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  1. Yeah, with all the stress of moving and getting everything set up and done, things can happen. If you can't see any visible damage on them, all you can do is wait and see. Have you added some salt into their tanks?
  2. Tania, how are things now? How are the guppies now?
  3. Hi there, Duncan Fishy, and welcome at Kokos, even if it has to be under such bad circumstances! : Your fish went to a lot of stress, and that is something that needs time healing - inside and out. What kind of floor did he fall onto - carpet, wood, tile even? That makes a big difference in his chance of survival. If he fell onto hard tile or hardwood, he might have some internal damages as well. He also dries out a lot more on those surfaces than he would on carpet for example. That he is up swimming and breathing relatively normal is a good sign, so is the fading of his bruise. Melafix has done its job on the outside so far, but what you can't see are the possible damages on the inside. He might have some internal bruising and swelling, and that needs time to heal and calm down. That might be what you see in his anus area. Is it bloody as well, or just swollen? Usually I would suggest feeding him some antibiotic food, but since he doesn't eat, that doesn't help much. If you can get your hands on some good general antibiotics like Maracyn I or II, that would help him some, although medicated food would be best. You also can add some salt into his tank. Not cooking salt - sea salt, rock salt, aquarium salt are better. 1 teaspoon per 1 gl of water, dissolved in some tank water in a container, then poured into the tank. That gives you a concentration of 0.1% as a light tonic and destressor. Since nobody can tell the internal damages, it is all touch and go for a while. Might be he recovers completely, or it could turn south as well. You just can't tell. All you can do is wait, give him the best water possible and keep him away from any other tankmates, that would nip on him and stress him even more. Got a picture of him by any chance?
  4. Nice fish there, Mr. Lim!! I am wondering with Fatty Weng and his big belly - do you notice any reddening on the underside of the belly sometimes, since he naturally spends a lot more time on the bottom than other fish would.
  5. I wish they had them ANYWHERE in the US. Of course, there are always the importers, but the general quality of the goldfish population in stores could be so much better. Years ago I could find a nice quality fish in almost every store - those times are gone. Here in Germany its the same thing - I found ONE store so far with a little better fish. Everything else is more like lower quality fancies or shubis and comets endlessly, and their quality doesn't knock me over either. Mr. Lim, Fatty Wang sure turned into a beautiful fish! That little baby a year ago grew up very nicely.
  6. Anic, you mean this one from the Aquacentral link? The fish is a solid orange now, but still stunning! A lot of times hybrids look terribly ugly, but this one beats all the odds.
  7. Oh yeah, I heard that. Sometimes it is used to clean out algae in the ponds. Well, not exactly clean out. What it does is bind the very small particles to bigger clumbs, which then are being picked up by the filter and its media. I can just imagine how your filter looks at this moment. I wonder if the green water will come back, as long as you leave the stuff in the filter, and after the Prazi is gone.
  8. Myrna, I always used the same test kits for ponds and tanks - the principles are the same. Sometimes pond readings can be a bit different though, if you think about what outside influences pond is exposed to. Things, that normally don't come close to a tank. Rain for once affects the water - bugs, different plants, just plain old nature. The pH doesn't sound scaringly high though - my ponds in Central Florida always had very high pH, and the fish did fine. Something about your missing Am, Ni and Na springs in my mind though. You said that you added bb's from other tanks, then waited a week before you put your fish in? Was there just one fish in the tank before then? Or no fish before that? If there wasn't a fish in it before, then all the bb's you put in a week prior died off before you added your two shubunkin, since the bb's didn't have anything to feed on.
  9. Jody, is Oscar being his old self again? No more issues?
  10. How are things with Twitch now, Dkisosondi?
  11. So, things have gotten better, or do you still have troubles with the little fellow, Claire?
  12. How are things now, Chico? Were you able to use some of the suggestions, and did you see any improvements?
  13. Oh, another funky story about the pet store trade! At least this one came with a somewhat good ending. As for stupidity, I like that answer the best, that I got years ago to my question, why some goldfish have dorsal fins, and others do not. Answer: "The ones without the dorsal fins are the girls!" I had to literally run out the store, so the guy wouldn't see me laughing my head off. He wasn't so lucky with my daughter though - she stood infront of him, laughing!
  14. Beautiful!! I would take that tancho and the oranda in a heartbeat!!
  15. Yeah, there are definetely cheaper ways of hatching your own brine shrimp. For 37 bucks, wow, that is way too expensive! I found a cheaper one years ago as a sellout in a run down pet shop, and tried it on my betta fry at the time. Really not worth it at all, since I found a lot of those shrimp weren't able to find out of the opening for some reason.
  16. I wonder what would have happened to your sanity if your better half would have been okay with, say, a 125 gl... !!! Seriously, that is a wonderful mothers day present! Isn't it true - men surprise us all the time!
  17. That indeed is a sweet little surprise, Kathy! Nothing like that on a lousy day. It is always wonderful when people think of you, and those are the most precious moments. The little fellow is really adorable.
  18. Gina, I am so glad that your fish are doing better, so I'll put this thread out of the 911 section. But PLEASE, if anything comes up with your fish again, feel free to go back to the thread and continue on with any questions you might have.
  19. Mlisa, how is your fish doing now? Any better?
  20. Hi there, Mikeonthebike, and !! As mentioned, yes, patience is the thing. However, when I read your posts, one thing sticks to me - the cleaning of your filter. I wouldn't recommend replacing anything during cycling process. Most companies only recommend the continous exchange of filter media to make money. Most filter media only needs to be replaced when they literally fall apart from old age. Your filter media is where your good beneficial bacteria lives - when you toss it out, you toss the good stuff as well. Since your media was clogged, I rather would recommend to just rinse them in a bucket of tank water until you get most of the gunk out. Tankwater, not tap water. In the tap water is chlorine and other nasty stuff, that will kill of any good bacteria that will be there. I have had media that was literally years old - granted, not really winning a beauty contest, but effective nonetheless.
  21. Hi there, Loki, and welcome to Kokos!! It is difficult to get those guys' living space right the first time, and it takes some adjusting and tinkering. Since you mentioned a German product, are you actually in Germany? That would help greatly, just to give you some advice on the things to try out. What kind of filter are you using? The name of it would help, so we can figure out if its big enough for your goldies. We already mentioned that the tank is too small for the amount of fish, but that is something we always have to deal with when it comes to information in the stores. Some generally don't know, or are misinformed - applying the same rules that are okay for the tropical fish, although those two kinds of fish are completely different in their needs.
  22. Carolinedoodle, how are things now? Are you seing any improvements?
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