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  1. So... any suggestions? Today I have still not started treatment and things seem very normal in the tank... apart from my male shubunkin's raised scales over what seems like a little lump. I may get a hold of him tonight to try to take a better look...
  2. Hi Chrissy, Yes, unfortunately I've always pushed it with with 2 goldfish in a 20 gallon But, I've always had great luck with water quality, too. I worry that the ulcer or cyst is from the lice... I read a little while ago that lice can cause this sometimes... but I'd like to know for sure. I've only had this guy for a month, and he didn't had this raised part on his side when I brought him home. Taking my snails out isn't a problem at all... so I may salt. I just want to know if I should use the fluke tabs right away or wait a little while... the man at the fish shop seemed to think I should go ahead and treat... Does anyone know the life cycle of fish lice? If I knew that, I could make a better decision I think since I've only seen one louse in a whole month...
  3. Hi everyone! In all my years of keeping goldfish, I have been fortunate enough to never have to deal with fish lice... until now! I added a new shubunkin to my tank close to a month ago, and I found a fish louse yesteday after treating twice with melafix for what I thought may have been fungus. The new shubunkin also has an ulcer on his side, with a few scales lifted. He is not flashing and both shubunkins are active and eating well. There are 2 mystery snails in my tank as well. I went back to the fish shop I purchased my male shubunkin at, confronted the manager and showed him the lice, and he directed me to medication. I convinced him to give me medication for free since his fish came with lice (he later admitted that they treated the tank of shubunkins for fish lice last week). I left with some fluke tabs in a bag with no directions (although I found them online) but my concern now is: should I treat the tank (yet) even though I cannot see anymore lice and the new fish was added a month ago? My tank is very well established and since I am overstocked, I worry about upsetting my biological filter. My other worry is that my new guy has what looks like a cyst or ulcer under the skin, which seems to be manifesting as a few raised scales with a little redness starting at the tips of a few scales (it looks that way, anyways). The lifted spot is rather small still and doesn't seem to be causing him any trouble. Also, if I go ahead and treat with the fluke tabs, I am thinking I will need to remove my snails and put them elsewhere until treatment is done. Is this correct for those of you who have used fluke tabs before or know about them? What does everyone think? Ammonia Level: 0ppm Nitrite Level: do not test Nitrate level: do not test Ph Level: 7.9, Nutrafin drop test kit Water temperature: room temperature rannging from 17-21 degrees celsius. Tank size: 20 gallon, fully cycled, running for approximately 10 months (9 months with a healthy female shubunkin and 2 mystery snails, no health issues). Aquaclear 30 filter with only sponges, bubble wand. Water changes weekly, 20-25%. how many days ago was the last water change and how much: 25% water change on April 5th after 2nd melafix treatment. How many fish in the tank and their size: 2 shubunkins: approximately 2 and 3 inches. What kind of water additives or conditioners: Nutrafin aqua+plus What do you feed your fish and how often: 2-3 small meals of flakes daily, peas once in a while. Any new fish added to the tank? Male shubunkin added nearly a month ago, brought home fish lice from fish store! 2 mystery snails added nearly a month ago. Any medications added to the tank? 2 treatments with melafix, 25% water change on April 5th, no medications added since. Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? One fish louse seen switching back and forth between fish, eventually I found it swimming in tank and caught it. No more fish lice seen in tank at this time. Male shubunkin (the new fish) has an ulcer on side, with a few raised scales. No flashing, no clamped fins. Both are eating well and swimming well.
  4. blackteles, how long is too long to keep the lights on before the colours start to be affected? i've never encountered a problem like this before...
  5. hey! i would keep an eye on the fish, but i would not worry about anything too much. they can have all kinds of odd poops and still be healthy - think of us humans! just keep an eye out for anything else odd.
  6. Florissa

    Divided 10 Gallon

    Personally, I would not put 2 males in the same tank with a divider. I tried this once, and didn't like the stress caused to both fish. But, if you still chose to do it, the idea of putting plants on each side of the divider for some 'privacy' is a great idea.
  7. Keep an eye out for air bubbles in the fish's stool. This could indicate that the air being swallowed is starting to cause a problem.
  8. Are there other fish she is supposed to be sharing with?
  9. Hello, I am from Canada! Okay, I always used 'Cycle' and that is close to 'Prime' as far as I know. It helps with protecting new fish, and when adding new fish, and also helps with the cycle in the tank. I do think that you can buy prime here some places though... you would just need to go to a specialty fish shop and take a look. I have gotten ichnox here, but it was aboutr 4 years ago and it was from a store called Superpet. Do you have anything like that around you?
  10. I am so sorry about your fish. I am sure your other fish will do just fine on its own for now. Swim Bladder Disease is a nasty one. Precautions to take is always making sure you soak all food you're feeding to you fish - flakes, pellets.. anything. In my experience, oranda's seem to be the fish that are more prone than the rest. I wish you luck!
  11. You will need to watch them closely together for a while after introducing them together. Chances are they will be alright together, but there is a chance that they will fight and not get along. Goldfish need at least 10 gallons of water to one fish, so your 20 gallon is just big enough for the 2 of them. Upgrading in the future would be ideal as well. Good luck with your fish!
  12. Aw, that is too bad. I hope the little guy pulls through again.
  13. Siansy, eating drinking and sleeping for sure!
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