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  1. How are things, Heavenbound? We haven't heard anything in a while - I hope you have something good to report.
  2. Such beautiful fish, NightAngel!! Looks like you had a ton of fun. As always, the show must have been great. You didn't bring home one itty bitty fish? And such adorable children you have. And so patient...
  3. Well, the things that make me think about that food you are having your eyes on, Christo, is the fact that it is floating, plus it has 3 mm in diameter. I would avoid floating pellets as much as I can for goldfish, unless yours are single tails. Floating food and fancy goldfish don't do so well together. I have used floating foods before, and it didn't matter how much I soaked it and squeezed the pellets before I fed them, they still kept floating. That food is better made for koi and single tails in the pond, not for fancies. Plus 3 mm is already quite some size. Again, better made for bigger fish. Hubby fed his baby koi with big pellets like that, but he crumbled the pellets in a plastic container with a hammer. But again, those were koi babies with a different body shape and not prone to floating issues. With the "homemade" pellets like that, espeically without the ingredients listed, there is often a lot of junk in it. Maybe you can ask the seller for the ingredients and see if he is willing to give it to you. They sometimes act secretive, not to give away "their miracle ingredient" for better fish health, when in reality its the junk they want to hide. A lot of grinded fish stuff like bones, meal or even corn, I would be careful. Ask him and see what you get out of him.... I know its always tempting to go for cheaper food. It might be good for a while, or as an emergency stash if the good stuff runs out. But in general, I would rather spend a bit more on food, and know that it is a better quality. You can always supplement your fish with some frozen things as well to stretch the expensive food some - any kind of brine shrimp, bloodworms and whatever not hops around in the freezer section of the pet store. Peas are cheap too, or making a batch of gelfood with all kinds of goodies - and tossing in a few pellets of the good food. I always found tons of ways to work oround being tempted by cheaper food. My personal golden rule - if there are the words "floating" on the package, I don't even look at the rest of the food anymore. I don't buy it. Only exception - Goldfishconnection's floating seafood flakes. Those flakes sink within seconds of hitting the water, and are just wonderful!
  4. It as been a few days since your last post, Lemonlily - how does that lump look today? Any chance of a picture? Gives us a better idea what it might be. And since you are at it, how about a few details about the pond? Size, gallon, what filter, how many fish, how often do you change water and such. Any plants in it? Any new fish lately?
  5. Ranchugirl


    Well, Ich can show up in small numbers - however, just one dot seems a bit unlikely. Did more dots show up since then? Did you get a close look at it? Could it have been a fish louse?
  6. You might have to separate them permanently - if that is the only way for the little guy not to be bothered.
  7. Hi Jill4Joy, how did the fish do while you were gone?
  8. Hi Newbiefishgirl - how are things? Is that new system in sight already?
  9. How is the situation now, Nismo? As Newbiefishgirl stated, beneficial bacteria (BBs) don't live in water - they live in the filter media of the filter. But since you moved your old filter over to the bigger q-tank, any kind of cycle burp should be short and painless. The BBs don't adjust to tank size anyway, they adjust to fish load. So, by moving over to a bigger tank with the same fish load, nothing should happen to the cycle. If you added new fish to that bigger tank, you would have to watch your water parameters though until the BBs grow in numbers to take care of the bigger number of fish. However, with a bigger load of six fish, another filter seems to be in order, since small filters can't handle much of a load to begin with. So, you added that second filter to your bigger q-tank, do I read that right? Any time I have a filter with lots of BB's and a new filter with no BB's in it at all, I always use media from the cycled filter and stuff some into the new filter. That way Bb's will grow and develop in the new filter as well in a much faster time than if the new filter would have to go through a whole round of cycling. Fish eat now?
  10. That is a beautiful fish, however not a true goldfish - its a koi/goldfish hybrid. But georgeous nonethless! I saw a picture of that fish before, if I just can remember where. Some hybrids are just plain ugly, but bis one is stunning! The Chinese say that you need one black fish in your pond or tank for good luck - I wouldn't mind having that one! Of course, with a potential adult size of 20something inches and more, that beauty is better off in a pond than a tank.
  11. NOW you are an officially initialized python owner! But see it on the bright side - the living room and bathroom are sparling clean now....
  12. He does look so GOOD! As a tip for that lid incident not happening again - maybe putting a stack of books on top, so he doesn't get any ideas next time. And if it gets too hot in the tank during the summer with the lid on, try one of those reptile lids, which are basically nothing but a frame around and a mesh on top. That way air can circulate, but dear Duncan can't go on to any new adventures?
