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  1. Wanted to update on my finned crew. Gary (the snail) has since passed on now, It's been about 3 month's now. I first noticed he hadn't moved in day's, Which was pretty usually for that big fella but it had been quite some time since he had last moved from his "spot" I poked him a couple time's and nothing, His body was half hanging out and the smell was horrid! That's when I knew he was gone for sure. I had him for a really long time, I got him well over year and half ago from Heather. He was a good snail! I guess he just got old. Poor fella. :(

    I still have Pebble's and she is doing fine, I haven't been keeping up on water changes at all latley! Bad me. But with everything going on it is really hard to fit that in too. One of these day's I will get around to it. :)

  2. WOW! :) They are beautiful Jen.

    But--Where do you live with all those tank's in there?? :tomuch:

    You must be very proud of all of them Jen--They are all so clean and the fish all look wonderful!! :heart You a good fish momma, That's for sure.

    Now where are those other 2 tank's that you mentioned??

  3. I don't think it would of upset people so much Nick, If you had just put in your post that you too thought it was stupid for a book to be saying such thing's.

    Having you just post that not put in your thought's made it look like you agreed with the book's suggestion's.

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