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  1. I think awhile back someone else was wondering if it would be okay to post up pic's of a disection as well, Fondoo.

    I personally think if it's for the right reason's no one should have a issue with it, But you might want to ask a Mod first, Just in case. :)

  2. JEN!!!!!! :panana My Gosh, I was begining to wonder about you the other day when I was reading a older thread that you had posted in!! I was about to pm you or start a "Where is Jen" Thread!! hahaha. It's good to hear from you! So glad your going to be back on more now. :)

    Glad thing's are going well for you--And we do want pic's ASAP Woman!! :D Great to hear from you......

  3. Everyone here does thing's a little bit diffren't than the next person. All Sandy was trying to do is give you her advice, Nothing more, Nothing less.

    If you feel you have to find a better fourm, More power too you. Koko's in my opnion and a lot of other member's out there is one of the best GF site's around! :) Best of luck finding one that make's you feel more at home than here.

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