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  1. That's a very nice tank. Very bright! Is your fish bottom sitting a lot? Might not be a good sign if he is.
  2. Colored gravel is fine as long you buy it from a petstore and wash it thouroughly.
  3. Oh ok, thanks. Just wondering why all the books and websites i search just said "eggs".
  4. I never understand when it says to feed hardboiled egg yolk to fry. Is it chicken eggs or what?
  5. So i got a pack of plant bulbs. The one with two, i think it's the lily one. I dropped them in the tank yesterday. Today, one of them has a little fuzzy growth coming out. Is this good or bad? Please look over at my post in the betta section, my females bettas are fighting and i need suggestions.
  6. Your ten gallon is way crowded. Did you realise that clown loaches can grow to 8" in captivity?
  7. How big are they? From the pictures in your sig they look a bit small to breed.
  8. Thanks Devs, i'll snip off the brown part and replant. I've got a bunch of bad looking leaves right now... And a very guilty fish.
  9. You should get a thermometer pronto, very important peice. Your fish should be fine around 68-78 degrees F. My water temp is around 65 in the morning and my fish do fine. If your water temperature drops below 60 it might be best to get a heater.
  10. Akkk, my goldie just pulled up two plants and revealed that the tip that was buried in the gravel is brown. What to do?!
  11. Hmm, shouldn't it give you instructions on the back of the package?
  12. Well the skin is hard to digest so you should probably remove it and cut them into smaller peices. How big is your tank and how many fish? If those flakes are the only thing you feed you're gonna need to vary your fish's diet more.
  13. Not sure about the growth, what are you feeding them right now? Do you cook the peas first then remove the skin then squish it?
  14. Ok, Thanks. Also i just did a water change today and stuck em in to the gravel, some of the leaves are buried too. Will it be okay?
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