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  1. Mine are also albinos. I will post pictures of them for sure; but I just wanted to document their industrious work in this particular thread. They are fascinating. And good hiders! The trails they make nommin' through the algae are hilarious as well. Nerites are nice for sure, also, but I don't think they have quite the productive digestive system these guys do so I don't think they have the capacity. But snails are appealing in their own right. I've loved the ones I've had. I need to take pictures of all of my fish actually! I plan to have a big fishy photoshoot when I put my QT kids in the big tank next week. I have a couple from right when I got them, but I need to take new ones. I will post some soon, I promise! I've heard pretty good things about screwcumbers. I will definitely consider them. So far things have worked out alright without; I have a veggie clip.
  2. I think they top out in the 5-6" range. The small size is one of their selling points I think. Mine have eaten everything I've tried with them so far. Repashy is popular, but they seem to just like to eat. Kinda like goldfish. I was quite impressed also. These guys are still tiny! I know, right?!? This way is definitely easier than scrubbing it myself, that's for sure. I gotta say, the filters in that tank do a good job with picking up poo, but I've had both the bristlenoses and goldfish in tanks that don't, and I think the plecos poo WAAAAAAAY more. So yeah, definitely light on the stocking is the way to go! I shall congratulate the babies on their hard work from you.
  3. Oooooo pretty. More pics after barbs, please!
  4. They are beauties. I showed Filbert and now he's feeling a little unsure of himself.
  5. About a month and a half ago I got a pair of baby bristlenose plecostomuses (actually I think the proper plural is plecostomoose) from Acro. They were tiny tiny at first so I kept them in their own tank for a little while to grow out a little bit before I put them in the main tank. They grew fast, and so did the algae in the main tank that I was letting go just for them. I moved them over to the big time last friday (just one week ago) and here are some super impressive before and after shots! Left side before: After: Right side before: After: Full tank before: After: As you can see, I had a LOT of algae built up for these little guys, and they've eaten through very nearly all of it in the course of a week! I'm actually thinking about upping my photoperiod to grow MORE algae for them. I definitely can and will feed them other things, too, but I am just so impressed by their algae consuming abilities. The little guys are only like 2 inches long right now! (The reason there are a few algae-free things in the before pictures is I was just rotating plants between tanks for them to snack on while they were in their separate grow-out digs.)
  6. How brown are you supposed to let it get until you either change it or re-charge it? I mean like tan? or actually brown? The Seachem website says "As it adsorbs waste products, Purigen® will change color from a pale blonde to a dark brown, almost black." So I guess I am waiting for it to turn dark brown, almost black.
  7. I think mine in my 75 is maybe 1/3 to 1/2 brown after a month? Just reporting in.
  8. Yep. My fish always knew where their towels were.
  9. I second the suggestion of the aquaclear and possibly also a canister. If you added an aquaclear to whatever HOB you have now so that the total gallons per hour turnover is 550 or more, I think you'd be doing very well indeed. I would probably discontinue use of the internal filter, to give your fish as much room as possible. Definitely yes on the thermometer as well, as they are inexpensive and provide important information.
  10. I got a thermapen because of Alton Brown! I use it for water change water. (And cooking, with much washing.) For just general monitoring I use the probey kind you stick one end of the wire into the tank with. I figure that will tell me if my tank is suddenly freezing or boiling.
  11. I will put in a plug for the bristlebabies. Mine are algae-eating fiends! And they're cute too.
  12. I shall have to investigate the bank balances when I get home.
  13. Is it a light built into a hood, or a separate light strip? Do you know what the brand is? I don't think I can help you fix it, sadly, but I am curious what you have. I have a light with this problem and I haven't been able to fix it except to bang on it sometimes when it goes all flickery.
  14. I'll definitely be in line for stuff rooted to natural things like rocks and wood.
  15. Great pick, Koko! I'm glad to hear Charlie is happy too.
  16. Awwww. Your bristlenoses looks just like my bristlenoses!
  17. Aqadvisor is a really neat site and I'm really glad it's around, but like any kind of stocking rules, it is a guideline. There are people who believe that common goldfish should be kept in ponds, not tanks, because of their ability to grow so much. I think Aqadvisor is just siding with those people. I am glad it's conservative, actually, because in general I think many people new to the hobby would enjoy their experience much more if they are understocked rather than overstocked. What kind of variety are you looking for? Different kinds of goldfish? Different kinds of fish? We'd be happy to help you with your stocking if you want.
  18. Looking awesome! More pics please as your plants take off. I was just thinking about Suckie Fishie as I was moving my BNs last night. (Mine are super speedy babies and nearly impossible to catch so I was wishing they were bigger.) Suckie Fishie is so handsome. Glad to see a picture update!
  19. If you need instructions for mixing it up, here is a recent thread on the subject that should tell you what you need to know.
  20. Can you get potassium permanganate there? If you can, I'd say that's the best way to go for the plants. You can also use it for the tank and other items as well. If you let us know whether you have access to that (I am not sure) then we can offer more advice from there.
  21. Thank you! I am sure I will post lots of pictures so you can keep up to date! 16 is better than 22... I think that was the original count, right? I love the color also! I am exciting to see how it develops over time!
  22. I have it too. Just a show of filmy solidarity.
  23. The smallest size purigen comes in its own sealed fine mesh bag. I HIGHLY recommend this, as purigen is very very fine; the built in bag is awesome for containing it. This size is the one that says it's good for up to 100 gallons also, so it should be fine for most people. I put it in the top layer of my canister with my biomax. This is mostly for ease of brownness-checking.
  24. I haven't been using it long enough to have to find out yet. I'll report back.
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