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  1. RHankinsJr, how are things now? Any improvements on the poor fellow?
  2. So, the problems have gotten better now, since you switched the food, NichtAngel?
  3. How are things, RedTiger? Fish doing better?
  4. El Pez, any news or improvement on the fish? How are things?
  5. JennyJoslin, any news on Pirate?
  6. Well, there ARE algae discs that are specifically for plecos. The goldfish might try to eat them, but they have a rather odd shape, and my goldfish after a while of playing with it just gave up and let the disc be. Try and see if you can find that anywhere.
  7. Chelseah, how are things now with the fish - any better?
  8. How are things, Jody - everything okay now?
  9. It has been a while since the lat update - how are things?
  10. JennJoslin, how is the problem coming along now - everything in the clear?
  11. Red Tiger, things are doing okay now? Any more problems?
  12. How are things going, Sebastian? Fish doing okay now?
  13. How are things, Claire? Everything back to normal?
  14. That is a beautiful fish, with some very nice finnage!!
  15. Found the right spot, Betty!! I'll put it into the actual calendar as well. How are things - long time no see....
  16. Minx, how is the little fellow now?
  17. Geotlyrae, how are things now?
  18. Gabradenver, I am sorry if you felt like you were being attacked - I am sure that wasn?t anyones intention. The problem often with store owners and employees is that, yes, they might be experts in their field (very many aren?t), but they are also working in or running that business. I will not tell you that your fish store owner does it the same way, but more often than not those advices of how many fish can be put into a tank is either done by the idea of selling more fish, instead of considering the health of the fish. And equally often a lot of employees do indeed give the right stocking advice - IF the fish were to be tropicals. They are smaller, and have a lot less output on waste, and a smaller need for oxygen than goldfish do. So, inadvertadelly, they give out the wrong advice, since they don?t consider the goldfish?s need, and how big it will grow, compared to a tropical anyway. Like I said, it is up to the individual owner how he/she runs the business, and how much true knowledge is there. It might be without known intention - just the assumption that one kind of fish is just like the other, just because they are all freshwater fish.
  19. You have got some very pretty fish there, Autisticfish! I like the red-black one the best, his coloration is so bright! What I hate most about the labeling in the fish store is, that often it is done by people who don?t have a clue. They might be coming in mislabeled from the farm, and the store just assumes that this is right. All your fish essentially were black, and they just are going through a color change right now. Might be that your remaining 2 black guys will stay black, or you might see a change in their color as well over time. On the other two, slowly the black will go away, maybe completely, and you will have a red-white fish in one form or the other. That of course is okay - the fish are beauties all by themselves. What is horrible though is that some store owners try to make some extra bucks by labeling a fish in a different way than they really are. They can charge more money for a ryukin than for a fantail, just as an example.
  20. Jen, that is great news!! I am glad your fish are doing so much better! I'll move the whole thing out of the 911 section, but PLEASE, if anything pops up again, feel free to continue this thread.
  21. El Pez, what are "fine" parameters? Could you give us some more precise number, please? You can do a peroxide swap on the fish's fin with a qtip, dipped in peroxide. You have to hold the fish for that - did you ever do that before?
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