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  1. I am not sure how many gallons per hour your filter can handle, as I can't find one rated for 10-30 gallons. I found some whispers rated 10-20 (110 gph) and 20-30 (160 gph).

    You can't really filter too much unless you have young or weak fish or go really, really overboard.

    So what I would recommend is adding an Aquaclear 50 to your setup. It does 200 gallons per hour and should get you up to your 300 target when added to your existing filter. The two things that recommend the aquaclear here are that the media is very flexible, and also you can turn down the flow, just in case your fish are stressed out by it. Two filters is also a good idea just in case one of them fails. Then you are not left completely without a filter.

    These can be had very affordably on Amazon.com, if you can buy things online.

  2. Generally, you want your filter or filters to turn over the water in your tank 10 times per hour. So the filters you need depend on the size of your tank. How big is yours?

    Also, I am going to move this to tanks and equipment as I think it would fit better there.

  3. Okay... so. After falling out of doing this for a long time, I have developed a new growth tracking plan! This is necessitated by the fact that I now have three fish and cannot do the worms on the side of the tank thing anymore.

    I rigged up a grid on the outside of a 2.5 gallon I had laying around. Here are some shots! (My fishes were not too happy with this process; much of this might've had to do with them being in a bucket for a few hours prior, because I was putting substrate in their tank. We shall see how this goes next time.)

    I also weighed the little guys while I was at it. And the big guy. :)

    Peanut: 35 grams, 3.25 inches.



    Filbert: 11 grams, 2 inches.



    Macadamia: 8 grams, 1.5 inches.



  4. I had this for a brief period of time, and the excel did work, at least better than nothing. What I did is put the dose for the whole tank in a syringe and then shoot that directly at the algae. You have to do it daily to make a difference. But it did kill the algae off a noticeable amount.

    That said, I just had to get rid of those plants in the end. They did not do too well getting covered in algae regularly. :(

  5. If you're going to make your own divider, positioning it diagonally like that might well make it even easier, as it's kind of wedged in there and can't move much to one side or the other. When I made dividers for gerbil habitats, the only position for the divider that they couldn't move out of the way was the diagonal one.

  6. I love your tank and your babies are so adorable! Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you! I am happy to share. :)

    Gorgeous tank and beautiful fish! How old is Peanut?

    Thanks! I have had Peanut for about a year and a half and he was tiny when I got him so he's probably not much older than that.

    Love the plantings. ANyway you can tell me what the bases are and where I can get them? I would love to put some live plants in my tank and that is one of the best ways I have seen. PWEEZE?

    The planters are from ripariumsupply.com :)

  7. Awww they are so adorable!!! :)

    Thank you! I agree. :)

    I love the little nose twitching while he was nibbling on the floor :heart

    Their little pleco-y movements are neat, and so different from the goldfish!

    Very nice pictures.

    Thank you, Hidr!

    I love these guys :) they are adorable :) what size is your new tank by the way it looks Fabulous!!!

    Thanks, Shell! :D the tank is a 75 gallon.

    Hey, where do you guys get these little glass containers for the plants? :)

    You get them here:


    Awesome, thanks!

    Yep, thanks Acro! :)

  8. I have exactly the same albino BN as you but mines has a little whiskers which he is a male.

    Feed it often with algae wafers, mine almost hasn't grown at all for 8 months so feed them!

    Mine have grown quite a bit since I've had them! But they ate a whole tank full of algae last week. I do feel algae wafers and veggies and occasionally they wander onto a goldfish pellet but they LOVE repashy. :D

    They are so cute! Your tank is gorgeous! :). And your plants look great.

    Thanks, Lisa! I love watching this tank.

    Hey, I know those babies!

    Thanks for posting this! Always love to see them in their new homes!

    Very Happy!


    I just like seeing the critters and plants I send out in doing well.

    Its always nice to see something you've worked on thrive.

    You're welcome! I will undoubtedly post more in the future. Figured you'd like seeing them grow up a bit.

    nice video I love plecos

    Thanks! I am quite fond of these little guys.

