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  1. Great! Glad that the light and food thing worked out for you and your fishies. That method always worked for me.
  2. It looks like in the picture that the light fixture is taped to the plastic piece. Just take the tape off and you should be able to get to the inside of light fixture.
  3. Your fish are all beautiful Thanks for sharing your lovely darlings with us.
  4. Wow! Erin, he's a real beauty I also like the name Bomba it suits him. I've never seen a redcap as cute as that at my local fish store.
  5. Hi Jen, I do the same as Devs. I feed in the same corner of the tank. As soon as the lid opens they are right there. My two moors Ebony and Slick are in the 29 gal. Only Slick will eat from my hand. Ebony is more cautious hopefully she would come around one day. Don't worry they will catch on soon.
  6. If they are telescope eyes, as they grow they don't see as well as the other fishies. I would drop the food right in front of my blackmoors and they don't see it. After a while they root around the bottom and find the food. Or you can teach them to eat from your hands.
  7. Your welcome Fred Adding more plants to dim the light sounds good. Try doing a daily routine and see how that goes. I would turn on light an leave the room and check on Mr. Whiskers a few minutes later for about a week to see if he improves. What size tank are they in?
  8. I am thinking that George is a goldfish? If so you may have to seperate him from the others. I am so sorry that now 2 of your goldies are missing one eye. Bad George If it is him , he must be a sneaky fishie for you not to catch it the first time. I hope you find the culpret and everything works out for the best.
  9. Hmmm, What type of light do you have? Maybe you should try turning on your lights same time everyday for a couple of hours and increase the time a little each day until they get used to it. Or maybe the lights are to bright. Is it the standard flouresant light that comes with the hood? If so, the light shouldn't be to bright. With a routine they should get use to it. Maybe try turning on lights just before feeding time and they would associate light to Food! LOL. Just a few suggestions. Maybe someone else will come along to give you more. Hope this helps. Mary
  10. Ooooo! I love calicos Your darlings look so cute. Please post more pics when everything is finished.
  11. Nice fish pics. I love your calico Your cats are beautiful!
  12. Wow! They look so tiny in the 20gal. They will grow nice and big in that tank. Nice looking fish and I love their names. I use to watch that cartoon and still do with my son (he's 7). Congrats jen and Jeana on your
  13. Daryl has given you great advice. Daryl, I always slit it through the top ( hence the saging). Thanks for explaining --I will be sliting the catridge through the bottom from now on.
  14. Sorry to read that your fishies are not well There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this board that will give you good advice. I hope your fishies make a full recovery.
  15. Your fish are so beautiful! I also love the long flowing fins on Blackie.
  16. That's one big great looking tank I also like the skirt to hide supplies. Good idea !
  17. I add Prime while refilling the tank. I love the python it is the best! I also agree with Andrea--don't use filtered water like she said Prime will take care of everything.
  18. Newfishmom, Your tank looks great! Love the log in the middle. Your fishies are really cute also especially the calico in front If you don't mind me asking, What size tank is it?
  19. Hi and Do you have any test kits? In order for anyone to help you we really need you to answer as many questions as possible that is posted above. Someone will be along to help as soon as possible. Thanks.
  20. I agree with the others. I would go with two goldies. Bottom dwellers will mean extra care & work. I have 2 blackmoors myself in a 29 gal. (they use to be in the 20 long) Ebony(girl) Slick (boy). They are my favorite next to my calicos. lol
  21. Nice pond pics. Glad you are having great success with your pond all look great. How many gallons does it hold and how deep is it?
  22. Your pond looks absolutely beautiful!
  23. She's a real cutie I love calicos! Tash sounds like a good name. From what I read on here, fish tend to grow faster when they are small and the growth slows down as they become adults. She could hit 2 inches anywhere from 3 months to a year. All depends on the size tanks she's in and water quality and her diet. Just my
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