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  1. LOL! I knew Chemistry would come into play at some point in my life, Shame I didn't learn more! Bahhhh.......

    I wasn't reffering to the metal paper clips with the plastic coating, I was thinking about the all plastic one's, Ya know those big ol' one's you can get. You don't happen to have those laying around, Do you? That might work.

    Even for only a week I would still be leary...Hmmmm??? I hope someone else with a better Chem background can help more!

    Sorry Hun!

  2. Hi Nutrafin :) Welcome to Koko's-

    I will have to agree with Tropicana, D4 might not be growing due to stunting, Often time's this will happen in the Pet Store's and we don't realize the severity of it right away. There is a chance that he is still a baby (in my opnion anyawy's), You say that you have had D4 for 3 Month's--Just keep an eye on him, He might start growing like a weed. The size of the tank will factor in also, Like Tropicana mentioned. :)

    Good Luck with him! Keep us posted.

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