  9. How many do you have, Courtney. BNs are my favorite fish after goldies!

    I so love your tank!

    I have two--just the two in the video. They are hard to tell apart. :) Thanks for the tank compliment!

    Baby plecos are so adorable! :heart I just love watching them scoot around the tank.

    Also, are those Riparium supply's planters? If so how do you like them?

    They are really fun to watch! And yes, they are the planters from Riparium Supply. I like them a lot, for what they are. I am actually going to put substrate in my tank, though, because I want big plants and these just don't allow enough root room for that. That's not their fault; that's part of the benefits they advertise (keeping plants down to size). They are awesome for barebottom tanks with small to medium plants, though, for sure.

  10. I had some requests to make a thread with pictures of my bristlenose plecos, and not just pictures of their excellent cleanup skills. Here are a few I've managed to get over the last few days!







    And here is a short video. It gets a little boring at the end there when they both go into hiding and I can find neither of them with the camera. :)

  11. They look gorgeous together :)

    Thank you! I am really loving this combination.

    They all look really cute together . Peanut makes them look so little ! Great tank to relax to me thinks :)

    It's a great tank! I kind of want to call in sick to work and just stay home and watch them...

    Yay! I'm glad QT was uneventful and everyone is together. I can't believe how amazing Peanut looks and I can't wait to see how the new guys blossom in your care. Good luck. :)

    I have lucked out with QT for sure. I can't wait to see the newbies grow up either!

    They are all gorgeous!! Especially Mr. Peanuts tail :heart :heart

    So happy Peanut finally has some friends!!!

    I am happy about this also! He really seems to enjoy the company. And I agree, his tail is awesome.

    So happy to see them all in the big tank together ;) which looks great!!!

    I love your 2 newby's they are both adorable :) and Of coarse so is Peanut!!!one of my all time favorite teles here on koko's :) what are the types of your new guys??

    Filbert is a calico ryukin, and Macadamia is an oranda! They're babies yet though so they haven't really grown their respective distinguishing features. Another thing to look forward to!

    They look great together! I just love Peanut.

    Thank you Molly! I love Peanut too. The new kids are not far behind though. :D

    Wow! Peanut is just gorgeous :heart I can't wait to see how the others will grow in your care :) they are cute little ones. And the tank looks awesome too!

    Thanks for the compliments. I will be sure to post lots of pictures to document how they mature, for sure. :)

  12. The noobs are very cute, but it's hard to take my eyes off Peanut. He's so handsome. :heart

    Aw thanks. Peanut is my lovely big boy. :heart

    They all look great together in the main tank. And I love your tank. Those planters are awesome. I really need to get some . . . I keep saying that. All talk, no action.

    Thanks for the video! :D

    The planters are neat! Though I think I'm going to get some substrate and go serious planted. I just want too many plants to put them in planters, I think.

    Aw. They are all so cute. I am so impressed with Peanut. What amazing colors and fins! :D

    Thank you! Peanut has definitely grown up from his tiny Petsmart tele babyhood.

    Oh my gosh, I just love your Peanut. That one white eye and the white fins are just too much. :wub: And the new little guys are adorable. :D

    They all look great together in the main tank. And I love your tank. Those planters are awesome. I really need to get some . . . I keep saying that. All talk, no action.

    Me too, every time I see this tank I think, "Gosh those planters look great; I should really look into those." lol.

    Thanks! I do recommend the planters. :) They work really well!

    Peanut is so gorgeous, he makes the new guys look so itty bitty! I love the mix you have going. :)

    He does make them look tiny. But he started out even smaller than that, so hopefully they will be similarly sized in not too long!

    WOW! Gorgeous, Courtney!

    Thanks Mandie! Glad to hear I did okay in your absence. ;)

    wow l like peanut , and the others too

    i'll gladly take them off your hands :lol

    NOPE. Mine! :D I will allow you to look at pictures, though.

    They all look great!!! Peanut looks huge! c:

    Thank you! Peanut is definitely on the large end of the goldfish spectrum. It's been awesome to see him grow!

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