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  1. Hi everyone. I used to come on here all the time. I learned almost everything I could know and so I stopped for awhile. But I really need all of your expertise again, because I'm really worried.

    *First my Params are all NORMAL Have been for months.

    *My tank is a 60 gallon with five small to medium sized fish and has been running for 3 months since the move to my new place.

    * Two Fluval 4's

    *Water change every Sunday 35 to 50 % depending on what's necessary

    *Additives include BioSpira when water change, prime and salt on case by case basis.

    *I feed my fish green peas Pro Gold, spirulina, shrimp pellets, basically anything you can get from Rick on his site.

    NOW the problem, My one year old one-eyed Ryukin Blinky. I adopted him last year from the pet store when he was just a wee guy. Over the last 2 months I have noticed that he spends ALOT of time near the top. Slurping Bubbles that come out of the airstone. Now I know all of you think not enough oxygen or high nitrates, but please remember that all my levels are normal, and all the other fish are perfectly fine. I just started to think that with his impaired sight that this was just preferable for him, BUT I stared noticing a strange shape in his belly a few weeks ago, almost squared on one side. Again I kept an eye on it but nothing. Until 4 days ago after a feeding, he flipped over, and has not even for a minute despite desperate attempts that make me want to cry, flipped back over. I've tried peas & spirulina. Anything green to make his tummy relax, thinking maybe it was just swim bladder. But it hasn't worked. I'm getting desperate watching him float back and forth, without his eye on one side when he stops thrashing he just bumps into the sides over and over again. I can't take watching it any more. This spot, I felt it tonight, and it's really soft. Like it's just a giant air pocket. The rest of his tummy is perfectly normal though. I don't know what to do. I love Blinky to death, and I 've raised him since he was basically fry. I need some help. I thank you for anything you can do for me.

  2. Hello, I'm so sorry that you have experianced this loss. But if you'd like to see a silver lining I have one for you. All of the Goldfish Connection's food is now available for shipment through a friend of his. The website link is right on the homepage of goldfishconnection.com ! Head over there, and pick up what you need for future use, or at least bookmark it so that it is there when you need it! Again, I'm so sorry about your dear Wasabi, but I hope that this news is a little pick me up for you as well. Good luck. :heart

  3. For you faithful friends fans, unagi also means "total awareness of your surroundings" :D


    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Someone who understands that joke! No one ever gets that when we all go out to Sushi! " Ahhhhhh...Salmon Skin Roll! " :rofl

  4. Hi! Is there any way you can post some pics that show what you are seeing? It's really never good to treat something if your not sure what it is...that's like giving antibiotics to a healthy person....it can end up making them sick! :o Check out the pics on breeding on this website and let us know if they're similar looking and then maybe we can go from there! Goog Luck, and post back! :heart

  5. Just looked it up, and although I'm sure there is nothing really "wrong" with it, I would say that definatley ProGold is still prolly at the top, IMHO! Of course you have to make that call, and Progold is more expensive, but it does last a long time, and the benefits are enormous! Hope my ramblings help! LOL! Goodluck. :heart

  6. I have never heard of it before...but I can tell you that from my experiance, I have heard that nothing touches ProGold in quality and in health benifits for your goldfish. It's a daily diet so it has all those nutrients your growing goldfish needs. I'll do some research on the other and postback on what I find out... :)

  7. Ahhhh yes Duckweed! I bought a ton of it, and as Rancugirl stated, they thought it was their own private salad buffet! LOL! :rofl I plan on getting some more of it and giving it another go, but if nothing else it's a cheap and healthy treat for them, so I won't put them in time out! :lol:

  8. So glad to see that you got some answers from Devs...Didn't know you had a section in Disease forum! Everything better now, or at least as much as could be expected?

    P.S. I use Maracyn when my fish was suffering from fin rot...works miracles. Don't know if you tried already but I thought I'd mention it. Good Luck :heart

  9. Hello, I think the reason you seem to be getting quite a lot of questions rather than answers is not because it's an issue, but because no one is able to supply you with answers unless all the holes are filled. :) One symptom could be the product of 12 different things. So water parameters, size of tank, filter, food, etc, are all equally important when trying to treat a fish. Treat it for the wrong thing, not only have you added undue stress to an already compounded problem, but you have just let a medicine run it's course while the real issue is still needing to be fixed.

    I think you should re post in the Disease/Diagnosis forum, and post answers to all of the questions that will be listed above...otherwise our guess is as good as yours and that's no help to you or your little buddy. :crp

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