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  1. So far the Koi will be leaving me in May, was going to send Twin my common with them but hubby said Noway I love that fish! So Twin will remain in the 55 gal. and I will only put two other fish with him. Devs-- Who knew! All from dishwasher being installed. Fate I guess. Jenny-- I don't miss the extra cabinet space either! I love my dishwasher! With a family of 5 it makes life a little easier. Ranchugirl --Yes, I am thrilled I will be able to see them grow. Trinket-- Yes you did read another thread about how I got the Koi and thanks I am thrilled also. James the biggest Koi is growing like a weed, was 3 - 4 inches when I got him and is now almost 9 inches. How is that possible? I only had them since Oct. of 2005. The other 3 are between 5 and 6 inches now. One thing I've learned about Koi is that they are very messy, they grow fast and they thrash the decorations in tank. I have two big rocks on top of bubbler to keep it in place and took out all decor except for one big plant and some big rocks. I guess they need the swimming room They all know who I am and when James is hungry he would flick his tail at top of water by opening by filter and water will be on floor! When I feed them I open and shut the lid quickly if not I am all splashed up! LOL They definalely know how to get my attention. Can't wait to see this pond and will keep everyone posted with lots of pics.
  2. Nice tanks and fishies. Your doing a good job for a first timer in taking pics. Can't wait to see more!
  3. Wonderful!! Let us know what you get.
  4. Your tank and fish and plants look great with the new lights! I will also look into the compact lighting.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That is one great gift. I love the python, can't imagine not having one especially with big tanks. Your gonna absolutely love it.
  6. She's so pretty! Can't imagine how long her tail would be once she's full grown!
  7. That's one big girl! Very pretty fish! Congrats on your new HUGE
  8. My children tell me I take better care of the fish than I do them-- ages 18, 15 and 7(not the 7 year old though). Went to Wally World with family and extended family and my sister-in-law laughs at me because all I bought was an ornament for the fish
  9. Well, I like anything calico ---- calico oranda, ryukin,ect..... so I voted shubunkin. I also love blackmoors but full grown. I have two baby girl blackmoors and can't wait to they are full grown and looking out for a male blackmoor once the koi in the 55 go to their new home in the spring.
  10. Your fishies look real cute!
  11. Congrats on your new tank! I also have a 55. Your fishies are gonna love it! You did a great job decorationg it, me really like.
  12. OOPs !! pressed the reply button by accident Daryl, all of your fish are beautiful And as FOR THAT DELIVERY PERSON----Well everyone has expressed what I needed to say. Would love to see more pics of Sterling and your tank set ups.
  13. I can't believe I've missed this thread. Sterling is absolutely beautiful
  14. Welcome Solid, Glad to read that Linten has beat dropsy 3 times! He is a real strong fish. I am glad that the information on this site has been a great help. Like the others said there are a lot of great knowledgeable people hear that really care about their and anyone they can help fish. Again welcome aboard!
  15. Wow very impressive! Please do keep the pics coming
  16. rubber lipped-- Plywood? Is that to support the bottom of tank that would be sticking out so it won't break? If so that might work. When I go to lps I will ask one of the workers to sit the tank on bottom of 30 gal. stand to see if it is worth the risk?
  17. Just had a thought------I have double stands only so what if I put the 20 long on bottom of 30gal. stand and put new tank on bottom of 55 gal. stand which is 13 inches in width Would that be any better? would a tank actually break if it is 2 inches wider than the stand?
  18. Guess What! My husband bought me a dishwasher for Valentines day which is getting installed later on this evening. The carpenter is here now to cut the cabinets to make space for the diswasher. He noticed all my tanks and commented on how big and beautiful my fish are and went on on how he helped his friend build a huge pond in his back yard with waterfalls and all and will be extending it and building a bridge so you can wallk over the pond this spring. His friend lives in long Island NY about 40 minutes away from me. The carpenter was surprised I had Koi in a tank and went on on how big they get and I laughed and told him the story as to how I got them and asked if his friend had the space and won't mind taking them. He said sure he has the space, and I said he can have them free on one condition---- If I can bring them to the house and see the pond. Well he is going to ask him and let me know. And yes I will be bringing the digicam with me and hopefully they will allow me to take pics. Of course I will be with my husband and with the carpenter for his friend doesn't know us from Adam. lol I hope everything works out and he takes them. Will keep everyone posted.
  19. Wow! I've seemed to miss this thread although I don't post allot. Congrats on your new home Sandy! Your home sound lovely. Can't wait to see how your pond turns out. I'm sure with all the help with the experienced people on this forum it would turn out just beautiful. Please do keep everyone posted.
  20. Oh yeah, I just met someone that has a huge pond and will take the Koi in the spring or when they outgrow the 55. Twin my red and white comet/common is in the 55 with the Koi. I will then buy him a friend possibly a medium to large shubukin when the time comes. I will start a thread in the Koi section called Found home for 4 koi to tell the story.
  21. Well I was just going to put the blackmoors and my calico fantail Spanky who is all orange and black in that tank. Haven't thought of the color of the background and would have gone with darkblue background so thanks for the advice Nattviska. I've already put the Koi in the 55 gal. and divided the fancies that was in the 55 between the other 3 tanks I have which all has one more fish than it suppose to except the 30 gal. which has 3 of my big fancies as to which is why I am buying another tank. I am waiting on advice if the 36 gal. would work with my set up for I will be looking to buy the tank this weekend. Tax returns just arrived YAY!
  22. Well I have whiteclouds with my big and small fancy goldies and they never tried to eat them. Although I do believe comets or commons would once they get big. I also have long finned danios in with my fancy goldies and like the others said they would never catch them!
  23. Thanks for all your responses guys. All sound like nice choices. I never tried bare bottom before might do that if no money is left over after buying the tank but leaning toward purple gravel. If I am not mistaken I believe I saw pics of vmlola's tank and the purple gravel looks beautiful. I went to the lfs and they had the 36 gal. bowfront tank on sale with hood and lights for $103.00. What do you guys think of that price. My only problem is that the tank will sit on the bottom of my 30 gal. long tank stand. The 36 gal. measures 36x15x20 and the stand is 36x12width. The extra 3 inches is in front where the tank bows out, the sides of the tank is 12 inches in width. Do you think I can safely sit that tank on the stand? I really love the look. Suggestions anyone? thanks.
  24. I will be buying a 37-40 gal. tank so that I can split my 5 fancy's from the 55 gal. to the 30 gal long and new tank and put the Koi in the 55. The four Koi I agreed to keep for the winter-- but the owner doesn't want back-- are now in the 30 long. Hoping to find a good home for them this summer or when they out grow the 55 if I can part with them(they are so beautiful). I don't want to put any of the moors in the 30 long who are now in the 20 long purchased 3 weeks ago into the 30 long for it has black gravel and they would probably hard to see in that tank. So I want to put them in the new tank and just wanted to know what color gravel will be best to show off there blackness Hope this makes sense.
  25. You have a beautiful set-up. With only two fantails in there they should be able to spend most of their live if not all in there.
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