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  1. I just noticed the rating under my age what does that mean? Anyone?
  2. Wow Sterling is one GORGEOUS FISH! Hope you find a big home for him soon!
  3. Your fishies are real cute. Love the last one best. I have a thing for calicos.LOL
  4. Real Cute! Looks like they are growing nicely.
  5. Your fish are absolutely beautiful! I like Casper and Zippy best also.
  6. OK finally got it to work and Gullet is a real cutie. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Sorry it's not working for me
  8. OK here we go: 4 Koi --James, Peter, Paul and Michael 1 comon/comet -- Twin 1 Shub -- Blue 3 Calico fantails -- Spanky, Oreo, Spot 1orange oranda -- Peaches 1 lemonhead oranda -- Snowflake 1 Calico Ryukin -- Ritz 2 blue orandas -- Sweet cheeks (for now) and Silver 2 blackmoors -- Ebony and Slick 1 red/white fantail -- Patches Red my red oranda and Mr. Pudge my lionhead now live with someone else. I needed to downsize. Curly, Larry and Moe my 3 rainbow fish. I think thats it
  9. Once a week, Twice a week on 55 gal. until Koi go to their pond.
  10. More pics Paul and Michael Whole gang in the 55. gal. James
  11. Thanks for the compliment Erin. Devs---Yes I will miss them alot I will tell them about this sight and if you don't mind what is the name of the Koi sight you are referring to? They are not that knowledgeable and I am trying to help them anyway I can. I just found out that they would put a feeding block in the pond to feed them for the week! I ordered a bunch of food from goldfishconnection for them and told them the fish would get to know the hand that feeds them.
  12. They are real cute Please keep us posted as they grow.
  13. The Koi will be going back to their original owners. They want them back! I suggested they get a heater for their pond, netting to keep predators out and terra cotta pots turned on their sides so they can have some place to hide and they are looking into it. Never saw their pond but will be bringing fish upstate NY to them and will see it then. They are new pond keepers and only had the pond one summer so far. Any suggestions on advice to give them will be much appreciated. Thanks, Mary
  14. Thought you guys would like to see pics of the Koi before they leave me. This is James This is James again This is Michael http://i13.photobucket
  15. As long as you have the space GET HIM! With care and good water quality his fin will grow back. For Free you can't beat that!
  16. Hi d golem, Do you have a recommendation on best wood type? ex: Malaysian, African ect...
  17. Hi All! What type of driftwood will be best for plecos that are compatible with goldfish and does the driftwood have to be real?
  18. Zoomer is beautiful! Like the name also. Beans is a cutie and will be big like Zoomer soon enough. Congrats on your
  19. All your fishies are so cute especially the big one. Your 60 gal. looks great so far can't wait to see pics when it is finished. You are giving nice ideas with the outdoor tubs, that is, when I buy a house.
  20. Go For It! I have the 350 on my 30 gal. and another filter with it. I would think the penguin 350 would be perfect for the 20 gal.
  21. I live on the 6th floor have a 55 gal. and a 20 sitting underneath and diagonally across from it I have a 30 gal and 20 long sitting underneath that. So far so good. The maintenance guy told me that someone in the building has had a 150gal. running for years with no problems. I sometimes worry that if my tanks should ever break or leak then well ceiling damage for the apt. underneath us, NOT GOOD. Has me wondering if I should look into getting apartment insurance.
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