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  1. Ah okay, that clears everything thanks! Well today i just got even more stuff for them. :) A small bowl for them to hide, a bottle of large blue gravel, and some nice blue little clear rock thingees. I'll probably cup them while i do my first water change and redecoration on this tank. :D

  2. how many did u get?

    Thanks, I have three girls in a ten gallon.

    Blue and Sushi, i would think omega one goldie is okay because it contains some meaty stuff and most other tropical/betta foods contain less. But i will keep an eye out for the ones you reccomended. Thanks :D

  3. Im currently feeding my bettas(which i got on thurasdy) what i feed my goldfish. I was wondering if this is okay. I feed them: Omega one goldie flakes, Topfin freeze dried bloodworms, Tetra sundried baby shrimp, Wardely goldfish pellets, Tetrafin goldie and tropical flakes. Occasionally i feed fruits, raw shrimp, and oatmeal. Will my bettas be okay with this?

    Also, should i feed them according to the size of their eyes? From the list above, which foods should i feed daily and which should i feed as treats? Thanks. :)

  4. Thanks kissy, i won't be getting anything else now, just want to concentrate on the current girls.

    Sushi, they are doing very well this morning. After they establish their places, will they still flare, nip, and chase? Or do it less?

  5. Oh okay thanks, i was freaking out there for a second. :D I'm very happy to announce that they are doing very well now. Still a bit of flaring and chasing but waaaaay better than this afternoon. I'll probably get three tiny cories too, if it's ok. (remember i have no filter)

    BTW, i'll post some pics after i redorate and send some for BOTM. :yeah: Thanks guys.

  6. I have more questions now, sorry guys gotta get this right. What are the little white things sticking out of their "hole"? Is it part of the fish or an egg?

    Are there any scavengers that can live with my bettas without filtration? I was thinking maybe ghost shrimps or cories. I think i've read someone that cories can take air directly from the surface. Is that right? Thanks.

  7. Sorry the edit button's gone. I just let blue back in because red seems to have calmed down. Red doesn't flare at blue or white unless they're too close together now. The blue and white one are actually okay with each other, little to no flaring or anything at all, but they're still wary of each other. I'll keep updating until everything works out.

    Edit: things are a lot more calm now hope it stays that way.

  8. Thanks sandy i'll try and rearange everything and if that doesn't work then i'll get two more , i just looked back at my tank and i'm pretty sure the white one is the alpha girl. I moved the cup to a corner of the tank and surrounded it with plants but it's just not helping.A perfect day is ruined.. :(

  9. So i got a pack of plant bulbs. The one with two, i think it's the lily one. I dropped them in the tank yesterday. Today, one of them has a little fuzzy growth coming out. Is this good or bad?

    Please look over at my post in the betta section, my females bettas are fighting and i need suggestions.

  10. So yesterday while at vvvv i got three female bettas.(red one,white one, and blue one) I bought a ten gallon with lights and hood. No filter. Ive got a few plants in there for them to hide.

    At first they were doing fine. Now today when i came home from school the red one is chasing the blue one. So i caught the blue one in a plastic cup and floating it in the tank. The white one is doing fine, she's not getting in to fights with either of the others. The red one is now surrounding the cup and occasionally flaring. What should i do? :cry1 Should i get two more girls so they'll even the field? Please help, i really want to keep them. :(

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