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  1. Hm, strange indeed. The inside of the glass cleaned regularly?
  2. I am so sorry, Shamu, that Cherrypie is so bad off. How is he doing now after a few days? And how is the algebra class going? I am not too crazy about math, but my daughter breaths and sleeps math.
  3. Jody, how is the fish now? Did okay while you were gone?
  4. KoiFROG, anything new with the fish? Where you able to locate the special food?
  5. How are things, baygentst - fish and owner still hanging in there?
  6. I think you are pretty good the way it is right now with your pond, D. There is a lot of info going around on what a koi really needs, but it is not so eay to determine. It depends on where you live (in colder climates ponds need to be deeper, in case the pond freezes over), how your filtration system is, how much you feed, how often you change water. As a general rule, I would give each koi at least 300 gl, females need more since they tend to get bigger. The info about goldfish being messier than koi, that is not exactly so. Koi in general produce more waste - simply their size will give that away. That is not only the visible waste, fish poop, but also their output every time they breathe. Goldfish just seem messier, because usually in a pond outside people have more goldfish in there than they would fit koi in. I also always like koi more in a group than just a single fish alone in a pond. They are such lovely and colorful fish, that the most beauty is just watching a group of koi gathering and begging. Their bright colors reflecting in the sun light, and hungry mouths trying to coax out more food from you. A single koi just doesn?t cut it. And they indeed do need companionship. They stay rather shy and scared when they are alone, but put them into a group of fish, and watch them gain confidence.
  7. Might be - some fish do have permanent read streaks in their fins, especially fish with a lot of white on them. Maybe we just notice it better, since in a darker color it is harder to spot. Nitrate sensitivity is another reason for veining in some fish. I see you have gravel in your tank - how often do you clean that out with a syphon? Could be that the gravel harbors something to what Chewy is more sensitive to than your other fish.
  8. Yeah, it is amazing what you can cure with just enough water and some good filtration. Especially ammonia related problems can be taken care of so easily without anything else. We always tend to grab the heavy machinery of meds without thinking the obvious first. I am sure with some small improvements the fish will do a lot better. But they have to happen rather fast - ammonia and nitrites kill in the blink of an eye. How long have they been like that, do you know?
  9. I wonder if it is either some snail fragments he is dealing with, or maybe flukes. Do you have an airstone in the tank? If he has a hard time taking oxygen in (gill flukes will do that), then he doesn?t have enough energy to keep himself swimming, and he just rests. Or it could be just some little thing bugging him, like the snail fragments maybe. I would start salting the tank, and see if he perks up a bit. The salt doesn?t do much to flukes, but if he is just stressed from something minor, that might help him. And it doesn?t upset the good bugs in the filtration system. Use rock or aquarium salt, not cooking salt. One teaspoon per gl of water, and dissolve it in a cup of tank water first, then pour it in the tank, away from the fish. No symptoms on the other one, yes?
  10. Boy, Cici, when you get it, you get it BAD! Its tough to deal with new fish, and if they are sick to begin with, then its even harder. I looked at your pictures - those new guys are lovely! Is there any chance at all, that you can provide them with a bigger q-tank? The 10 gl sounds a bit too small for 3 fish, even with heavy filtration in it. There is hopefully a spot somewhere in that tank where they can rest and not being tossed around by the filtration to much? As to the diseases you are dealing with, I would treat them for just the obvious problems right now - finrot. And one other problem they had to deal with - stress. I wouldn?t put too much meds in their tank for now, just give them rest, the proper food and space, and leave the salt in at .3% for now. I believe into "less is more" in that case. When you put in too many meds at once to already stressed fish, it can get them over the edge pretty fast. I had a lone surviving fisch from a horrible shipment from China years ago. He arrived at a dealer?s place with 30 other (dead) fish in a bag, and goodness knows how long he had been in there with all the bacteria and such. I took him home, and just gave him a lone cycled 55 gl tank. As the diseases came on, I treated them one at the time. During a whole month, the poor thing had to deal with Ich, bacterial infection on the wen, and fin rot. One disease got better, then there were a few days without anything, and the next one came. I believe, if I had put all the meds in at once, the fish would have been dead. He lived happily for years after that. Oh, how you can tell if fin rot is on the mend? The edges of the affected area turns white, which indicates new growth.
