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  1. I did test today, and I am back at the normal reading. I think the low readings because I tested directly after a water change, on top of having plants and algae! I took pictures, I thought it would be neat to show you my results. I'll link to them after I load them in a few mins.
  2. My goldfish love them. I wouldn't have a tank without one!
  3. Exactly. Here is a good article on the subject. http://www.petqna.com/fish/614-fish-2.html http://www.firsttankguide.net/airpump.php
  4. Also, smaller bubbles have a more likely hood of being absorbed as oxygen into the water. The bigger ones will never absorb, but are good for the gas exchange. Ultimately as the previous poster said, the surface area and water agitation is more important than the bubbles. It is estimated that air-stones only add an additional 2% of oxygen to the water, if that.
  5. Ours are anywhere from $20-$40 depending on what store you go to. My favorite local one has the best prices and the best looking fish. You can get the larger ones for about $20 there, and they are completely healthy.
  6. I also have a ton of algae in my tank, apparently that can eat up you nitrates as well giving a 0 reading. Next time, probably tomorrow; I'll take a picture of my Test Chart, and my Vial ; )
  7. I'm quite certain my tank is cycled. I will keep an eye on it. I did some research, it's not unheard of to get 0 nitrate readings in planted tanks, or tanks that have had a 50% or more recent water change. I tested after my water change today.
  8. Ok, I've put Cucumber in there is as well, and they have not touched it at all. There are no signs they've touched it, and I've paid rather close attention to them. Can they really like algae that much?
  9. My stock level is fine, I've checked several sources on it; I will not be moving them. I've tested again and got the same results. Yes, I followed the directions to the T, the test results still indicate 0 nitrates in there. For the record, as indicated above, I now do 50% water changes, I have aeration added to the tank not including the large waterfall; although apparently they (air stones) only add 2% oxygen to the thank. Air stones more help with the gas exchange, than actually adding oxygen.
  10. I think the divider idea as a temporary solution is a good idea as well. My Calico Brutus showed initial territorial issues with new fish. If it persists then I'm at a loss...never had that problem.
  11. Never heard of tomatoes being used much but carrots are fine. If you are worried for your snails being outcompeted for foods, get a divider which you can put temporarily to allow the snails their share of their own foods. If you have a breeder trap, it'll make do as well. Goldfish will appreciate vegetables and so will your snails but your fish will likely outcompete them for foods. My mystery snails have rejected all the food I've given them. They won't even go on the cuttlebone. I've given them lettuce, spinach, pea gel and they will not touch it. They seem to prefer the algae in the tank. Is that normal? I'm going to get them some cucumber when I get the chance. Is there a good way to prepare the cucumber for them?
  12. Sorry to hear about your experience. I'm sure upper management would like to know if this really is an isolated incident in their chain. They won't be making money for long if that is how they keep their store up.
  13. Thanks. It was a good learning experience...and now I have the testing drops, which makes me feel a lot better!
  14. I have 3 mystery snails, a black...a blue...and golden one. They are all finicky eaters as well. The only thing I have seen them eating is the algae. They wouldn't touch the lettuce or the pea gel I put in. Mine also won't go near the cuttlebone I put in. Cucumber is my next resort, hope it works.
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