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  1. Zoefallyn, how are things now with the fish?
  2. How are things now, Stacey - flashing any better?
  3. Sebastian Lara, how is the problem now?
  4. Boy, I am so sorry about the little guy! He was so beautiful, and I was surprised to find such a nice fish in a chain store these days. Years earlier it would have been a better chance to find such fish in a store like that. These days, is rather uncommon.
  5. How big is your pond? I could suggest a powerhead, just barely hanging on the edge of the pond, airating the water surface nicely. It doesn't need to be deep into the pond, just deep enough that a little water evaporation doesn't set the powerhead onto "dry land"...
  6. Sorry, haven't been at it this year just yet. I know its out there, but we just moved, and there is just so much to do. Plus, that darn disk where all the info was one, hasn't exactly shown up just yet....
  7. Boy, better a late response than no response at all... ahem... Nomi, have you checked our goldfish show page with all the dates worldwide? Especially in Canada are quite a few Aquarium Societies that not only include goldfish in their shows, but have quite a few people that are hardcore goldie ... well... addicts.
  8. Oh boy, it has been a while since I have seen some goldie fry! Enjoy yours, Coopsta. What have you decided on feeding them?
  9. Orandaman, so its not your own fish that is sick, but rather one that you took back, and you can have the fish back if you do some research on it? If that is so, then I must say that the fish store owner should be the one doing research. How is it that the customer has to be the one researching, while that should be something a store owner needs to know about to be a informative business owner. Nothing worse than somebody who runs a business and really isn't trying to be as imformative and resourceful to his customers. Imagine how many customers he could impress, and ultimately keep, with the right knowledge.
  10. Gabradenver, any updates on the fish? Still hanging in there?
  11. Jule, are you still with the treatment, yes?
  12. That is great to hear!! I'll put your thread now into the regular disease section, but PLEASE feel free to pick it back up if anything should change.
  13. Folks, before we all dream of our wonderful "What fish would we get, if only...", how about considering that most of us still rent. So, what do you do with your dream fish if you always have to ask the landlord (or hubby... ) if you can have another tank, if the apartment holds without the floor breaking through, etc. I would go the other way first... Whip up the perfect house, no mortgage anymore, with a well designed fish/sun room. Easy plumbing for water changes, and plenty of space and plumbing for additional tanks in the rest of the house as well. NOW I can start dreaming about what fish I will get. And to my dilemma I can't decide on just one fish, so I guess I will have to stock one tank after the other with one dream fish after the other.... ahem.....
  14. How are things with the fish and the treatment, Alyks?
  15. They quaranteen at your lfs? Wow, that is a pretty rare exception, and a good practice too. He is a lovely fish, and looks so happy and docile.
  16. So, what ya gonna do about it, hunh? Hunh?? lol Not much I CAN do - I am in Germany now. No shipping over the big pond. sigh..... Jed, yep, I think that was the one. Is he still up for grabs, or did you nab him?
  17. Found this on Ebay this morning, and am seriously considering it too.... http://cgi.ebay.de/500L-becken-schildkroet...%3A1|240%3A1318 Its a 540 l aquarium with two simple pumps, and the turtles and a few goldfish are included for free. Works out to be a 90 gl tank or so. D?sseldorf isn?t too far away, and for 1 Euro! Its about time I have new fish. And I can find homes for the turtles.
  18. What lovely fish this time again!! The black ranchu is my favorite this time, but so is oranda No. 12. And # 14 has "Jed" written all over it.
  19. Joel, you have to have 200 posts to PM, just wanted to let you know. So, its nothing technical on your end or anything, just plain old Koko rules. I am sorry that you felt you have to say goodbye to your fish - sometimes we just get overwhelmed with things. And that thing with your neighbor really was terrible. Maybe with a little rest, and just taking care of the one ranchu, you will find the courage and love again. You will know when it it time again.
  20. Kerthling, how is the treatment going - any improvements so far?
  21. Angie, newly purchased fish are skiddish at first, but will get used to it after a while. Just give it time, and try to avoid fast and sudden movements. Approach them slowly, and best - pribe them with some food. After a while they make the connection of the "big scary person" being the food supply.
  22. Bodoba, have you tried Craigslist? You can search that site for your city, and hopefully get lucky. I found all kinds of useable things there, and also sold some on Craigslist.
  23. Oh, that dreaded addiction! Its like chocolate - before one turns around, the chocolate hangs on the hips or the belly. At least a goldfish addiction doesn?t decrease your health like that. Just the opposite - its a calming addiction.... yes.... that is what I am telling myself....
  24. Well, in an all white fish, I would think that as long as the fin?s edge doesn?t look red, angry and frazzeled out, it should be healing. Hungry is always a good thing to be.
  25. I am sorry to hear that, SebastianLara. That is why I am always so reluctant to buy from a store when the fish are already sick. But of course, that often hasn?t kept me from getting the fish anyway. It is just so much harder to deal with - as if we haven?t enough to consider when the fish is healthy. The other one hangs in there now? Is he the one with some Ich still on him, or is he completely covered?
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