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  1. I use it, though I haven't noticed any effect on nitrates but that's because I have one fish in a 75 right now. The reason I started using it is that I heard it MIGHT help with brown algae. And actually, it seems like it does a little! Not completely, but enough to notice. I think it's absorbing all the other stuff brown algae likes.
  2. Lindsey is probably the one who should be proud... I haven't really done any mama-ing yet. I do love the Koko's babies. Half of my fish are from Koko's members! Thanks Fang! Thank you very much! Hi Nancy! Glad to see you pokin' your head back in here. Come visit my fishies sometime. I'm happy too! Thanks for the kind words!
  3. You can heat up the acrylic with like a heat gun or something similar and bend it, if you want that, but be prepared for it to look a little funny. It's hard to do well.
  4. That's a very pretty new fish you have there! Definitely keep us posted with more pictures.
  5. Thank you! I am interested to see how much yellow shows up long term in this fish. I like yellow as well as white, so whatever happens will be awesome. Thanks! I am quite pleased with my cheesy naming scheme. I know; I was pretty excited by those beautiful eyes. They're quite expressive, in a goldfish kind of way. Thanks Koko! You can visit anytime. Thank you! And yes, Lindsey did a great job raising her babies.
  6. Thank you! This fishy even behaves sweetly. At least so far. Very fun to watch. Thanks! Aw thanks. I agree! Seems like a pretty name for a pretty fish! I am happy I got this one too. Works out well all around. Thanks for the kind words. One of the reasons I like this color is its stability. It's so interesting how some colors are reliable while others completely aren't.
  7. Thanks! This color was on my list of fish to have, too. Thank you! Thanks! I am glad you like the name. Thanks. I them also. You know, I think that way also. I haven't really investigated yet but I find myself assuming female as well. Thank you very much!
  8. Very pretty! Can't wait to see how it comes along. That looks like a really tall 55. What are the dimensions on it?
  9. I got my baby today! Anyone interested can look at more pictures here. Thanks so much, Lindsey!
  10. I got a my goldfish from Koko's member Lindsey123 today in what is probably that Olive Garden's only parking lot live-fish deal. Thanks, Lindsey! This one is a happy and adorable fishy and it's great to know something about the background, too. Here are some pictures! The two new kids are buddies. I am thinking maybe Macadamia for this one, on account of the color. Edit to add: as far as I know, there are more babies still looking for homes. Here is more info.
  11. Neat. Definitely need pics of the rock in the tank.
  12. kortniee


    Meep. At least it wasn't frozen bloodworms or something...
  13. My first pair of goldfish were named Arthur and Ford. When Ford died, I got another goldfish named Molly and I had four snails named Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. My current two fish are Peanut and Filbert. I had, but recently lost, a fish named (al)Mo(nd). My bettas are the only fish I have not named with other fish/snails. My betta of years ago was named Fishfish, and my current betta is Roland Deschain, gunslinger of the line of Eld.
  14. I think I could make a home for one of them. Not that that is a significant chunk of 22, but it's something? PM me and we can figure out a fish exchange.
  15. I bought the pump part of a marina aquavac specifically because that fitting is metal on this particular brand. http://www.amazon.com/Marina-Suction-Pump-AquaVac/dp/B0017JBXSG Not sure if you would want to go that far or if you could even get that there, but that's an option. Another option is to take your pieces to a hardware store and try to explain your situation. There will likely be some plumbing dude who could give you a cheaper solution. I don't know the answer to the actual question you're asking.
  16. Oooooo a Real blue. great catch.
  17. The petco sales are something of a mystery, unfortunately. They're a surprise until they are happening. Sometimes you can get a couple of days notice by being in a petco and noticing lots of tanks, but that's about it.
  18. Thanks! I agree! And I'm super excited to be able to actually ADD a new one after so long with a small tank! Thank you! It's a fine thing to have on a wish list! Best of luck finding one for yourself! Thanks! I hope to keep this one for long enough to have a fish that is both mega AND pretty. Thank you very much!
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