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  1. Hi I have 6 bettas all in seperate one gallon bowls. 2 of them have lived this way for 2 years already. Use silk or live plants as plastic ones will tear their fins. I clean 100% of the water once a week and never had any problems and feed once a day every other day. Your betta should do fine in the 5 gallon tank. The upkeep will be a lot easier if you add a filter.
  2. Hi All, I am a new member looking for advice. I have a 20 gallon high tank with 3 goldfish in it for over 2 months now. A 3 inch comet, a 2 and a half inch calico fantail and a 2 inch orange and white fantail. Not including tail. How long can I keep these fish together before I will have to upgrade? Is the tank overcrowded? They look very healthy and are a lot of fun to watch.
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