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I have lot's!-Music, Movie's, CARS (I have a couple Honda's), Owen (My 4 Year Old Son), Hubby, Pet's, Reading, Traveling, Decorating, Learning from other's mistake's?!, No?, Writing, Hair, Make-up, Clothe's, Shoe's is a hobby, Right?, Oh..Learning from my mistake's-That's right, FISH! DUH, World Peace (That's not working so well) Uhmmm....Biking, Hiking, Cooking (Or at least trying to)....I don't like to think of myself as "Normal" But then again I don't know that many people around me that are "Normal" And I don't know if "Normal" exsist's or not?! Oh Well...This is life..Live it! =) This is ME! What else is there to know about me....I could go on and on with my interest's, but that would bore you to death and make me sound a tad on the conceided side, Would it not?

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