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  1. Very lovely lighting. Thanks for the pics. Do you have it mounted on the top on the little legs, but far enough back you can't see it in the picture? Or is it suspended above or some such?
  2. Awesome. Pics? ... yeah, I am enough of an equipment geek that I want pics of your light fixture...
  3. Canisters kind of scare me. I know almost nothing about them, and I've heard lots of stories (from people I actually know, even) about water getting everywhere and difficult cleaning and such. I've always had HOBs, and I'm comfortable with them. I know how they work and how to go about maintaining/fixing them (though I've never had one fail on me). I am not outright dismissing canisters or anything, but I will take some research/convincing on this front, I think. What kinds of canister filters are considered good ones? I've heard of Renas, and Fluvals, and Eheims mostly. It seems that there are about a billion kinds of Eheim filters out there, though. Are there ones to avoid? Even if I go down to 5x filtration, it seems that it will be at least 2 and probably more like 3 times more expensive to use canisters instead of HOBs. I could do a combination of types to bring this down a little. But I do have to plan this out this far in advance partially because it will take me a while to save up the funding for such a large tank. I'm in a much better position for saving up than I could be, but I still need to carefully watch where all my dollars go. Anyway, what I really want to know right now is if the QT tank/filter-moving situation will work okay. A canister for a 20 gallon qt tank seems like a bit of overkill, so I will end up with a HOB for that, anyway. Will it work to store it on the main tank building up BBs between uses?
  4. Was the single bright not bright enough in a my-plants-need-more-lighting way, or in a I-can't-see-my-fish sort of way? Sorry to pester you... I'm trying to get a feel for what would work best for me, and it seems our situations are similar.
  5. So, right now my one fishy Peanut is in a 12 gallon marineland eclipse system tank. The filter pushes 150gph and Peanut is still just a baby (about an inch and a half long without tail), so it's adequate, but it doesn't really have enough room for filter media for my tastes. I did find a nifty post from daryl about how she modded them to hold more stuff, so I might take advantage of that, but I also have something else brewing... In about a year, I plan on buying a house. Once I'm in this house, I plan to stay a while. Which means I can finally get the big tank I've been dreaming of for years (the biggest I've ever had is a 29). I've been eying a 75 gallon aquarium, which seems like a good balance between lots of room but still reasonable water changes. For this tank, I'm leaning toward two Aquaclear filters, probably the 110(500gph) and the 70(300gph) together. This would put me slightly over the 10x filtration mark. However, I need a qt tank. The 12g is fine for this purpose--except there's no way to get/keep the filter cycled while there is no fish in it. The filter is designed to only sit on top of the 12g tank and can't be moved to the main tank to acquire new BBs. It's also difficult, but not impossible, to fill it with filter media borrowed from somewhere else. So I've been playing with the idea of also getting a 20 long for my qt/hospital needs. For this, I'm thinking to get an Aquaclear 50(200gph). Then, when I'm done using it for qt, I can clean it out and put it on the 75g until such time as I need it, where it could sit there filtering my main tank and building its BB supply back up. I basically am just looking for input from people who are more experienced than I am at this kind of thing. I've only ever done a sort of improvised qt procedure as when I kept goldfish in college, I never really had the resources to do anything different. And right now I just have the one fish, so he's kind of perpetually in qt. Is the above plan a good one? Any changes I should make? I know a lot of people get their tank setups and then find out later that something isn't going to work out for one reason or another, and I'm trying to avoid that. I'm sure Peanut wouldn't object to moving into a 20 long sometime before we move, either. He has a double tail but he's still a kind of long-bodied, speedy fish and would appreciate the swimming room, I bet. Input? Things I should change? Thanks for your help...
  6. I've been looking at these for when I get a 75 gallon. Did you get the single bright or the double bright? Be sure to post pics when you get it set up, and let us know what you think about it.
  7. Thanks for the fish compliments, guys. I told Peanut he's an internet star. He said, "You forgot hungry. I'm a hungry internet star." At least that's how I interpret it.
  8. Here are some pictures I took today of my lil fishy, Peanut. You know, because I have a fish and a camera. And I figured maybe 1 or 2 of you wouldn't mind looking at yet another set of goldfish photos... The expression on Peanut's face in this one kind of reminds me of those "HOPE" posters... like he's all "Yes we can! ... have some foods now please?" (Pardon my horribly scratched acrylic.) How could I resist? Of course I fed him. And he turned into a hoover. A cute hoover.
  9. I had some awesome colored snails back in the day... A dark purple one, a blue one, an ivory one, and a brown one. Link here. The place I bought them from was awesome, but the webpage seems to not exist anymore. It's been a while.
  10. What's the little cutester's personality like? Edit: If you squint, it kinda looks like (s)he's a strawberry that's been dipped in white chocolate. Mmmmmm.
  11. Most people know that go0gle is a valuable tool for searching the Internet. I've discovered recently, though, that most people DON'T know that you can also use it to convert distance, area, and volume; currency; and temperatures. You can also use it to perform mathematical functions, like a calculator. I found this to be particularly useful for this site, since we have people from around the world who all deal in different measurements. I find it useful, in general, because it works with the way your brain thinks, not with the way computers think. For example, you can type any of the following into the search field, and go0gle will give you an answer. Simple math: 4*16 (or 4 times 16) 12^2 (or 12 squared) sqrt(64) (or square root of 64) Unit conversions: 2 feet in inches 2 feet in meters (or metres!) 4800 cubic inches (or in^3) in gallons 1 cup in ml 30 UK gallons in US gallons Currency conversions: 12 USD in GBP (us dollars to pounds) 12 dollars in British money (more like how we think) Temperature conversions: 65 F to C So go ahead--try it! You'll be surprised at how simple it is.
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