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  1. Glad everything went well and that Monk has his vision back! Thanks for posting pics of the Extreme Fish Makeover. I'm sure he'll recover just fine.
  2. My wife appreciates the fish, and loves that I keep up the tanks, but makes fun of me spending "X" amount of dollars on Pro Gold and various fish food. My children are not old enough (3.5 and 16 months) to really help, other than to assist in feeding. They would rather play inside the tank stand, hiding behind the doors! My dad is in awe with the size of the fish when he visits, but would rather have fish to eat (sashimi). My dad does not understand any other hobbies if it not baseball, basketball or football. He shakes his head when he sees me shelling green peas for them!
  3. Wishing for a speedy recovery for Monk. I would be interested in updates since my Oranda, Cobra Bubbles, is already showing signs of impaired wen-vision.
  4. In my 91 G tank, I have 4 GF that try to position themselves in the right front corner. Usually Ruby (Ryukin) has first dibs to the corner and Rusty (Ryukin) will sleep behind her by the heater. Cobra Bubbles (Oranda) will sleep in the top middle of the tank. King Leong (Sarassa) will roam around or sleep next to Ruby. BTW, Ruby is the only female in the tank. Ping Pong (an un-"common" koi), sleeps in no specific place since the whole tank (50G) belongs to PP. Mr. Panda (my 3.5 daughter named it), my new panda butterfly, usually rests next to a couple of fake plants I have in the quarantine tank.
  5. Red & White Ryukins are my favorite, but Orandas and Lionheads/Ranchus are a close second and third. I like the wens, but worried about the fish loosing their eyesight by the growth.
  6. I live in the Silicon Valley (SF Bay Area) in California and vvvv seems to have slightly lower prices than mmm and has a better selection of products and goldfish. As far as prices to the many LFS around my area, I would say that most of the LFS have higher prices than the chain stores. I personally like the LFS for the prices they have on aquariums and the willingness to order items if they don't have it in stock. As far as quality of GF, the two local vvvv around my area have increased the varieties to choose from (Pearlscale, Blue and Black Orandas, chocolate pom poms, pandas, etc.) and the quality for mature GF have been pretty good, but fairly pricey (~$40 USD for a 4-5" red & white Ryukin). As for plants, I prefer my LFS plant selection and quality. Even the salesperson at vvvv recommended the pre-packaged plants that are sold on shelves over their own aquatic plants.
  7. Wishing Monk a speedy recovery! If you don't mind, could you post pre-ops and post-ops pics. I'm curious on the procedure.
  8. I had a blind GF, Trey, that just recently passed away. She lost her eyesight from another fish. Anyway, after she lost her eyesight, she stumbled around the tank for awhile but somewhat memorized where the obstacles were. Trey had a more difficult time finding food but I tried to help by feeding food in the same exact area during each feeding time. It seemed to work and she would forage for the rest of the meal on the bottom. I mixed the food between pellet, flake food, and spirulina. The pellet and spirulina were the easiest for her to find. I left her with the others friendly GF to keep her company.
  9. Congrates on the new GF! I just brought home a new panda for the family and share your excitement!
  10. Yes, PP was a great find. . . considering the top prize is usually a fantail. But to my wife, she thinks we have the equivalent of Clifford, the Big Red Dog, in PP.
  11. Really, she's a koi. . . how disappointing. All this time I thought I had a huge GF. My friend won Ping Pong at a carnival for my soon to be born daughter. It was at a "Goldfish" booth, so it's possible PP was in a feeder group. I didn't know they were mixed up in feeder groups like that.
  12. I didn't think commons had barbels as well, but they grew as she got larger. Ping Pong started off yellow then turned orange color.
  13. Here's a picture of Ping Pong. . .
  14. Sorry for resurrecting this older thread, but I haven't posted here in quite some time but wanted to contribute again. . . That said, my common GF, Ping Pong (rock eating fish) has grown tremendously since I last posted. Ping Pong is ~ 12 to 14" from snout to tail. I've had to seperate PP from the rest of my tank because PP started feeding on the eyeballs of my white and red fantail. :angry: I've had PP for about 3 1/2 years and she has grown about 10 to 12". More than I could have ever expected. I fed PP Pro Gold and Spirulina as a staple diet along with green peas and romaine lettuce. I'll post a picture soon.
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