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  1. Looks good! I like all the plants. Your fish are lovely too! dog is not amused.
  2. When I had a HOB I cleaned it every water change. Since I did do it so often, most of the parts just needed a swishing. I would clean more intensely as needed. Now I have two canisters, and I clean one of them every other water change. Since my water changes are about a week apart, each one gets cleaned about every four weeks.
  3. My tap water does something very like that. I use a buffer to keep the pH from falling after a water change. A popular one around here is Seachem Gold Buffer, but there are many products out there. I'm not sure what all is available to you.
  4. Oooo. Looks nice! I think the mixing worked very well!
  5. Looks good! You definitely do have a lot of stuff on your rocks! What's next for this tank for you?
  6. Thanks for all the info! I think I will go look at the black today because I called around and no one here has red and on-line I only found it in 25lb bags which is way too much for me. I am tempted to mix my earth tone natural gravel with it if it at all has the lighter pieces like you described. If I rinse well ahead and add in 5lbs and mix it with my gravel I probably won't even have to take my fishies out. At least I didn't when I added the gravel, I just did it a little at a time and mostly they kept chasing it thinking it was food. Here is a picture of my substrate that I think is pretty indicative of all the bags I received. It is a natural product though so I imagine these things vary.
  7. I don't mind the substrate tangent. Here is what I did to install it: I turned off the filters and the heater. Then I removed all the plants and put these in a large storage container full of water. I removed my goldfish and put them into a 5 gallon bucket. I put my two baby plecos into a two gallon bucket so they wouldn't be harassed or stressed by the larger goldfish. At this point, my 75 was missing maybe 20 gallons of water used for the above containers, but I left the rest of the water in. I then raised my canister intakes, and dumped the bags of substrate directly into the tank, generally flattening the substrate out with my hands to stir up dust and bubbles. Then I drained the rest of the water from the tank, down to as low as I could with my submersible pump. The pump has a large sponge prefilter that helped it to not suck up my substrate. In this way, I managed to lightly rinse the substrate without having to actually rinse it. I then planted my plants and filled the tank back up using a cup for the end of the hose so the substrate wasn't too disturbed. After the tank was full I added back in my fish from smallest to largest, mostly just to give the plecos time to find a place to hang out before I added the goldfish. The tank was mostly unclouded after about an hour and completely unclouded by the next morning. I do still really like it. It doesn't seem to show much of anything in the way of waste. The piggies clean up the food pretty quickly. It does have a few tan to rose pieces in it, but from your discussion with Shawn this might be irrelevant now. I wanted a dark substrate but I have heard good things about the Eco Complete red also. I hope that answered all your questions. Thank you, Amazing Dan! I am thinking my crypts will be happier now that they can spread out. They were by far the most root-bound in their containers. I will keep you posted for sure. Thanks! I am planning on taking a picture of the tank each week to track the progress. I am excited to see what, if anything, happens with the plants.
  8. I would never order you to do anything with your barebottom! I fully support you in whatever decision you make. I took a full tank shot Thursday night and I'm planning to take another one every Thursday for a while, per your request. I don't have very fast-growing plants. Thank you very much! I am really excited to see the plants do well. I hope they do! Thank you! I love this tank; it's so relaxing to look at. Thanks Helen! I like it both ways too but fiddling around is fun and I bet my plants will like it better this way.
  9. An epoxy might not be a bad idea. Super glue might hold the rocks but it does break down over time in the water, so it wouldn't hold your rocks for very long. Or you could import Mr. B. He's a great rock stacker.
  10. Nice choice! Peanut would love to hang out with such a lovely lady.
  11. I would just turn it off, dump out the water, take the intake tube out, take out the plastic plate over the impeller, and remove the motor from the bottom, and the impeller from it. Make sure you don't find anything that shouldn't be there, then put it all back together carefully. I find this will solve most problems. Make sure when you turn it on that the intake tube is fully over the plate on top of the impeller (the little lever is all the way toward the + side). You can turn it down afterward, but this will help get your flow going properly.
  12. Can you elaborate a little on the sound and where you think it's coming from? What do you mean you didn't set it properly?
