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  1. Wow - my first post here for ages... I've got to go with Sandy on this one! Thing is with the medi-food here - it's a chance you've got to take if you want to... I've had nothing but good results with their food so I feel justified in shouting about it. Maybe it's not a miracle cure, or an anti-biotic - but in my own tests (on REAL sick fish) it's worked! Yes, I keep my water pristine and yes, I use other meds where available - but the fish got sick in that same pristine water - so what can you do. Becuase of a load of idiots misusing antibiotics in UK fish farms, they are now banned from general sale, and very expensive to get a vet to prescribe as well - so we have to grab at what we can get. All I'm saying is - be sceptical if you like - but don't knock it until you've tried it!
  2. Sounds really nice! I went to my LFS today for some frozen bloodworm, and ended up spending ?35 on plants and ornaments!
  3. Wow! Those are some fantastic photos. I have a macro mode on my digi-camera which should allow me to get that close, but I've not worked out how to use it properly yet. Best of luck with the babies!
  4. Tiny, my Red Sailfin Pleco is quite the tamest and daftest pleco I've seen! I use treats for the tropicals which stick on to the side of the glass, so the fish will come and eat at the front - giving you a good chance to inspect them. Well, Tiny has now taken a liking to these treats, and is now large enough that his mouth fits around them. He will just stay there until he's eaten the whole thing. I decided to let the other fish come and get some of the treat before Tiny polished it off, so I tapped him on the nose to get him to move. He nuzzled me back - which I thought was cute - So I tapped him again... This continued for a little while - tap...nuzzle...tap...nuzzle. Then, he decided my fingernail looked interesting, and suckered himself to that instead! I'm sure I could have lifted him out of the tank if I wanted to! I know he wasn't attacking me by sucking on, as he lunges quite fiercely at anything which annoys him, so I can only assume this was like a display of affection. Anyone else had similar dealings?
  5. Basically, the more the surface of the water is moved, the more oxygen will find it's way into the water. If you can bear the sound of the waterfall, it will be adding extra oxy. When an airpump pushes bubbles into the tank, it's the rippling at the top of the water that causes oxy levels to increase. And yes - I agree, the more oxygen in the water the better for your fish - so I would (and do) use both filters with a return above the water line and air pumps.
  6. Now I'm back, I'll be sticking around wherever it may go! Don't worry Koko - this'll get sorted!
  7. Can I join in? (If I win, I'll pay the postage to the UK).... #77
  8. My "mummy molly" is really huge again, and it's just over 5 weeks since she last popped - so what I normally do, is a 20% water change for 2 consecutive days (as the clean water seems to trigger the event) and feed them bloodworm as a treat over the 2 days as well. I don't know if it's right, but I think in the wild, they find the cleanest place they can to give birth and so give their fry the best possible chance of survival. Keep us informed.
  9. I order my ProGold from The Fish Sempai in Canada. It takes about 3-4 weeks to arrive, but you get a 2lb bag which for me lasts about a year! I won't advertise the links here, but PM me and I'll let you know the site address and details! I can't find anything CLOSE to that sort of quality food in the UK. Edit: Actually - looking at goldfishconnection, it looks like it'll cost about the same either way! And they do the 2lb bags as well. Not sure if they deliver to the UK though!
  10. She will - eventually, and only when she's ready - give birth. I have a Silver molly who is now on her 4th batch of babies. She give birth to about 50 every 6 weeks (quite regular!)... So they have to be given away to good homes as soon as they are large enough! So don't worry - keep an eye on her, but I would say don't leave her in the breeding trap for too long at a time, as she will get stressed about not having much room to move. Also, you say the male has begun courting again? This is not a problem, he will keep doing that - more or less all the time <_< Best of luck (gran)
  11. Yes, there is a way of feeding a fish. You need a plastic syringe (without a needle) - a baby's medicine syringe is what I have used in the past, and they are normaly available from your local pharmacy. I have found the best thing to feed a fish in this situation is peas, as they form a good mush. So, take a few frozen peas, and boil them for a minute until they soften. Allow them to cool, and then take off the skins. Mash the peas down to a pulp, and draw a few ml up into the syringe. You then need to catch your fish - preferably in a wet hand rather than a net, and gently hold it (not tightly, just make sure it doesn't jump out of your hand as they can wriggle!) If you keep the tail of the fish in the water and just lift the head out, you will find the mouth will open slightly. Place the tip of the syringe into the mouth, and press on the plunger lightly. The idea here is just to give the fish a little food, not much - otherwise it will choke. Then let the fish swim off, and hopefully, it should eat what you've given it! Best of luck with your fish!
  12. Thanks all - the results I have had are really stunning. Emma, the unit I use is a Vecton UV25. Make sure you shop around a little, as they vary massively in price. My LFS sell the unit for ?127. However, I got mine for ?78 online(!!). PM me if you want the address, as I won't do the advertising bit on here!
  13. I've just added a male molly to my 30g community tank, and he's got to be the busiest (not to mention stupidest) fish I've yet owned. He's been trying it on with the adult female mollies all day, but he's now changed his attentions to the kissing gouramis and they keep chasing him round the tank because of it! It's sooo funny to watch, I can see the TV being left off tonight!
  14. Reading a post elsewhere on the board, I notice that some people don't soak the pro-gold sinking pellets when feeding them to the fish. I have been soaking them since I first started feeding it to the goldies, as they eat so much so quickly that I'm worried about anything swelling in their stomachs. So, what is the line with ProGold - should it be soaked or not?
  15. Nice pics! I considered marine when I got my tropical setup, but thought it would be too expensive and time-consuming. I wish we could get the nano-cube on this side of the pond! Good luck with the tank, and keep the piccys rolling in!
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