  13. say what now? Hello Grain, I am so sorry that your fish has such a terrible time. I would think to wait for Trinket on the suggested treatment. I just thought I'd help you out on the HP question. HP is hydrogen peroxide, that you usually can use to desinfect an open wound. It pretty much strips off everything of the wound, including healing tissue. Thats why its only recommended to use it once, and then let the healing take its course. So, if you have HP at hand and a q-tip, dip the q-tip into the HP, hold your fish gently with the head out of the water (where the bubble is), and just dap it CAREFULLY on there. In case of the head, I would rather not soak the q-tip entirely in the HP, because if you get that stuff into his eyes or the gills, that will be terrible. So, hold the fish rather vertical out of the water when you dap. That way, any accidental run off wil be down the fish's dorsal fin, not the eyes or the gills. Or upside down, so the runoff will be right back into the water past the fish's nasal area. Just a little on the q-tip will go a long way this time. Just gentle. Btw, I honestly don't think that the Melafix won't do much good with such a red, irritated area. A little scrape maybe, but not such an issue. Btw, that "bubble" looks more like a wart to me. When you touch it, how does it feel? Soft and liquid filled like a bubble, or rather hard and warty? Is the black just on the bubble, or also the surrounding area? The black on the rest of his body looks to me like a reaction to the salt, like mentioned above somewhere. However, the black on the bubble looks different. It is the only bubble on his body, yes?
  14. That is wonderful news, Duncan Fishy!! I watched your video, and he really looks good. And he IS a big fish! May I ask how big his tank is? I don't think you mentioned it in a previous post, or I missed it. That was the first thing that popped right at me: the tank looks so small for him. It looks like the tank is about as deep as the fish is long, so he might have a hard time turning in it. I just say it because single tails do need a larger water volume than double tails, and you also have less maintenance to do in point of water changes and such. A big fish polutes a small amount of water volume a lot faster than a big water volume. But he does look good, and he is EATING!
  15. You got a picture of her? Is one front fin growing bigger than the other? Where they equal at first? With the coloration, calico is a color discription, yes, but some calicos have more blue, some more red, some go deeper into the black.
  16. Well, looks like in your area the standards are a lot more relaxed than in the US, or the UK. In the US, if a bubble eye has a dorsal fin, it will never get a rank in the competition. Maybe if he would be the only bubble eye, but I doubt it. Tail conformation isn't as important, but dorsals are a bit tricky with the bubble eye. Actually, with any supposed dorsalless fish - ranchu, lionheads and celestials have the same problem. I think that the newer breeds take a lot longer to be officially recognized in the US. They are a lot worse in the UK - a fish with even the sightest off within its standards will not be allowed in the show. A US judge however can still give that "not accepted" fish his own personal choice of "Judge's choice". Here in Germany its terrible when it comes to the fancies. Most are classified as "Torture breeds", and you have to look long and hard to find a store that even sells them. Among them are the celestials, bubble eyes, telescopes, and even some ranchu or ryukin. The discussion is that those fish are extremely handicapped in their movement, and therefore its torture for the fish. Personally, I think with a little thought put into the housing, those fish can live happily throughout their lives. As for the bubbleeye with the pearlscale body, well... It is a bubble eye, and if the pearlscale body type is recognized as just an underbreed of the bubble eye, then it could go into the bubble eye class. Just like a ranchu with a pearlscale body would most likely go into the ranchu class, yes? However, just from the uniqueness of it, I would rather put it into open class. Or the pearlie class with the bubbles as "extra" features... The possibilities are endless!
  17. Do I understand you right, LemonLily - your koi is in an aquarium, not a pond? How long have you had the fish, and how bis is his housing? An aquarium is not really a place for a koi - he belongs in a pond. A koi will get HUGE, with 1 1/2 to 2 feet easy. Plus, a koi will not be happy in a tank. After a while, he will get restless and start destroying whatever decor is in the tank.
  18. How are things with the poor guy now, Bobbish? Any better?
  19. How are things with the fish now, AubreeMarie?
  20. How are things with the fish now, Stephie? Everything okay?
  21. I wonder how it is in asian shows - your bubble eye has a dorsal fin. A perfect fin, but still - the standard with bubble eyes ususally is without the dorsal. It seems that it isn't a setback in the Aquarama show that the fish has a dorsal. How is that being handled by the judge(s)?
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