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  1. Dragonlady: But i just checked the board, and Im sure you already figured out how to drop the temps... but a good way to start the goldies into getting in the mood so to speak is to do a very large water change, sometimes as much as 75%. I havent tried to add ice. instead take your tap water make sure it is very cold and dump it in, that should be all you need to help drop your temps. the combo of lower temps, and water flow help to induce them to spawn. you might also want to try immediately feeding them. I know i cant seem to keep mine from breeding! goodness! email me if i can help you with anything else
  2. I know im a bit late on the uptake on this one... but photos of the fry from a fantail/oranda blend are on the diary of goldies in the breeding sections. Also, it might be interesting to note that i Crossed the fantail orandas to get a new cross which has a smaller wen than their parents but a sharper spine line similar to the ryukins, and these have VERY rounded bodies, with a lengthy tail.
  3. Actually, I didnt have to euthanize the one without a tail! He is still doing well, Im sorry I havent posted photos of him. He still swims around, though at times gets worn out. but overall he loves his other goldie buddies even though he is only about 2.5" long and his brothers and sisters are over 7". But, he has a healthy appetite and Ive yet to see him sick.
  4. I kept the one with no tail, and he is still doing rather well, considering his handicap. Ill post photos of him later on. So far, he is still quite small, about the length of your thumb, while his brothers and sisters are now about 6" long not including the tails. I think that it is good for him to grow really slowly but i think a large part of that is because he has to put forth so much more energy to get anywhere. Since he has trouble eating I have to feed him flakes or very very small sinking pellets. but no worries, he is still happy and healthy!!!
  5. they are looking wonderful jeana!!!! and you know what? soon ill post photos of the guys I have from the same group AND ill post how my lastest set are doing, they are right now only about 5 days old. :-D
  6. I have an oranda that is about 7-7.5" in length from nose to tail tip and about 3.5 inches wide... I have seen them slow down growth after a length of 5 inches but not really along any sort of day by day schedule.
  7. yea, i already answered that question as best I could... It is really hard to tell without knowing the conditions the fry were raised in. It isnt really important how old the fry are anyways when you are purchasing. You need to pay close attention to their swim patterns, body colouring, and how it is holding its fins. Even if it is smaller, if it is healthy and you give it plenty of room, then it will continue and be beautiful.
  8. he is about 5" long from nose to tip of tail
  9. well.. if its a runt, it could be almost 3 months old at the youngest. If normal, then at about 2.5 months old from nose to tail should be about 3" thats the growth rate of my fry. Approximately 1" to each month is what I have seen. Hope that helps!
  10. My fry at age 5.5months showed his stars on his fins and gills and started chasing my female. However, prior to being female-less he did not have them. I am not sure age limits the showing tubercules but rather the presence of ferile females. I didnt check the photos and i might have missed if she posted their ages... but also, my goldies bred when the temp dropped and i fed high proteins. might i ask why the other female passed away?
  11. Time for another update! This one is first, getting close to 6 months now and has developed his breeding stars: This is my favorite little girl from the second at 93 days today: This is my favorite little guy from the third at 82 days today:
  12. Hi Kamoji! welcome to Koko's and congratulations on the babies! I am more than willing to help you in any way I can, you can email at Sorsha02@aol.com Now, if your fry are only a couple days old, they will not be interested in eating because they may not yet have developed their mouths. So all the yolk you add in their in just polluting their water. I think it is great that you have them in the 10gallon tank. I firmly believe that happier and healithier fry develop in larger spaces. They do not yet really need aeration, and when you do add it, you may want to consider an air diffuser. You can control the size of the bubbles to make them very fine and this will cause less disturbances for the little fry. As you can imagine they will not do very well with alot of current and will get tired easily. Alot of people raise their fry in shallower waters but I have had success with the newly hatched fry in 20" of water. However, i had plenty of plants in the tank to for them to cling on etc. so you are right on top of things by adding the fake plants You will want to remove the waste as it builds up with a small airhose and watch out because the little guys sometime sit on the bottom motionless and look like small scratches on the glass. I can understand your concern with the lack of live food. The fry will usually feed when they are swimming horizontally and the movement of the live foods will encourage them to feed. Do not worry though, they will eat when they are hungry! Since you have fake plants, i encourage you to find a way to attach them stationary in your tank. When you crush up foods etc into the tank, it will settle on the leaves like dust particles. The fry will swim over to the plant to munch on these little pieces. Also, you may want to get algae wafers if you are not already producing your own algae. once it starts growing it is quite humorous to watch them tug on the blooms. I think that is all i will post for now. Please let me know if you have any more questions, and please do not hesitate to email me. I am always checking my email and you will get prompt responses Also, if you havent already checked, i had posted the diary of raising fry with photos that is also in this area. Best of luck!
  13. My fry at 5 months of age developed his breeding stars and started chasing the ladies. I am not sure how fertile he is though.
  14. Once the males start chasing her, she will be inclined to drop her eggs. My female drops her eggs about every 11-13 days. some though drop as often as every 7 days. If she doesnt drop her eggs, she will reabsorb them and you should be just fine
  15. Mellowr, email me at Sorsha02@aol.com
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