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  1. Your fish is beautiful! Enjoy him/her.
  2. Hi d golem: I think you are right. I was looking at her and her tail does seem just to be far spread out. Her tail is getting long and pretty but looks different from the others. I will borrow my father-in-laws digi cam and take some top view pics by this weekend.
  3. If the crack in the tank is growing larger you would need to empty it asap before disaster happens. It would break or leak meaning water all over the floor. Is there another tank you could put the fish in?
  4. What a nice looking fish! Calicos are one of my favorites. Love the name Pookie too.
  5. I agree with everyone else that this forum is THE BEST!
  6. Nice looking moor. Good question about the tail. My orange oranda (who use to be a blue oranda and then changed colors) Has the same exact tail. Would also love to know if it is a butterfly tail. How old or big is your pleco? They usually don't bother the goldies when they are small but as they grow the like to suck the slime coat off of the goldies which ends up seriously injuring or killing them. You need to rehouse your pleco asap before it ends up doing some serious damage to your goldies. Do you have anything else you could put the pleco in?
  7. Wow! I hope to keep my fishies as long as you have your comet. My 2 oldest are 3 years old and my orange oranda Peaches would be to big for the 15 gal. Glad to know that you are willing to get back into caring for goldfish. The bubbleeyes and celestial tend to stay on the small side. Or if you can find one-- siamese dolls stay small I think they only grow to 5 inches. But with good care and keeping the water quality good all the ones I metioned will live long in the 15 gal. Personally if it was me and I could afford it, I would get at least a 20 gal. long or 30 gal. long. Then you could get any doubletail goldie and in the 30, 2 can live their entire lives in . Maybe someone else will come along and help and add to what I've said.
  8. The most I ever spent on a fish is $20.00. and I love daryls reply.
  9. & Sorry to hear about your comet. How many years did you have him/her? For a fifteen gallon I would recommend a blackmoor, telescope eyes, bubble eye, celestial, fantail, ranchu, lionhead. If the fish you pic has good genes and grow fast you may need to upgrade in a few years. Hope this helps.
  10. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  11. Hi and welcome back! I remember reading about Dory. Glad she is better. It's good to see her back with Nemo. They look so cute together. Nice tanks BTW. How big is Dory and Nemo?
  12. If allowed, I would take them home and put them in the 29. Make sure they are in good health and then try to find them new homes. If the fish are living in a 1 gal. bowl they won't last to much longer. If you want to keep them----do you have someone that can care for them while you are away at college?
  13. I would just like to add to what Kissy is saying on the salt question. Most cory's can't tolerate salt in the water. I had about ten different species at one time. I salted the tank to treat disease and all died except my green corys. They seem to be the toughest of them all. If I am not mistaken don't guppies need salt in the water?
  14. Hi, I went to the lps today and they gave me Primafix when I specifically asked for Melafix! Anyway I didn't notice until I got home. Primafix says it treats mouth fungus so I used it anyway. Hope it works. Will let you all know how it goes.
  15. OK, If that is the best way to go I will get some Melefix tommorow. Thanks
  16. Hi All, I have 2 spotted raphael fish in 30 gal. long with 3 goldies. The blackmoor has a white spot on its mouth. I would like to treat with salt. Just need to know if the raphael catfish can tolerate salt in the water.
  17. I have 6--- a 55 gal. and 29 gal. goldie tanks in livingroom, 30gal. long and 20 gal. long in dining area also goldies, 10 gal. in daughters room and 7 gal. with betta and a few trops. in my bedroom.
  18. Spot my calico fantail is my oldest fish, I had her for 3 years and she is not the biggest. My orange oranda Peaches is 2 inches longer and wider and I had him for only two years. Spanky I believe is my stunted goldfish. Had him well over a year only grew one inch and every fish I bought after grew a lot bigger than Spanky. I think that he is my stunted goldie but also has the biggest personality. love them all
  19. My calico ryukin Ritz has a pectoral fin (front fin) that is folded in half. Sometimes he is able to unfold it but mainly stays folded. Love him either way.
  20. and Congrats! Please post pics asap, would love to see your new babies.
  21. Wow! Sterling is absolutley stunning! and Kermit looks great too. I calicos. Job well done with all of your fish. Hope they all bring you home ribbons/metals/trophies lol.
  22. Yeah, they it tape together in shipping to protect the light so it doesnot break.
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