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  1. It shouldnt be anything to worry about! Goldfish are constantly growing new teeth. If you found a tooth on the bottom of your tank that means he has grown a new one.
  2. Are they realy bad? I remembr a post about someone finding as tooth while cleaning gravel.... I would be sure they grow new teeth just like any other animal...
  3. Ouch. You are asking quite alot. Bettas ave extremely violent fish, I would suggest no less than a 30 just for the two males alone! Also, girlfriends are also not a good idea... they dont really "love", they wil most likey fight to their bloody death. You are much better off just getting a five galon tank for each one to have individually.
  4. Seems like stress... I would try giving him a litte melafix and see what good that does...
  5. Dont worry, in time it will come if your try... What are you doing with your fry?
  6. A Pearlscale!?!? They are my absolute favorite!!!! You need to post pictures!!!! Good buy.
  7. I remember I was helping my unce at an auction and he let me choose one thing and he wil bid on it for me, and I saw the aquarium! He bid on it for 30 bucks and won it! It came with everything, and I came to replace the major stuff. Anyways, while I had an empty tank in my room withing to affort a new filter I was researching fish to get and I dont remember how I stumbled across the goldfish. I think it was when I went to Wallyworld and looked at their fish... I fell in love I guess.
  8. I have never seen it stored in bottlles... I am sure your could find an aquarist to give you some of their *clean* green water... Usually green water develops with time.
  9. Drop dead gorgeous. I wish I was that talented.
  10. I was thinking of that. well g2g toodles Thats a good idea. CRG, your fist post confuses me... only because I am about to go to bed... Are you talking about trying to transfer some bacteria from your aquarium to help speed up your new one? ... if this is what you were talking about why dont you just use your old filter or transport some gravel? Sorry if I am wrong about my assumption and sound like a lunatic (sp?)... I am sleepy
  11. I could never get my fish to spawn... If they are anything like godfish though you will need a second tank to put them in... I dont know how big your aquarium is... just make sure when they are grown you wont have to worry about them bumping into eachother... And wont you have to worry about the eggs being eaten? For the first couple days they can feed off their yolk sac and after that you can try Green water and Daphnia. Here are a couple links if you are interested.... Good one ANother one I hope this is of some assistance.
  12. Oh Olivia... such wonderful pictures! You should teach me your ways... Maybe its my camera...
  13. I would love to take in one! Unfortunately, my sister is manning my tank, and she loves my fish with all her heart. But I wont put you fish through it.... I LOVE your idea though... They wil be in excelent hands and you will meet alot of new "best friends"
  14. Nice catch! and that sounds like quite a place. I would love to visit an actual aquarium store...
  15. What a beauty!!!! How could someone do that? It really grinds my gears when I hear stories about harsh ways they treat their pets.!
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