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  1. I have a slightly different story. It's not horrific at all. As it turned out, before I ever got my very first goldfish, I moved in with a roommate who was a member here at Koko's. I admired her goldfish, Lance, and was encouraged to come here and do some research before diving into fishkeeping. So when I got my first two goldfish, they were in a 29 gallon tank with 350gph filtration. But I just wanted to point out that Koko's found its way into my life without me even seeking it out and my fishies are all the happier for it. I probably would've been a lot worse off if not for that lucky happenstance. :)

    Still learning, six years later. I seem to have re-noobed myself in my few years of goldfish hiatus. Thank you to everyone, for helping both of my newbie learning curves.

  2. My attempt was maybe 5 years ago, so maybe things have changed. But I tried hardware stores, dollar stores, grocery stores, lots of the usual suspects... but I was stuck in a local market and maybe there wasn't any demand for it where I was at the time.

    I thought about how you usually need several ppm of Ammonia for fishless cycling, but what got the idea going in my head was the fact that people do still cycle with fish in their tanks, and in that case, for the fish's sake, you want to keep the ammonia much lower. And it still cycles, eventually, though it usually takes longer than fishless cycling. But I really don't know.

  3. So... my tap water comes complete with 1ppm of Ammonia for no extra charge. I've known about that for a while (hooray for Prime!)... but something occurred to me today. Would it be possible to eventually do a fishless cycle using just my tap water? When you cycle with a fish, you want to keep it lower than that, right, but eventually it cycles? So in theory would it be possible to keep doing water changes on a fishless tank to just keep adding more ammonia?

    I think I had this thought because the one time I tried to do a completely fishless cycle, I looked like 439 places and could only find bubbly ammonia. It's an interesting thought...

    Shoot me down. :)

  4. Thanks muchly everyone! I'm super excited.

    Poor Nut has to relearn where the food goes. It used to congregate behind the rock so when I put some food in his new tank he was just hanging out there and not really looking around for it. He had this "Dangit, I KNOW there's food somewhere" look on his face. It turns out it's somewhat difficult to explain flow patterns to goldfish...

  5. I moved Peanut into his new 20 Long today. He seems to be pretty happy about it, and I think it looks MUCH better now. Here's the before:


    And here's the after:


    (Don't mind the biowheel just hangin' out there. I'm letting it chill for a while in case any of the BBs on it care to fall off.)

    Bonus Peanut shot!


    At the moment I'm most excited about having a real background now. The walls in our rental place are kind of a sickly yellowy pinkish color that was seriously not helping anything. :rolleyes:

    I know it looks like my java fern is dead but it's actually doing okay. It was super upset about being bleached (sorry dude, gotta protect my Peanut) but is recovering and even sprouting some awesome new baby leaves. I pruned the worst-looking leaves off of it when I moved it (half of them kinda self-pruned, so it was their time to go). I have faith it will come around and pretty up eventually. I'm gonna consider this a non-planted tank till it does though, cause the nice green in the tank is still plastic.

  6. I'll be upgrading Peanut to a slightly larger tank (that will eventually become my QT) in the next week or so. I want to do it in as low-stress a way as possible. The enclosed design of the old tank (an Eclipse 12) means I can't put the old filter on the new tank, or the new filter on the old tank.

    Here's what I have from the old tank:

    A rather used Marineland-type filter cartridge

    A Marineland bio-wheel

    3 pieces of driftwood with plastic plants

    1 rock with a real baby java fern tied to it

    I am keeping all the decor, but just putting it in a different tank. Both are barebottom, so if there are BBs in the tank itself, they'll be on the wood and rock. But I'd like to use the filter stuff too. I'm thinking:

    1. Remove the filter floss stuff from the old cartridge and stick it in the new Aquaclear where the carbon would go, between the sponge and the biomax stuff. Take it out after... uh, a while? How long? Then add more biomax.

    2. Float the bio-wheel in the new tank for a few days in case anything cares to fall off of it. (I don't want to take apart the bio-wheel, because I'd like to use it again and those things are hard to come by for my particular tank model.)

    3. Cross my fingers and test the water like whoa.

    4. Maybe get some Cycle or something.

    Will this work? Thoughts?

