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  1. Neat! Do you like the Eco Complete? 100lbs of it just landed on my doorstep this morning... How did you find the experience of putting it into the tank?
  2. Thank you! I am happy to share. Thanks! I have had Peanut for about a year and a half and he was tiny when I got him so he's probably not much older than that. The planters are from ripariumsupply.com
  3. Thank you! I agree. Their little pleco-y movements are neat, and so different from the goldfish! Thank you, Hidr! Thanks, Shell! the tank is a 75 gallon. You get them here: http://ripariumsuppl...y=tank-planters Awesome, thanks! Yep, thanks Acro!
  4. Mine have grown quite a bit since I've had them! But they ate a whole tank full of algae last week. I do feel algae wafers and veggies and occasionally they wander onto a goldfish pellet but they LOVE repashy. Thanks, Lisa! I love watching this tank. You're welcome! I will undoubtedly post more in the future. Figured you'd like seeing them grow up a bit. Thanks! I am quite fond of these little guys.
  5. I have two--just the two in the video. They are hard to tell apart. Thanks for the tank compliment! They are really fun to watch! And yes, they are the planters from Riparium Supply. I like them a lot, for what they are. I am actually going to put substrate in my tank, though, because I want big plants and these just don't allow enough root room for that. That's not their fault; that's part of the benefits they advertise (keeping plants down to size). They are awesome for barebottom tanks with small to medium plants, though, for sure.
  6. I had some requests to make a thread with pictures of my bristlenose plecos, and not just pictures of their excellent cleanup skills. Here are a few I've managed to get over the last few days! And here is a short video. It gets a little boring at the end there when they both go into hiding and I can find neither of them with the camera.
  7. Pretty fish, and great shots. I like pandas, but I already have an all white fish so I wouldn't want to chance it. I like variety. So I will ogle yours instead, is basically what I was getting at.
  8. Thank you! I am really loving this combination. It's a great tank! I kind of want to call in sick to work and just stay home and watch them... I have lucked out with QT for sure. I can't wait to see the newbies grow up either! I am happy about this also! He really seems to enjoy the company. And I agree, his tail is awesome. Filbert is a calico ryukin, and Macadamia is an oranda! They're babies yet though so they haven't really grown their respective distinguishing features. Another thing to look forward to! Thank you Molly! I love Peanut too. The new kids are not far behind though. Thanks for the compliments. I will be sure to post lots of pictures to document how they mature, for sure.
  9. Aw thanks. Peanut is my lovely big boy. The planters are neat! Though I think I'm going to get some substrate and go serious planted. I just want too many plants to put them in planters, I think. Thank you! Peanut has definitely grown up from his tiny Petsmart tele babyhood. Me too, every time I see this tank I think, "Gosh those planters look great; I should really look into those." lol. Thanks! I do recommend the planters. They work really well! He does make them look tiny. But he started out even smaller than that, so hopefully they will be similarly sized in not too long! Thanks Mandie! Glad to hear I did okay in your absence. NOPE. Mine! I will allow you to look at pictures, though. Thank you! Peanut is definitely on the large end of the goldfish spectrum. It's been awesome to see him grow!
  10. Great shots! That was probably a fair trade for a cat, I think.
  11. Don't mind all the bubbles. That just happens after I change water.
  12. Here is a short film regarding my three goldfish. I just added Filbert and Macadamia to the main tank with Peanut after an uneventful QT. Macadamia is a little shy and is also freaked out by this giant I have plopped her in with. Filbert has no such reservations. Everyone is hungry.
  13. Hm. What would the shipping be like for those guys? I don't think they'd fit in the regular priority mail box?
  14. The power strip/timer that I use is pretty much exactly the same as the coralife one, but it's regular, so it says not to use it for aquariums. I think that's just there for liability purposes. I like to position mine off the floor with drip loops and whatnot. I feel like this is a reasonable arrangement.
  15. I am glad you got it to work for you! Good luck with the customer service and let me know what happens... It's possible mine might get ideas at some point!
  16. I have one and water does drip from about this area... usually just a very small amount. It doesn't come from where it attaches to the faucet, but from the connection right below that. I have never had it spray all over the place for an extended period of time, though. Once or twice it's squirted humorously at me when I switch it from allowing the water to exit the bottom to closing it up and forcing the water through the hose, but this is just a short burst and I've learned to put a towel between me and it. Is enough water to function coming out of the hose? If it is, just the once, I would put a hand towel you don't mind getting sopping wet over the whole thing to prevent the water from flying everywhere and finish up what you're doing so you can get going. I am not sure about long-term solutions as I haven't had this happen, but you might contact the company.
  17. Thanks! I my plants too. I want more! I, too, am amazed and impressed! I have a lot of fun with the world plecostomus. It's a fun word! Thanks for sending them to me! They are such neat little guys.
  18. Another option is the Marina aquavac. This is what I have. I actually bought just the sink attachment parts on Amazon and then got my own hose at the hardware store. This ended up being MUCH cheaper than any of the other options. The thing I like about the Marina one is that the part that attaches to the sink is metal, so it is unlikely to wear out like the plastic ones do.
  19. You might also try setting it out in a bucket or buckets for a while... sometimes my tap water comes out really bubbly and if the bubbles are small enough it looks more like it's cloudy than anything.
  20. Shawn, part of the reason for that may be that Fluval is a European company, and as such all of their tanks start out measured in liters. I wondered this about my smaller Fluval tanks as well. 77.7 gallons still works out to a fairly specific number of liters, though, so that won't explain your tank completely. But my Flora is 7.9 gallons... Or 30 liters.
  21. I am even worse with betta doctoring than goldfish doctoring but I wanted to send my get well wishes to your betta. I hope she turns around for you!
  22. If anyone out there has an algae problem, the bristlenoses will definitely take care of it for you. Here are some awesome before and after shots.
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