're ok there. The filter is the thing that needs the airstone to keep the BB alive. I would just let the filters sit there, unplugged, and when the power comes back on, I would take the filters off the tank and completely empty out the old water, maybe rinse lightly w/ tank water, then set them back up and fill with tank water, and run them. I've forgotten to plug my emperor back in after a water change and the next day I just plugged it in and the stale water made the whole tank stink, so all I'm saying here is dump that stank water in the filters first.
  2. You're right! But, if we look at the info provided (ph 7), and make an inference that the tank temperature is somewhere between 70 and 80 D farenheit, then we know that amonia wont be toxic until 3-5 ppm.
  3. I don't think .25 ppm is enough amonia to cause red-ness. But I think s_r is totally right- something about the water quality is causing stress- time for big water changes!
  4. Here's a link to the best directions I've ever read for brineshrimp: http://www.brineshrimpdirect.com/res-hatching-c169.html Also, note the PH requirement. And you need a seive (small screen for rinsing the newly hatched shrimp). Yes, fresh hatched brineshrimp are the best food for fry. They are also messy, and can foul the water quickly, so do extra water changes and you'll be fine.
  5. a ranchu or lionhead will do (or should do!) just fine with moors and orandas and pearlscales. I've never had minnows, so I don't know about those. Are the minnows big or small? Yes, I think they'll all be okay in there. You've got 5 goldies and 12 minnows. Those minnows are throwing me off, because I don't know how much water they need, their eating habit, etc. The goldies need a minimum of 10 gallons per fish, so follow that rule and you'll be fine. Once the fish mature and become "whoppers", they will probably need more than the 10-gallon-rule. If you're looking at ranchus, trying to find the nicest one, I look for the following: Backbone has a smooth curve down to tail, symmetrical tail, fat belly, signs of lumpy headgrowth, swift swimming motion.
  6. I saw these this summer at the goldfish show, and as I recall, I wasn't thrilled with the list of ingredients. Seems like the wheat was #2 on the list. Can you get a list of the ingredients?
  7. When I do a salt treatment I do .3% for 3-4 weeks at temps no lower than 80 F. Yes, salt over .3 will harm the fish. I've heard a rumor about .4% being used in Asia, but I've never personally done that. I would get rid of the gravel for the time being. Put your fish in a 5 gallon bucket if you do it.
  8. that sounds like an amazing pond! What kind of goldfish are they? The sleaker fish like commons, comets, wakins, shubunkins, etc, should all be able to survive up to 2 inches of ice on the pond. Actually, installing an aerator is the thing you don't want to do . . . . it will prevent the stratification of temperatures in the pond, and will create a condition where the pond is more likely to freeze solid. If there is no aeration, the water will not circulate, and the floor of the pond will be slightly warmer than the top. That keeps the ice on the surface of the pond. you may need an small hole in the surface of the ice, I think the livestock trough de-icers are prob. the way to go (farm and feed store $20) Don't worry about oxygen levels in the pond- cold water will stay well oxygenated without aeration Also, I'm not an expert, but I would be extremely cautious about "feeding the fish alot now, like bears". you need to check the temperature of the pond, and feed based on that. It's nearly Decemeber and my gut feeling is that you should probably halt all feeding until spring.
  9. Coyote U: I'm not allowed to use the PM feature, it seems. Here's my email: info@lavagallery.com Yes, the Saki is available in 1kg packs (I have one. Labeled item # 42056). But I'll take whatever you can get your hands on! If 200 gm packs is all thats around, i guess I'd want 10 of those. At Hikari.info it says that the purple pack is the "color enchancing" and the green is the "basic" diet. Funny to call such an advanced food "basic". I been using the purple package stuff. Thanks for the compliments about the glass! It's fun to see how these amazing fish inspire us in so many ways. Small Ranchu- I might of confused you by calling it Saki "Kingyo". It's really just "Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish" Watch out, tho, cause Hikari makes a koi food that's called "Saki" and it's readily avail. in the US.
  10. I though somewhere on Rick's site I read not to freeze the foods. I vacuum pack it, and store in a cool place. I'm currently having some good luck feeding omega one to some fish that got really bad floats from pro gold.
  11. BB- I guess I'm picky Coyote Ugly- Thanks so much for your reply! That's very generous of you to offer to help. I'd like to get 2 kilos of the Saki, which Im thinking would be 2 packages. I'll pay for shipping, and I could compensate you for your time with extra cash, or a piece of my artwork. I'd be willing to offer a custom sculpture of a single goldfish, your choice of variety. Please contact me: info(at)lavagallery.com Check out my most recent goldfish inspired sculpture:
  12. Does anybody know of someone/somewhere that has any of these foods available for sale? I'd really like to buy some, desperately! Is there someone on kokos here that lives in Japan and could get some for me directly from the source?, I'd make it worth your while. Has anyone bought any of these from someone is the states? Japan Ranchu Lord (JRL) n700 Hikari-Saki Kingyo Chanko
  13. CometKeeper- I don't know how to send you a private message. You could link to my website from my profile, and email me from there.
  14. I saw accouple calicos at Tommy's site within the last while! It seems like he puts alot of effort into getting unusual, unique stuff on a really regular basis. You have some totally primo fish! We discovered the babies in late aug/early sep. As we were walking around the pond, it looked like crowds of tadpoles in the shallows. Only those weren't tadpoles! My first Wakins grew from 2" to over 8" in 4 months (and then spawned), so I think sizes over 12" is completely realistic. Yes, the color is just starting to appear on afew of them! Such fun! It's nerve-wracking, though, because it looks like fin-rot and losing scales when the colors first develop.
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