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  1. OOPS! The second pic was suppose to be different, lets try again.
  2. You know I haven't seen her poop all day. Her back fins just hang down but I thought it was because they are long. I will start her on the Medi-gold. When I feed her this can I feed other foods and is it ok for Slick to be eating it also? Heres a pic of Oreo before popeye
  3. Erin- Same as you, Petland and there is a nice Tropical Fish Store ( can't remember the name) on Northern Blvd. that has every fish you can think of. Its a family owned business and take excellent care of their fish. They also have nice quality goldfish and Koi located at the very back of the store. I got Snowflake the lemonhead oranda and Merideth the changing blue oranda from them. There goldfish gets sold quick. There full grown goldies are a bit pricey but I'm sure worth every penny. If you see want you want best, to buy it right then may not be there the next day. Every once in a while Petland gets some nice ones ( I got Ritz the calico ryukin from them and the new blue oranda) as a matter of fact I got most of my fish from them lol. They get there delivery in every Thursday. Funny thing is sweet cheeks (blue oranda) was in a tank full of large blue orandas. Went back two days later and the whole tank of blue orandas was marked SOLD! Unfortunately the fish I get from them always seem to get ick so I always have ick med on hand.
  4. Soooooo cute! If you haven't named them yet I think some of the members here already have, Patches would be a great name for the white one with red patches
  5. emperor falulous you say we put your tanks to shame I think you did a great job with your tanks.
  6. TWO on your fish and tank and
  7. Hi fisharenewtome! Today I don't have much to do so I spent the morning monitoring Oreo. Yes her fins look the same as in the pics. Sometimes her top fin is fully erect but most of the time it is half up half down. I do agree she does look unhappy. She is still looking for food on the bottom it is 12:20 pm now and I fed her at 9:30 am. So at times she acts normal. I did notice that sometimes she has problems keeping her balance. She would rumage through the bottom with no problen then suddenly float to almost all the way to the top and then struggle back down to the bottom and is able to stay there for a while. Sometimes she does summersault but has always done them from the day I got her. The summersaults are happening more often so she probably has SBD also. I've noticed lately that Slick (male blackmoor) is constantly near her, either swimming side of her or right underneath her, not mating behavior, more like he is concerned, does that make sense? About a month ago I got Medi-gold and jumpstart from goldfishconnection just incase I needed it but have not given her any yet. What do you think I should do to help her? Thanks Mary
  8. Very cute! I have a soft spot for calicos. Your calico oranda is my favorite
  9. What an elegant looking fish! Love the tail!
  10. What a beauty! I agree with peanuts salt the tank and keep water pristine and see if the cloudiness goes away. If not post pics in the disease section and someone with more experience would sure help you.
  11. Your redcap is adorable My kids call the orandas fish with brains.
  12. Erin-- I'm from Queens. but I have family that live in Brooklyn. d golem--- I agree, she does look a little bronzy from the get go. I will take better pics of the new blue oranda. He is bigger than Merideth hopefully he will keep his color. vmlola,tinkerbell thanks for the compliments! Luvmyfred--nice oranda let us know if he does a complete color change would love to see the transformation.
  13. Nice Erin! Wow goldfishrus seem to have really nice fish and his name suits him! I think your blue oranda will stay the color he is. How big is he? Usually when you buy them big they keep their color.
  14. Hi Jen! She had red streaks on her fins but they are mostly gone now. She seems to float when nitrates go above 20ppm so I do 50% waterchanges once a week to keep the nitrates at bay. She has had the popeye for most of this year. I've always soaked all of her food and I bought the 20 gal. long earlier this year and put her and Slick a small blackmoor in it. I could let her live in their by herself if need be I just didn't want her to be lonely. Her poop is normal. Not white or stringy normal color but sometimes long. She eats very well like nothing is wrong with her. With the red streaks and torn looking fins all I did was up the water changes and the fins started healing and most of the red streaks are gone hardly notice it now. I didn't want to add meds if it wasn't necessary. Oreo use to live in the 29 gal. with Oreo and Spot (they are fine to this day). It seems from other peoples posts that popeye seem to lead to dropsy. But her eyes looked like this for months. Just concerned, I don't want to loose her I almost had her for 3 years.
  15. Hi Erin! I see that we both stay up late! Must be us New Yorkers Thanks for the compliments. The new blue oranda we call sweet cheeks for now but still trying to figure out a name for him.
  16. This is Ritz I think he is a Ryukin, What do you think? This is my new blue oranda with no name, had him for a month now He resides in the 29 gal. with spot and peaches and Ritz is in the 30 long with snowflake, Merideth, and Ebony. As soon as the Koi in the 55 goes back to their pond next month everyone will be split up accordingly and have plenty of space.
  17. Well my blue oranda silver is no longer silver she is turning orange. I wanted to show you guys her transformation before she turns completely orange and look like a different fish. Oh Well I still love her. Changed her name to Merideth! This is what she looked like when I first bought her This is what she looks like now
  18. Everyones tanks look great! This is my 55 gal. and 29 gal. sitting on bottom right next to the china cabinet This is the 30 long on top and 20 long on bottom inbetween the kitchen and living room
  19. Hi all! Oreo the fish in my avatar has me a bit concerned. It looks to me that she has popeye. She now resides in the 20 long with slick the blackmoor. Amonia-0 nitrate-10-20 nitite-0 ph-7.4 filtration - emporer 280 and aquaclear mini Here are some pics Any help much appreciated
  20. Oooooo! I so love calicos and yes I just want to squeeze those cheeks!
  21. Nice fish. I'm sure he would grow up to be a beautiful fish no matter what he is.
  22. What a fitting name for your blackmoor! I am so glad to see that your chocolate oranda is doing better. he is sooo cute! I would have rescued him/her to. Please keep us posted on your fishies progress. Hope they all come out of this completely healed.
  23. AWWW! he's adorable! Nice pic.
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