  13. To build on what Shawn said, you can actually damage a glass tank of this build type by "supporting" the bottom. What does the bottom of the tank look like?
  14. Thanks! The crypts on the right in front of the rock are wendtii, I think, and the ones in the middle-left are undulata. There are tall ones in the back right that are spiralis, I think. Remembering these things is not my strongest talent. They all came from Planted Aquariums Central. It's a lot bigger than sand. Not gravel-big, but definitely not sand-small. It's a volcanic rock, I think, which makes it hold on to nutrients better than other substrates. Other than that, its benefits are basically color and size. Thank you! I am really excited to see if the plants can stretch out a little now! Thanks! I am glad it turned out as well as it did. ME NEITHER. I am so excited!
  15. Thanks! The plecostomoose love you too! I definitely like the barebottom for cleaning purposes! But I also like plants. It was a dilemma, for sure. Thanks! I love how the plants look. Definitely recommend it. (And since my problem with land plants is that I always forget to water them... this works out great!) It seems like a pretty good substrate so far. I did have to buy a LOT of it for this tank, and it's not cheap, though.
  16. Thanks! I will admit that looking at your substrate helped brave me up for putting in mine! Thank you! Everyone does seem happy, which is a relief. Thanks! The back right plant is some stems of hygrophila corymbosa, I think. Definitely hygro something! It's about an inch deep in the front and 2 and change inches deep in the back. Thank you, Fang! The plecos do seem pretty okay with life, though I bet they will feel happier after the lights go out tonight. It's definitely a big change! If you do decide to do so, post some pictures!
  17. I put substrate into my 75 gallon tank today! This is kind of a big deal for me, as I've never had a goldfish tank that wasn't barebottom before. But, I decided I really wanted big plants, and to get big plants, I needed room for their roots to grow. So... substrate! I chose Eco Complete, for the color and the size. Here is a before shot! And here is a picture of the immediate after. Some more pictures after some more of the dust and bubbles had cleared. One of my plecos has decided to dig himself a little fort right here. There are better places to hide, but I think the plecos will find them at night and are more or less hunkering down at the moment. This is where the other guy is hiding out:
  18. I am not sure how many gallons per hour your filter can handle, as I can't find one rated for 10-30 gallons. I found some whispers rated 10-20 (110 gph) and 20-30 (160 gph). You can't really filter too much unless you have young or weak fish or go really, really overboard. So what I would recommend is adding an Aquaclear 50 to your setup. It does 200 gallons per hour and should get you up to your 300 target when added to your existing filter. The two things that recommend the aquaclear here are that the media is very flexible, and also you can turn down the flow, just in case your fish are stressed out by it. Two filters is also a good idea just in case one of them fails. Then you are not left completely without a filter. These can be had very affordably on Amazon.com, if you can buy things online.
  19. Generally, you want your filter or filters to turn over the water in your tank 10 times per hour. So the filters you need depend on the size of your tank. How big is yours? Also, I am going to move this to tanks and equipment as I think it would fit better there.
  20. I have some data if you want it! Peanut the telescope is 35 grams and 3.25 inches long. Filbert the ryukin/fantail is 11 grams and 2 inches long. Macadamia the baby oranda is 8 grams and 1.5 inches long. Here are some pictures if you want them!
  21. My big fish Peanut definitely moves slower than my smaller fish, but he's still all over the tank all day. But then he's not quite huge, just generously medium.
  22. Awesome new additions! They are all so interesting to look at.
  23. I had this for a brief period of time, and the excel did work, at least better than nothing. What I did is put the dose for the whole tank in a syringe and then shoot that directly at the algae. You have to do it daily to make a difference. But it did kill the algae off a noticeable amount. That said, I just had to get rid of those plants in the end. They did not do too well getting covered in algae regularly.
  24. If you're going to make your own divider, positioning it diagonally like that might well make it even easier, as it's kind of wedged in there and can't move much to one side or the other. When I made dividers for gerbil habitats, the only position for the divider that they couldn't move out of the way was the diagonal one.
  25. I have two and I really like them. The only complaint I have so far is that they plug into the outlet with a giant transformer so it's very hard to fit them, particularly if you have more than one, onto your power strip.
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