  11. What I personally hate about the little goldfish sold at the petstore by such masses is the fact, that those are usually not very well taken care off. If your teacher got them out of the feeder fish tank, they are meant as food for predatory fish, and therefore aren?t expected to live long. Hence the lack of serious care. So, they for sure can very well bring something with them when you get one. When your teacher has 20 in a 60 gl tank, that doesn?t exactly ease the stress on them, and further trouble can be in the making. Are all the 20 still alive?
  12. If your fish is very jumpy and scared when you walk by, I would try leaving the lights off for a while and see if it calms him down. Or put some hiding material in the tank - a big plant or a few other decor that gives him a place to hang out when he feels insecure. Its easier to prevent the scale loss that way - when a scale is gone, it gives an opportunity for parasites to get a hold of the fish. The slime coat will "grow" over the area again, but it will always remain a weak point until the scale is back.
  13. How are your fish today, Spacecadet?
  14. How is the fish right now, Silver? Any improvements?
  15. How is the fish doing now, CiCi? Let me guess - your favorite restaurant is Cici?s Pizza? I love that place!
  16. The exact translation says.... One Tablet per 50 l aquarium water. The water needs to be heavily airated during the treatment. CO fertilizer systems and UV lights need to be turned off, and the charcoal taken out. There is a daily water change necessary, but at least every 2. day. The meds can be redosed afterwards, and need to be continued for 7 days. Can be used longer, without interruption. There is a warning on the bottle about the storage - it shouldn?t bexposed to light. I would think to turn off the tank lights during treatment as well to get the full effect of the meds. Stalepriest, as to the question of how much after a water change, I would just do it the easy way. Do a 50% water change, and add a 1/2 tablet afterwards.
  17. Rainia, how is Chumba now? Was he able to pull through?
  18. NightAngel, how is Chewy?s tail these days?
  19. Unfortunately, when you tossed out the old filter media, you also tossed the good bacteria out with it. There is still beneficial bacteria in the gravel though - but getting disturbed every time you use the gravel vac. What I would do is put some gravel, perhaps in a little net, into the filter itself. That way the beneficial bacteria can colonize the filter media again. I would go easy on the gravel disturbance for a bit, as long as the ammonia/nitrite readings are still where they aren?t supposed to. The bacteria needs to "calm down", so to speak. Do the gravel vac only with every 2. or 3. water change, but continue on with the changes to keep the ammonia and nitrites in check. Just don?t homper around in the gravel while you change the water. I assume your ammonia and nitrites were down to Zero before the whole eye thing happened? Or was there still cycling going on?
  20. Dzap, how is it going with the fish now - everything okay?
  21. Jadelinna, how are things with the fish?
  22. There actually was a goldfish rescue group, and it could be found under www.goldfishsanctuary.com. Last I checked, the website was still up, but no response from anybody, and somebody told me that whoever ran the rescue couldn't do it anymore. They used to give goldfish to people who were able to give them a good, and lifelong home.
  23. Michael Phelps, huh! I wondered "wen" his name is going to come up... Actually, while reading your comment, Oliver, somehow races horses came into my mind. I saw a report the other day about how their breeding has negatively effected them. The heavy horses have a lot to carry, just by sheer body weight alone, yet a lot of those race horses that are bred for speed, nowadays have thinner legs. Those same legs that usually are stronger are supposed to not only carry their body weight during normal motions, but now the legs are thinner and still have to deal with the enormous stress of racing. There is no wonder that we see more and more injured, or worse broken, legs. Now that would be something I am considering negative breeding. Possibly good for the bank account of the owner, but could be deadly for the horse.
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