  7. I've also heard of people using egg crate, which is a kind of plastic mesh usually used around ceiling fluorescent light fixtures. It looks like this. (If you actually go to a hardware store you can usually get just one smallish sheet of it for much less than that.) Only thing about that is that you have to make sure the holes are smaller than your fish, which can be hard if your fish aren't that big.

    It might be somewhat easier to deal with because of being a little wider than plexiglas. Depending on the install, though, it might be a big uglier. :)

  8. Canisters kind of scare me. I know almost nothing about them, and I've heard lots of stories (from people I actually know, even) about water getting everywhere and difficult cleaning and such. I've always had HOBs, and I'm comfortable with them. I know how they work and how to go about maintaining/fixing them (though I've never had one fail on me). I am not outright dismissing canisters or anything, but I will take some research/convincing on this front, I think.

    What kinds of canister filters are considered good ones? I've heard of Renas, and Fluvals, and Eheims mostly. It seems that there are about a billion kinds of Eheim filters out there, though. Are there ones to avoid? Even if I go down to 5x filtration, it seems that it will be at least 2 and probably more like 3 times more expensive to use canisters instead of HOBs. I could do a combination of types to bring this down a little. But I do have to plan this out this far in advance partially because it will take me a while to save up the funding for such a large tank. I'm in a much better position for saving up than I could be, but I still need to carefully watch where all my dollars go.

    Anyway, what I really want to know right now is if the QT tank/filter-moving situation will work okay. A canister for a 20 gallon qt tank seems like a bit of overkill, so I will end up with a HOB for that, anyway. Will it work to store it on the main tank building up BBs between uses?

  9. Was the single bright not bright enough in a my-plants-need-more-lighting way, or in a I-can't-see-my-fish sort of way? Sorry to pester you... I'm trying to get a feel for what would work best for me, and it seems our situations are similar. :)

  10. So, right now my one fishy Peanut is in a 12 gallon marineland eclipse system tank. The filter pushes 150gph and Peanut is still just a baby (about an inch and a half long without tail), so it's adequate, but it doesn't really have enough room for filter media for my tastes. I did find a nifty post from daryl about how she modded them to hold more stuff, so I might take advantage of that, but I also have something else brewing...

    In about a year, I plan on buying a house. Once I'm in this house, I plan to stay a while. Which means I can finally get the big tank I've been dreaming of for years (the biggest I've ever had is a 29). I've been eying a 75 gallon aquarium, which seems like a good balance between lots of room but still reasonable water changes. For this tank, I'm leaning toward two Aquaclear filters, probably the 110(500gph) and the 70(300gph) together. This would put me slightly over the 10x filtration mark.

    However, I need a qt tank. The 12g is fine for this purpose--except there's no way to get/keep the filter cycled while there is no fish in it. The filter is designed to only sit on top of the 12g tank and can't be moved to the main tank to acquire new BBs. It's also difficult, but not impossible, to fill it with filter media borrowed from somewhere else. So I've been playing with the idea of also getting a 20 long for my qt/hospital needs. For this, I'm thinking to get an Aquaclear 50(200gph). Then, when I'm done using it for qt, I can clean it out and put it on the 75g until such time as I need it, where it could sit there filtering my main tank and building its BB supply back up.

    I basically am just looking for input from people who are more experienced than I am at this kind of thing. I've only ever done a sort of improvised qt procedure as when I kept goldfish in college, I never really had the resources to do anything different. And right now I just have the one fish, so he's kind of perpetually in qt. Is the above plan a good one? Any changes I should make? I know a lot of people get their tank setups and then find out later that something isn't going to work out for one reason or another, and I'm trying to avoid that. :)

    I'm sure Peanut wouldn't object to moving into a 20 long sometime before we move, either. He has a double tail but he's still a kind of long-bodied, speedy fish and would appreciate the swimming room, I bet.

    Input? Things I should change? Thanks for your help...

  11. Here are some pictures I took today of my lil fishy, Peanut. You know, because I have a fish and a camera. And I figured maybe 1 or 2 of you wouldn't mind looking at yet another set of goldfish photos... :)

    The expression on Peanut's face in this one kind of reminds me of those "HOPE" posters... like he's all "Yes we can! ... have some foods now please?"


    (Pardon my horribly scratched acrylic.)

    How could I resist? Of course I fed him. And he turned into a hoover. A cute hoover.



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