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  1. Yes it does suck in a way. I do have space in other parts of the house, but Prince (my dog) has a bad habit of pestering my fish so I try to keep the tanks in areas where he doesn't spend a lot of time I'm happy with the decision. My redecorated tanks are nice and I honestly didn't need the extra work of a 40 gallon right now. It's nice to know I have it in storage if I ever need it
  2. Well after a LOT of thinking and planning, I've decided not to set up the 40 gallon that I was given a few months ago I simply don't have the space. After I rearranged my office it looked so much better and I knew that if I put another tank in there it would be far too crowded. I feel ok about it though, because instead I'm completely overhauling the four tanks that I have in there already. I got a brand new 'retirement' tank for my frog Pudgy and gave the crab tank a great cleaning...here's the thread with photos Next on today's agenda, I'm redoing the tropical tank with new plants and Flourite substrate...should be a challenge!
  3. Last night I finally found time to get the 'big tank shuffle' started. I moved a bookshelf in my office to make space for the 40 gallon. Now this weekend I have to move the stand with my newts and tropical tank (that means emptying both tanks....groan). I'm also going to fill the 40 gallon in the garage and leave it for a few days to make sure it doesn't leak. I am putting the rock formations together as well. While I'm at it, the goldfish tank is getting a makeover. I'm excited!!!! Photos to come On a sadder note I found some issues in my tanks while planning the move. One of my 8+ year old tetras looks terrible. Lots of melanophore migration (he's turning very black in some areas), his fins are tattered and one of his eyes looks damaged. I don't think he is diseased in an accute way, just overall not doing well. But he continues to school with the other and feed, so for now I'm letting him live out his life. I also noticed that one of my newts was lethargic. That's distressing and not a good sign with amphibians. He's about 7 years old too. On the bright side he didn't look emaciated, so hopefully it will pass. I'll get a better feel for things when I move the tank this weekend.
  4. Thanks GreenTea...I actually have a TON of random stuff like that too, so I think I'll manage, but there are little odds and ends that keep popping up that I need. Rather than go out and blow my budget I'm just going to chip away at this and do the set up over the course of the fall, I'm in no rush thankfully. I just had to post about the general observation that this hobby can add up!
  5. So I'm still scheming away about the 'tank shuffle' that I'm going to do...and it hit me just how expensive this hobby can be. To do what I want, I don't really need to purchase that much stuff - when compared to say, setting up an entirely new tank. BUT I'm looking at: - a new wire cover for my 30 gallon to keep the hermit crab in - some more deco for the hermit crab tank upgrade (jungle vines, etc.) - enough sand for a 40 gallon - lots of live plants - a new light bulb for the 40 gallon - more tropical fish to stock the 40 gallon Plus lots of little things, like tubing for the airstones etc. Even that small list is going to cost me a couple of hundred! I should have just gotten into pet rocks
  6. I'm so sorry Hidr :heart
  7. Ok, I just figured it all out, now I need to take a whole day to devote to a major tank shuffle!!! Tropical fish go to the 40 gallon (whoop whoop!!!) Newts to the 30 gallon Crab to the 20 gallon Frog to the acrylic 15 gallon Lots of work, but it will be worth it!!
  8. Yes maybe I'll ask my brother in law, he's pretty handy! For now I have my piggy bank on top of Lance's tank....hopefully that will hold him.
  9. So, twice now I have come into my office to find my hermit crab Lance casually sitting on top of his tank It's not a huge deal, as hermit crabs can survive just fine outside of their 'crabitats' for short periods....but still, I don't want a hermit crab wandering the house! Not to mention that if he ever gets brave enough to take the plunge from the tank to the floor, Prince might just eat him. So now I have to do some thinking. I could try to find something to weigh the top of his tank down, but I'm leaning more toward doing a tank shuffle. I have an empty 40 gallon in my garage right now, so there's no shortage of space for everyone! I'm seriously considering upgrading my tropical community tank to the 40 gallon, but i'm worried about the weight of it here on the top floor of the house Decisions, decisions......
  10. I once had a very bad experience with a tiny fish like this one, but that was in the 'big George' days and he was a bully, I don't think my current fish will do the same. Fingers crossed!!!!
