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  1. I have been keeping my two black moor for the past years. One had one its eye dislodged sometimes ago but is fine now. But the other one, i noticed that it started to bent and or some sort of shrink between its tail and stomach. Both of them likes to stay motionless for hours at the bottom of the tank and only would move when i tapped lightly on the tank. Can anyone tell me is this normal?
  2. Some says that there should be 9 goldies in the tank, 8 gold and 1 black. I wonder if the sucker (black coloured) count as one.....???? <_<
  3. WIth all the fung shui stuff of do's and dont's, it does really gives a bit of headache if space is limited. Anyway, i once experience a true incident whereby i think it involves a bit of fung shui or supertitious on them fishes. It was said that that keeping fishes as pets can ward off bad luck or illness or even certain death. My uncle had kept 5 goldies in his house and one day he was warded for having stroke and the doctor said it was serious. His family thought for the worse but when he pulled through after a few days and was send home, his family was shocked to see the goldies had died the very same day . I would put it to them goldies having been neglected for the past few days ,not being feeded and so on but my niece vowed that she had not neglected the goldies. One year later, the same thing happened, my uncle had another stroke and the process repeated. My unckle recovered , went home and discover the repleced goldies died again. Two same occurence.....??? It may seem strange and unbelieveable but it was said that the fishes had taken the brunt of the bad luck or illness off it owners. But sad to say that the third time my uncle was admitted, there was not to be a repeat of same and my uncle died. I guess the suffering was just too great for him. Some of you may not believe it but anyway this is just for your info only as there might be logical explaination on the happenings which i may have not noticed.
  4. Hi everyone....! It's been a few months since i lock on to this site again. Just wondering whether any of you thought of placing an aquarium anywhere in your homes would affect your luck . Some says it indirectly affect your mood or the good flow of air in your homes. I'm no that suspicious but has anyone thought it before.....out of curiorsity...?
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