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  1. Thank you Alex! It's definitely a lovely sight; it's in the bedroom so I can look at it when I get up in the morning and before I go to bed at night. I have missed you guys a ton too; I have been running around like lately! Thank you Gustave. I hope you like the answers I gave in the last post then! I am happy to answer questions if I know the answers. Thanks! I it also! Thanks! This one actually doesn't take up a ton of time, which is good, because I don't have a lot of it lately. A 50% water change on this tank takes like 4 minutes because it's only a 2 gallon tank. However, a tank this small is probably not indefinitely sustainable, so there's definitely a trade-off. Thank you! I will definitely keep posting pictures! This one is changing much more rapidly right now than my goldfish tank, which still looks almost exactly the same as when I last updated you all on it. I'm sure there will be more to share for this one soon!
  2. Thank you! Thanks! I agree. Saltwater tanks can be so pretty! Corals are really neat! The learning curve is definitely steep but there are really cool things to be learned! Thanks! Tank evolutions are always fun to see, aren't they? The corals do create a bioload! It's not like a goldfish or anything, but definitely you have to watch it too. I have rather a lot of snails in there as well. The fragging will just be to keep them small enough to fit in the tank. The zoanthids are naturally small, but they would grow to cover all of the rock in there if I let them. The ricordeas would make a colony that could take over the tank too, and frogspawn and duncans both usually have several heads on fully grown specimens; the ones I have in there are just single-head babies. I will try to take pictures when I cut them up for you guys. I hope it won't have to be for a little while yet. I am not sure what I will do with the frags. I could sell them, but my husband also is thinking about setting up a larger tank in the future so maybe he would keep some of them too. All of my corals host microorganisms that can photosynthesize and then that in turn provides nutrients to the coral. So in short, they mostly eat light. You can also feed them things like plankton and some of them will even eat brine shrimp. I will have to make a video of my duncan eating a tiny shrimp! It's pretty awesome! Good questions. They are fun to answer. I have learned a lot about this in a short time.
  3. 40 breeders are awesome tanks. Why do you want a sponge filter, may I ask? It looks like a pretty good setup to me overall. Keep us updated.
  4. Hi everyone! I haven't been around too much of late, but my tiny little marine tank has changed a lot since I last checked in with you, and I kind of want to show it off. So here are some pictures. The whole thing: Here is what it looked like last time I posted about it, for reference: Here is a new closeup of the frogspawn coral (it's grown a lot already!): My new rock covered in super green zoanthids: My ricordea mushrooms (there are two mouths so I count them as two ): The second color of new zoanthids I got: The third color was all being camera shy and closed up on me while I was taking pictures, so please accept this broader picture of the whole top of the rock as a subsitute. The third color is at the very top. I think that group is not used to all the light right at the top of the tank yet, but I think it'll get there. And finally a closeup of my duncan. I love this guy! Hope you like looking at these at least partly as much as I do. I am excited to see them grow! Though I know I will have to frag them back pretty aggressively to keep them in this tiny tank.
  5. He is a beauty! I love the single tails. I think I need a pond...
  6. So I got to the third picture and was like "Dang! That looks like a different fish!" And then I realized that I was actually looking at a different fish. The color change is so cool! Two fish in one, right?
  7. It's so fun to watch him grow! Thanks for posting pics.
  8. I love the overhead shots. Those are very pretty fishes you have there.
  9. I had my fixture hanging from plant hooks like this for a while: http://www.amazon.com/Tillamook-Hook-C1520-15-Inch-Straight/dp/B005IZ4ZCG/ That worked pretty well. I just made sure I had them attached to a stud.
  10. I know there are a few people here who kind of stir up the surface of their sand lightly to get the waste up into the water. The idea with this is that the sand will settle much faster than the waste so you can suck more of it out with your water. You might try that.
  11. I will definitely provide! Can't wait till I have something more to update with. Thanks! I like it a lot too. I hope it does alright. Thank you! More photos are on the way! Just gotta find something to shoot first...
  12. The Spec got its first live inhabitants yesterday! I hijacked some snails from my husband's tank (and then ordered more to replace them) and also bought a tiny frag of what I think is frogspawn, or something very like it. I couldn't resist; it's proportioned just right for this tank. It can grow quite a bit and still not be horrifyingly large. Stay tuned for more updates when I have more to update.
  13. Looks awesome! Be sure to keep us updated.
  14. Thanks Alex! I love DIY things, if I can manage them. It's so nice to have things exactly the way you want them!
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