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  1. :tomuch:

    Well, I don't know if I have done so well Michelle?! Because when you said that most the male is smaller it made me think that maybe "Gary" is really a girl as well...I could of sworn that I noted that it was indeed a penis and not the syphon tube. :hmm

  2. Oh Sharon-He's a doll! :D

    And, Somehow I can picture you in the store trying despertatly to hold yourself back from buying them!! heheh. You have a great big HEART :heart Your new babie's are in good hand's in your home, They have a chance now.

    You should name them "The lost soul's" Would suit them perfectly. :exactly

    Congrat's. :happydance Great pic's of the first new fella- I can't wait to see the other one once he warm's up.

  3. Aww, Poor Fella :( If you go back and you see that he is there and available for sale-You should take him home with you! :D He sound's like he might have a fighting chance if he is offered proper care etc.

    I like to think that there are many other good people out there, That, Like us walk into a petstore and see the "special need's" Fish and feel that urge to take them home. It's hard to walk away from the Fella's that really need the care and attention.

  4. I'm really sorry to hear that you have lost your GF. :(

    Don't feel bad about not knowing what to do right off the bat, We all started somewhere and we all made and still do make mistake's, It's how we learn. I hope you stick with it though, Goldie's can be so much fun! :D

  5. just a thought, but we all know the dangers of second hand smoke around other people... now can you imagine how badly it would impact a much smaller animal?

    FroggyD, good luck with trying to quit :)

    Thank You! It's going to be a VERY Long, Hard Road-But I will get there!! :exactly If not for me, For Owen.... :heart

    And Yes, I agree on more than one point with the smoke harming not only Fish, But I suspect it can't be good for our other small pet's, Large one's for that fact as well.

  6. Well Im sorry to hear that you lost your fish already, Only after one day. What kind of setup did you have it in? Seems odd to me that he/she would just die after one day? :unsure:

  7. Hi Roxy-

    This thread will more than likely get moved, As it is in the wrong place.

    But to answer your question, Goldie's can go 3-4 Day's without food.

  8. I think they have a life expectancy of around 2-3 Year's. I could be wrong, There might be some that have and are living out that. I have had my snail's for about a Year and a half now, I did lose one a few month's ago due to unknown reason's. :unsure: I suspect my biggest snail, Gary is getting old now though, He might make it one more year if I am lucky enough! :)

  9. :( Well, I have never been a smoker, not as a teenager or adult, so I do not understand the problem people have with quitting, but I have heard its very hard to do and if it were easy alot of people would probably quit! So I guess I never thought about smoking in the house and the negative results of it being around fish tanks! So good "Warning" here as I'm sure its not good for the fish!

    God Bless You VM! :exactly:heart I wish I would of never started! It's a lot harder than people think, You have to have the mind set to quit first off, Then the will power to follow through. I have toyed with the idea of Hypnosis actually, I have heard there is a place here that works wonder's!

  10. It's a terrible habit but imagine what life would be like if there wasn't anything to indulge in...

    I've tried to quit 3 times now and I've only be smoking a few years. It's VERY hard, especially when you smoke 20 a day. When you quit, usually the best thing to do is think about it for a while and then one day, when you feel brave, just stop. It makes the first few weeks pretty easy if you do it that way.

    I think you might be right about the smoke and stuff getting into the filter. If it's getting into the water, the water goes through the filter....Hey presto, a filter that's got lung cancer!

    Glad you like the car. It was a great little car...I wish I'd never got it, but it was great. I had BIG plans for it that would have easily cost over ?20k, but my bank account took a serious dislike to it.

    Your car looks pretty mean. Can't really tell what it is from the pic, but looks to me like a Civic. You done anything to the performance or is it just aesthetics? Some people prefer working on the look of the car and others prefer the performance. In my opinion, both are important and you definitely need a big system that makes loads of noise but has perfect quality... Obviously you still wanna hear that exhaust note... :D

    So many ideas... :idea so little cash...... :wall Oh, and no licence :(

    LOL! When you have pm'ing avaliable to you, Hit me up and we can talk car's!! YAY. The car in my avatar isn't my car actually, Just one that I found on Yahoo. I have my Honda in the garage. I have work being done on the outside and the motor. I agree, Both are important!!

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