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  1. Kirin Ranchu for $60 and Red Ranchu for $50 local pickup in NYC only.
  2. Selling 2.5 inch Thai Buffalo-Head Ranchu for $35 Pickup in NYC only.
  3. K1 media are placed inside DIY plastic soda bottle with holes on top and bottom. Fluidized movement by airstone and airpump. The container sits inside aquarium tank held down by marbles. With more understanding I believe the microbe on the K1 should be fine, with loss of water for short time (maybe 10 to 15 minutes during water change).
  4. Installed k1 Media on DIY water bottle, awaiting cycling. Question once bacteria established and tank is cycle, during water change does some good bacteria dies, when expose to air without any water? I do 90% water changes and water level goes level the k1 fludized filter, so all K1 stop turnning and most are expose to air. In other words how long does bacteria in k1 can stay alive without any movement and exposed to air?
  5. For Ranchus I know best to feed a mixture of sinking pellet, gel, vegetables and frozen bloodworms. Which brand of sinking pellets has least chance of contributing to potential floaty or swim bladder issue? I understands that overfeeding, diet with high protein and bad water quality can all leads to diseases and swim bladder issue. Staple sinking pellets that I am looking into are Azayaka, Saki-Green/Purple, Northfin and Omega One. I like Azayaka but it has to be ship from Japan. Any feedbacks on these brand and recommendation?
  6. I read temperature meter incorrectly, tank water temperature is already at 68F with the heater, my home temp is about the same. Thanks I will just feed them half portion.
  7. How long can Ranchus go without food at temperatures around 60s? I have some Ranchus (maybe 1 to 2 years old) with fully developed backs and wens that I am quite happy with. Not looking to groom anymore just keep healthy. Thinking of cutting back on feeding to once a day or once every other day. Kept indoors with heater at 68 degrees right now. I know you can stop feeding when temperature gets down to mid 50s,
  8. For Ranchu that are over year old what is the feeding frequency? Twice daily or just once day is suffice? I am feeding Thera A 1mm pellets in morning and night or gel food at night. Temperature is around 75 degrees tank is heated indoor.
  9. Thai SVR Red/white Ranchu 3.5 inch for sale. Local pickup in NYC only. PM for more info.
  10. Can't seem to find find potassium permanganate for sale in the USA as koi or goldfish medication?
  11. What is good mechanical filtration for 90 gallon tank? I have good biological filtration in place already using ATI V sponge and Aquaclear 110. However I need to clear up the water and get waste out of sight.
  12. At what nitrate level is harmful to fish? My nitrate is 5 ppm but my ammonia and nitrate is zero.
  13. Thanks everyone, I'll continue with 2 to 3 time feeding day with smaller portions.
  14. I have SVR-Ranchu kept indoors and they are now past 1 year old. I am happy with their developments how often do I have to feed them now? Can they be fed once a day or they did they still need to be feed several times a day? At what age can they be be feed once a day?
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