  11. Well my little fish may join the big guys this weekend! His QT has gone well, he handled the salt with no issues and learned to eat sinking pellets in just one day He is still quite nervous and likes to hide behind the filter, but I think once he's with other fish that will change. I'm a little worried about putting him in with Penny and Darwin due to the size difference, but I think both are fairly peaceful and hopefully it won't be an issue. I'll keep a close eye for the first few days to be sure. And no, little fish does not have a name yet
  12. who wouldn't be happy with a litlte dude like that?
  13. Thanks all He's super hard to see in his blue QT tub, but once he's out I'll do a photo shoot for sure!
  14. Finally, I found a fish today!!! Jim and I stopped into a local chain store that always has surprisingly nice goldies. They had a tank of baby ranchus, including some blues. I couldn't resist and I got one I doubt the color will last, but that's fine I love buying the little ones like this and watching them grow up. Penny was the same size when I got her and completely orange! Here's my happy self with my wee baby...no name yet
  15. I hope he's right! I just went to my favorite lfs and was excited to see some new fish...but still nothing I wanted
  16. I set up a QT tank over a week ago now, feeling like it was time to add a third fish to my tank...and I cannot find one! I've been to five pet stores now and not a single one has anything but commons and fantails. It's like a fancy goldfish shortage or something! I guess those were the big sellers for the summer with people stocking ponds, hopefully they'll get some other varieties in soon. I did pick up a nice little apple snail that Jim named (get ready for it......) - Optimus Prime. Yes, my snail is a transformer. He is doing well, seems to be chowing down on all the algae that's accumulated since my BN pleco died a few months ago. And on a hopeful note, we have an online bullitin board here at work and I see one of the biologists down the hall has 12 goldfish he's looking to rehome! I'm going to investiage, but I have the feeling they're big pond fish.
  17. I love doing the 'tank shuffle' every now and then Good luck with the move!
  18. Well I went to three lfs's last night and struck out! There were no fish that appealed to me. Mainly commons and teeny tiny fantails, no ranchus, pearlies or lionheads (what I'm interested in). I was especially disappointed with my old favorite store, the fish were in shocking condition...ulcers, tumors, etc. On a brighter note I did get an apple snail at another store. I asked my mature, adult husband to name it. The snail is now known as Optimum Prime
  19. No fish tonight I didn't have time to go to the lfs, BUT I did get the tank...thread to come
  20. I want to re-plant my tropical tank and it just so happens that the best lfs in town for plants is also the best for goldies. I haven't been there in a long time so I have no clue what they have. I set this up....just in case Oh and I'm picking up the 'mystery tank' this evening...can't wait to see what I'm getting!
  21. Yes I figured, I honestly don't want a lizard. I like them but Jim is the one who wants one and I know for sure he will not be helping me to care for it. I think I'm going to do what I've wanted for a while now...build a nice vivarium type set up and get a white's tree frog or two
  22. Thanks for the tips! I knew I'd read that some species really need the mesh style enclosures, just couldn't remember which. No chamelion then! I was saving up to buy a big terrarioum (mesh style) but now that I have a free tank, plans will change. I was thinking about a gecko as well, I think Jim would like it. He has his heart set on a bearded dragon, but I'm not sure about the requriements and size....
  23. Thank you enablers Havne't seen the tank yet, I think it is at my sister's place. I'll go get it this weekend. I'm leaning toward a chamelion, but I have to do some reasearch.
  24. So I got a call from my brother in law yesterday....his sister is back in town for a visit after moving away a few years ago and she has some pet supplies she needs to get rid of, as they have been sitting in their parent's house, getting in the way. One item....a 40 gallon tank complete with all the accessories! He asked me if I wanted it and I immediately said no. I don't have the time or space for another tank. But then I saw the sister yesterday and after she twisted my rubber arm I said yes. So today the new tank will arrive! The question is...what to put in it. As I said in my last post, Jim has been talking about getting a lizard so I may go with that. I'll have to see the tank first and evaluate what it would be suited for. I also need to make space in my zoo office for it. This one will bring the tank count up to 5 in that itty bitty room, eep!
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