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  1. Hey, Great looking Congrats!!
  2. Your fish looks really cute. I'm sure with practice you will become an expert at taking pics of your fishies.
  3. Wow Erin! Sam is a good looking fish. I saw the name of the fish store on another thread and that's where I got my lemonhead oranda (Snowflake) from. I love that place!
  4. I'm very happy for you! Can't wait to see pics!
  5. Just want to know for someone who asked me What fish can he put in his pond with his Koi. Thanks for any help.
  6. Well the Koi went home to their pond on Sunday past. Will go upstate to see them sometime soon to see how they are doing. My big goldies are back in the 55 gal. and loving it. They missed thier home and are so active now. Yepee!
  7. Thanks again Jen and also for your response in the obituary section.
  8. My beloved Oreo is gone. She died this afternoon. May she rest in peace. I read up on euthanizing in the pinned section. Will get some clove oil to keep just in case, it seems like the most humane way to put a fish to sleep. Thanks again for all your help.
  9. Hi Jen, I'm sorry that your girl didn't make it. No, I don't have any clove oil or other meds on hand. If she is still breathing by morning I will go and get the clove oil. Does any supermarket sell it?
  10. First of all I would like to thank JenW and fisharenewtome for all your help. Unfortunately Oreo has taken a turn for the worst. Today when I came home from work I found Oreo on her side in a bent position. She struggles to get upright and listlessly floats through the tank. Her eyes are popped way out of her head and I think she is not going to make it. She is breathing rapidly and she is now near the intake tube of the filter not moving. Watching her go is breaking my heart . I want to take her out of her misery but can't seem to bring myself to do it. She might not make it to morning. HELP!
  11. What a pretty fish! She must be getting busy everyday to be laying eggs that much
  12. Nice calico. Good for you he now has a good home. 2 Gal. Tank!!! That fish was definately meant to be with you.
  13. Lovely fish. Hope he keeps his colors.
  14. OH, I forgot to mention that Oreo's poop is short and solid not white and stringy. So that is a good sign!
  15. fisharenewtome--I cut the feeding down to about four pellets twice a day. She seems to be doing better. She glides through the tank mostly and is not floating and doing summersaults anymore. As far as her topfin is concerned sometimes its all the way up sometimes it is all the way down. All in all she seems to be getting better slowly. Her eyes still look the same. My daughter fell in love with slick and wanted to keep him with her orange and white fantail (Creamsicle). So I put the 20 high in her room and set it up and took the 10 gal. down. I must say the fish look much happier in the 20. LOL The things we do for our children I will keep everyone posted on how Oreo is doing and take pics when there are obvious visible signs of it. Thanks for your help Jen & Jen
  16. I try to leave the filter off no longer than 1 hour as Bak2it said just make sure the media stays wet.
  17. I have the aquaclear 20,50,70, and110. I use two sponges and the biomax on all except the 110. On the 110 I use one sponge some filter floss (I change the filter floss once a week) and the biomax. Hope this helps.
  18. Well I won't salt the tank until you guys say it is ok. I fed her another 6 pellets of medigold tonight. I hope this is OK. I normally fast my fish on Sundays but will only feed Oreo.
  19. I took slick out of the tank and put him in with my daughters fish until Oreo gets better. Will have to up the water changes in that tank but the fish are small and it will only be for a short while. I gave Oreo some medicated food about 6 pellets, she is 5 inches without tail. Is that enough for her? Should I feed her once or twice a day. Also I am out of salt will get some today. Should I salt the tank to .03% or would that be to much for her? Thanks, Mary
  20. I didn't know fish were sedated before being shipped? Doesn't sound like a good thing. Hope chubsey pulls through soon! Keep us posted on his progress.
  21. Thanks Jen! My Kids even notice that there is something wrong with her and she is one of my oldest fish. Unfortunately I don't have a spare tank right now, actually I do--the 20 high but it is storing my fish stuff right now and space is limited. Besides hubby will go nuts if he sees another tank set up, LOL---there are only 4 not including the 7gal. bow I just set up with trops. in our bedroom and my daughters 10 gal. in her room with one goldie and some cories( she use to have the 20 high but it took up to much space so I gave her the 10). I will go to the lps and see if I can get a partition late morning. So only medicated food should be fed?
  22. oh well didn't work. The eye you see in the pic is the same eye that is in all the pics. The other eye is completely black as in my avatar.
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