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  1. If you want a saltwater tank, you are going to want to start with saltwater stuff. Brackish fish won't do well with the full salt of a saltwater tank.

    How big is the tank you're thinking of doing this in? I would recommend a large tank (at least 30 gallons, and 55 would be better) if at all possible for a first saltwater tank. Things can go so wrong so quickly without a large amount of water to help keep things stable.

  2. I'd just as soon get it done so you can move on with your cycle. :) So if tomorrow at 6 works, let's do that.

    My husband and I will do it on our way elsewhere, so we'll be together in a dark blue mazda3 hatchback. We'll park in the NW corner of the parking lot which should hopefully be away from actual Target shoppers. :D

  3. I think I can find something to give you. My tank has no known issues, though there are no guarantees on this kind of thing, of course. But my fish are and have been healthy since I set up the tank. I had one unexpected fish death, very sudden, but the one other fish in the tank at the time was unaffected, and I have since added four fish to that tank who have remained healthy, so I believe that one fish death to be unrelated to communicable disease.

    If this tank health situation seems acceptable to you, I can give you some media if you want. Where in KC are you? I am in northern joco.

  4. Since its only been a few weeks since the last pictures I posted of the Nut, he looks pretty much the same as he did then. :) His largeness does still surprise me, though!

    I post tank shots pretty often, Haley. :D I'm sure there will be more soon.

  5. I have a 306 and it works well. (Actually I have two.) As long as you get a good quality canister, it seems that the decision of which one is the BEST seems to depend on the person making the decision and what is important to him or her. My 306 came with media, though I did add some additional ceramic media (biomax) to my setup. The instructions do tell you how to set it up.

    I do have the white intake and return and I can't say it bothers me much. It does stand out, but it's going to be fairly obvious there's a filter in your tank no matter what you do. Your opinion may vary, of course. :)

  6. Sumps can be awesome, but unless you decide independent of this tank's existence that a sump is what you want, I wouldn't say it's worth it. It does add some complexity to your system in the form of things that might leak and such, so you might in addition find that this worry is not worth it for you.

    I decided I did want a sump when I was shopping for a larger tank, and I got an awesome expensive tank that was drilled and everything. I ended up taking that tank back and getting a regular 75 with some canister filters. :) I still do think that having a sump would've been awesome, but for me the hassle of setting it up was just not worth it.

    We do have members here who have sumps and love them. But they are definitely not as common in freshwater fish keeping.

  7. Is 7.2 the level your tank is usually at? How long had this been the normal? Is your tap water 6.8 as well?

    Do you happen to have a KH and GH test kit? Would you be willing to get one? I'm not sure, but I think you might be able to have a pet store test this as well. Those numbers would be helpful to know in this situation.

  8. I think mine in my 75 is maybe 1/3 to 1/2 brown after a month? Just reporting in. :)

    Next time you guys need to recharge, take a pictre, and share the color! :heart

    Photo update!

    Purigen has been in my tank for about 2 months now and it looks like this:


    Probably has another month in it or so. :D

  9. I think it could maybe work. I do know that canister motors are not as powerful as you'd think they are, because they are a closed system--the water they push up is immediately replaced by water that is being drawn down from by the tank by a siphon, which kind of gives the lifted water a boost. I hope that makes sense. If it's a very short distance to the sink, I think your chances are better than if it's a long way away.

  10. I have hygrophila and I love it but it seems more root happy than other stem plants I've had. I think it'd be better planted, even if just in a container.

    I think pennywort is worth a try for you. Mine doesn't grow much but when it does its beautiful and it can float just fine. Each leaf has its own roots that draw nutrients from the water column.

  11. Do you have anything between the tank and the cinder blocks there? Cinder blocks are a great base for a stand, but your tank needs to be supported across the entire bottom rim. If it's not supported properly, the seams will have much too much stress on them, and the tank could start leaking, or even burst! I don't see anything on top of your cinder blocks under your tank, but I really, really hope I am wrong!

    If there's nothing there, I would really encourage you to drain the tank and make sure the bottom is supported.

  12. Each house is different. Really the ONLY person who can tell you this for sure is a structural engineer or builder or similar professional. Someone else's second floor is going to have a whole different set of attributes than yours. There are things you can look for, like placing the tank on a load bearing wall and placing the tank perpendicular to the floor joists, but some of those things can be hard to tell sometimes without a professional, even.

    So don't take any advice anyone is willing to give you without looking at your specific situation as absolute truth. It's good to gather relevant info, but the final say will depend on your structure in particular.

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