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  1. Penny turned completely white a couple of years ago, but she's still young
  2. If you scrubbed for 45 minutes with chlorinated tap water...then yes, chances are good that you killed most or all of the good bacteria. As other have said, monitor your perams very closely and you can try to seed the AQ with media from the sponge filters. I have found with aquaclears, it's a good idea to give them a good cleaning about once a month to cut down on 'gunk' So remove the media and rinse it in used tank water or fresh dechlorinated, and you can scrub all the other parts in the sink if you like. If you find your filter is really getting 'gunky' fast, it may be a sign that you are overstocked or over feeding.
  3. You can tie them there with fishing line, plastic mesh, or even superglue them on. I use plastic mesh because it gives something for the roots to really hold on to. I usually use fishing line or some sort of twine.
  4. I'd order the jumpstart asap as it is meant to be fed directly following medicated food
  5. Never said it was definatly the cause, but always best to be cautious and eliminate all possible sources of trouble. And though I know many have used it with no issues, discussions like this are good to identify possible issues. Maybe it was a bad batch, maybe it wasn't the sand at all, but I think it was worth considering.
  6. I have had a very thin layer of large river rocks on my tank bottom for a couple of years. I don't think it looks too bad, it's easy to clean and the fish do get to forage more than they would with bare bottom. Here's a (low quality) pic...
  7. Yes I'm reading about TMS now, so it's mainly obsidian but 30% of that can be 'other metals and minerals' (i.e. iron)? I think taking it out completely is the way to go for sure, just to be safe if nothing else. It may not be directly responsible for the issues but even low level iron exposure can weaken a fish (Alex, or anyone else, you can find a fair amount of information on iron exposure in relation to brown trout...not carp but the effects would be similar on the gills, etc.). Maybe the manufactures aren't aware and as we know all too well, fancy goldfish tend to be the most susceptible of many fish to water quality issues. Alex it will be interesting to hear what the manufactures have to say.
  8. So did the sand itself rust, or do you think there were metal particles in the batch you had? Either way, that's pretty worrisome. If it was metal in the sand, it might be that it was mixed throughout and you just saw the rust where it was most concentrated.
  9. Ok I'm totally out of the loop....but TMS is moon sand? And it rusted??? For some reason I was thinking you were talking about a filter part or something. And I do agree with Helen that the rust may have led to problems, especially if as you say your fish was always a bit sickly/weaker than the others. I didn't think it would cause issues for an entire tank....but just how much was there?
  10. Yes heavy metals do cause harm and can be lethal. They first coat the gills (bond to them) then enter the blood and eventually do organ damage, mainly to the kidney. Iron's not as bad as some, but it will have an impact and can do serious harm. However I don't think the small amount of rust you found would have done this, whereas in Helen's case the fish had chronic exposure. I'm more inclined to think this is bacterial as well.
  11. Same here, I have a 55 gallon so I usually just slop in a capfull 'plus some' For my smaller tanks I guestimate, I just figure better too much than too little and go with that.
  12. I would guess that the chemical overdose caused kidney damage, thus the issues with controlling their fluid balance. There probably wan't a need for metros since this wasn't a bacterial issue (presumably), but don't stop now since you've started. If you have jumpstart to feed them when they're done that would be good. But there is some good news. Unlike us, goldfish can regenerate kidney tissue. So follow Stakos' advice, do your best to keep their water very clean and perhaps they'll make a complete recovery
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