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  1. You should get a medal for making a new record of spanks in one topic! As far as your sketches, they are DANG good! I can't draw fishes... actually, i can't draw at all!!!! You have a gift, use it well!
  2. Scratch that idea! I'm going to vvvv! They are having an AWESOME DEAL on fish!!! OMG!!! I'm so exited!!! P-E-T-S-M-A-R-T is having a sale where you can buy 10 fish for $10! They got a huge sign set up when you walk in the door that has all the breeds the sale applies to. I immediatly ran over to it and saw that FANTAILS were on there!!!!! And it said you could mix and match any of the breeds on the sign! So of course me and my dad started to make a deal. He has a 55 gallon tropical tank and i have a 10 gallon tank that's almost done cycling. So I get a fantail goldfish for $1 and then i have to pick out 9 tropicals for my dad since he never finds and cute OR healthy ones. YAY ME!!!!! I was so exited at seeing the adorable fantails on the sign i really couldn't consentrate enough to see any other goldfish breeds. You might want to check your local P-E-T-S-M-A-R-T and see if they're having a sale too!!!!! And of course i went and checked on the fantail tank and made sure they weren't for sale because they were sick or anything. And they're all healthy! No ick, fin-rot, dead fish, or even the slightest sign of swimbladder! I am SO happy!!!!!
  3. I have researched them and i think i'm going to get a rainbow shark.
  4. That's what i read on some other sites. That's why i'm only getting one and i have a back up tank ready! Yay me! I've never heard of Dolphin sharks... I'm off to Google!!!
  5. I'm going to get a shark but i don't know what type to get. Bala's are nice and non aggressive but i also kinda want one that is a little aggressive and pretty. So I was wondering what types of sharks you have and if you have any information you think i should REALLY know before i get one. I want to make sure it gets the best possible home i can give it! *It will live in a 10 gallon aquarium for a while and when it grows a little i'll put it in my 55 gallon aquarium!
  6. Some people are so horrible to goldfish! I can't stand to walk past the one's at nnnnnn because of how many they just shove into a tank. I always go to vvvv. There's a girl that works there that helped me pick out Peaches. She also refused to give a goldfish to a family that had a 5 yearold daughter because they wanted to put it into a tiny bowl!
  7. Ya. Man i want a pond! Then i could have a koi! So what kind of goldfish do you think i should get? I had a red capped oranda i named Peaches. He died. Maybe i should try a different breed... what do you think?
  8. Here's a few questions i would love anyone to answer, and any extra info you think i need to know before getting one would also be very helpful!!!! ~Are Koi as friendly as goldfish? ~Can they live in a fishtank? ~Are there different breeds of Koi? ~If so, what kind should i get?
  9. I've had goldfish before. My favorite one, Peaches, died about 6 months ago and his death devastated me so i put way the tank and havent had any fish since. But now that it's summer i really miss having an adorable face to go and talk to during my lonely days when everyone's at work and i'm stuck here at home. I've always thought koi were cute, do you think i should get one? Since I've never had a koi before i was also wondering if there's anything different i should know about koi.
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