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  1. Gold Ryu

    New Fish!

    Very pretty, u must have a lot of bettas
  2. That's a very nice tank. Very bright! Is your fish bottom sitting a lot? Might not be a good sign if he is.
  3. Colored gravel is fine as long you buy it from a petstore and wash it thouroughly.
  4. Oh ok, thanks. Just wondering why all the books and websites i search just said "eggs".
  5. I never understand when it says to feed hardboiled egg yolk to fry. Is it chicken eggs or what?
  6. Gold Ryu


    Thanks, can you post the analysis and ingredients of the best betta foods for me?
  7. Thanks guys, i'll post more pics when i add more plants.
  8. Thanks, it's actually only a ten gallon. Sushi, i'm already going get more plants sometime this week. Can you guys find the three little fishies?
  9. Just a quick shot i took today. I decorated it yesterday.
  10. That's a bronze corydora. A very nice one too. How many guppies do you have?
  11. Gold Ryu


    Of course, i'll be sending some for BOTM.
  12. Mosquito fish and guppies are not the same. Becareful with mosquito fish because i've heard somewhere that they are very nippy.
  13. Pond planning is so exciting, i hope to make one soon! How cold are we talkin here? You could try rosy reds or white clouds. And i'm pretty sure american flag fish are cold water, but they probably can't withstand anything lower than 65. Good luck!
  14. Gold Ryu


    Ah okay, that clears everything thanks! Well today i just got even more stuff for them. A small bowl for them to hide, a bottle of large blue gravel, and some nice blue little clear rock thingees. I'll probably cup them while i do my first water change and redecoration on this tank.
  15. Gold Ryu


    Thanks, I have three girls in a ten gallon. Blue and Sushi, i would think omega one goldie is okay because it contains some meaty stuff and most other tropical/betta foods contain less. But i will keep an eye out for the ones you reccomended. Thanks
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