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  1. Awwwwww! I really got a kick out of the very first pic! The ride home in the car with the seatbelt hooked up and everything! :D

    He is so sweet looking Daniel, I love the coloration of him. :heart

    I also love the "leaf blankie" pic--How cute. :exactly

    Congrat's-Zhao Yun! (What does that mean exactly)?

  2. I agree with Alex & 2 Common's-

    For the time being I would just leave them where they are--And down the road upgrade when you can. :) It is up to you in the long run however, You could get away with putting them together but then you might be doing water change's non-stop! You will more than likely get many diffren't opnion's with this question, Everyone is diffren't and has diffren't way's of doing thing's. :)

    Or....This might be a good excuse to go out and get a bigger tank for them!! :P

  3. Hiro is great Erin! Fred made a good choice by adopting him out to you--He will have a wondeful life with you! (Not that Fred isn't a good fish dad) :D

    Fred--At least you know you can alway's come back here and check up on Hiro from time to time. :)

    Congrat's again Erin, He's a cutie pie. :heart

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